Saturday, November 16, 2013

Child-size sex doll product add on DHgate draws anger

Update: DHGate has taken actions after the ad was publicized. DHGate has not only removed the product but also is updating their system to prevent listing of such products. See details below.

DHgate is a Chinese e-commerce site that helps Chinese manufacturers sell goods globally. But one very creepy product being sold on the site by a Chinese merchant is putting it in trouble. The product, disturbingly life-like child-size sex dolls far from fully-formed, is in the shape of a nine or ten year old girl.

The creepy products page was spotted by an advocacy group on Facebook called Dining for Dignity, who defines its mission as increasing public awareness, educate, provoke action, and inspire change in the areas of human trafficking and sexual exploitation through social media and public forums. The product, which is marketed as "new arrival cheap beautiful young girl sex doll for men" is still on DHgate's website although Dining for Dignity is bombarding them with messages to remove it:

"Please explain to me why this product is being sold through your company?" wrote DfD on DHGate's Facebook page. "Help me out because I don't understand! This "sex doll" is designed to look like a 6-7 year old little girl! This is unconscionable! I implore you to remove this product immediately! As adults we need to protect our children, not promote them sexually for pedophiles and sex traffickers! Come on, stand up and do what is right!"

 57 of these dolls have been sold so far to customers in the US, UK, Japan, Germany, and more. Child-like sex dolls are illegal in some nations, depending on how they’re used or presented. The creepy phenomenon seems to have started in – you’ve guessed it – Japan. A Japanese company named Trottla for example makes child-sized, life-like dolls and photo galleries used to promote the dolls on are plain disgusting!

According to an e-mail sent to Asia Singapore by the head of the buyer marketing department at, they were made aware of our article, and the sex doll listings:

"Let me start by apologizing to the general public on behalf of DHgate, and we are equally as concerned as you are. We absolutely do not condone the sale of these products, and have taken immediate and swift action to remove the listings and sellers from our marketplace. As a result, we are now enforcing further rules, regulations, and restrictions to ensure these products never appear on our marketplace again. In addition, we are currently in the process of further enhancing our Trust and Safety detection technology, so that we can track and crack down on any and all questionable products in our marketplace more effectively.

We encourage everyone to help us in our continuing effort to improve the quality of our marketplace, by alerting us of any questionable listing by emailing us at We’ll be adding a new feature on our listing detail page this week, that will allow users to easily report any item to our Trust and safety department. We pledge to act immediately upon receipt of any such notification."

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