Sunday, May 10, 2015

Immortalize Your Events With Instaroid – And Expand Your Brand Visibility Like Never Before!

These days, many people live by the principle “You Only Live Once”. Because of this, Instaroid gives your event guests the chance to immortalize their most cherished moments as they capture, print, and share photos at your event-- instantly.

Instaroid combines the nostalgia of Polaroid and the speed of Smartphone technology, giving your guests instant gratification with them seeing –and holding-- a branded personal souvenir of your event on the palm of their hands. Guests are also able to share these moments on their social space -- just as it happens.

For you, this means having the secret sauce that will spice up your event and keep crowds storming in.

And that’s not the best part. Photos captured and shared via Instaroid bear your personal brand. This expands your brand visibility across social media channels absolutely at no cost to you. Instaroid takes your brand farther than you had initially imagined!

A Fun and Quirky Way To Snap, Print and Share

Smartphone sales are estimated to hit 1.5 billion this year. With Instaroid, anyone attending your event that has a Smartphone becomes your brand ambassador. They will:

1. Snap photos at the event using their Smartphones.

2. Print their photos to have their own branded keepsake, instantly.

3. Upload and share these photos just as it happens.

Instaroid Box
The Instaroid box takes only 3 minutes to set up and 3 seconds to refill. Multiple printers can be setup in parallel to comfortably deliver the capacity required by large events such as festivals, conferences or outdoor events. Plus, it doesn’t need any software download or high speed internet to work. It’s all self-contained and ready for use.

While no special procedure is needed to operate it, Instaroid Girls can help you engage your guests at a public event.

If you would like to learn more about Instaroid, watch out 1 minute video that shows just how it work.