Thursday, September 28, 2017

Norwegian Air budget flights from London to Singapore

Norwegian Air, Norwegian low-cost airline which is the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe, has launched the world's longest budget flight route from London to Singapore, which will cost £149.90 one-way (273.84 Singapore Dollars). The budget Singapore flight will be a non-stop flight between Gatwick Airport which is 47.5 km south of Central London to Singapore Changi Airport and will take 12 hours and 45 minutes.

The route was announced in April 2017 and is operating since September 28th 2017. The flight departs 10.30 a.m. from London and lands in Singapore at 6.15 a.m Singapore time.

You may think that it would be a torture to take almost 13 hours budget flight. But the London - Singapore budget flight is operated by a brand new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. All seats on the Dreamliner have personal 11-inch seat-back screens and USB ports.

Norwegian Air budget flights from London to Singapore

The London - Singapore budget flight also offers premium seats at a price tag of £699.90 (1278.59 Singapore Dollars) one way. This has a "spacious cradle seating" with more than a metre of legroom, and free lounge access at Gatwick Airport.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Fun N Laughter (City Square Mall) Indoor Playground

My 4.5 years old daughter loves Indoor Playgrounds. I love them to because if you find a clean and safe one, you can leave your kid inside and go out or even if you are inside you can just stay in a corner and enjoy your mobile phone.

The one I go most (actually nowadays almost entirely) is Fun N Laughter at City Square Mall. This Singapore Indoor Playground focuses on active play and I find their play area very friendly even for young kids. Somehow I have a feeling that they can also keep the area clean because one of my biggest problem with an indoor playground is that my kid could get pretty regularly sick after each playground visit.

The playground design is quite impressive because unlike some other places, there is almost no area in Fun N Laughter where you need to be around your kid for his / her safety or to help to climb up. But if you want to follow up your young kid, the active play area is high enough for an adult to easily follow his / her kid without bending. In some indoor playgrounds, these areas require you to bend down and it becomes very tiring for a parent to follow up after some time.

The slides in the indoor park are great fun for kids. They are tall and long and very fun to slide.Some other facilities in the indoor playground are :

- a toddler play area with interactive projector games
- a toddler ball pit
- a big ball pit for older kids
- two air blasters and a target board for the blasters
- a nice nursing room with diaper-changing facility and water dispenser

The staff in the playground are also very friendly and helpful.

Photo from
Admission rate is around 23 SGD for two hours and 28 SGD for unlimited access in peak days (weekends and public holidays). I have a 10 admission package which makes unlimited access any time only around 20 SGD.

The Fun N Laughter is at City Square Mall #B2-32, 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539. City Square Mall is just at one of the exits of Farrer Park MRT Station (there is a direct connection into the mall). If you drive, the facility is just outside the carpark door.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How to choose best gaming laptop for your child?

If your child is into gaming, it is extremely important to spend your money on a laptop that is specifically designed for gaming. That’s because the conventional laptops are not in a position to accommodate the high end specifications that are required by modern world computer games. You can see a wide array of gaming laptops out there in the market. Here is a list of some effective tips that you can keep in mind in order to select the best gaming laptop out of them.

1.    Graphics - When you are purchasing a gaming laptop, you need to pay special attention towards graphics. In fact, the laptop you purchase should have the latest, fastest and the best graphics on the market. A gaming laptop with a good graphics card will give you the opportunity to use it for many different purposes. For example, you will be able to edit videos and run dynamic presentations while playing 3D games. The most popular graphic chipsets available for gaming laptops are NVIDIA, STMicro, Matrox, 3D Labs, SIS and Trident S3.

2.    RAM - All the gamers who are planning to purchase a gaming laptop should select a model with the largest amount of RAM possible. It is the RAM, which determines how much graphics your laptop is able to handle at a time. If you have more RAM in your laptop, you will be able to play high end 3D games without any hassle. It is better to pay your attention towards the speed of RAM as well. It has the ability to create a tremendous impact on the performance of entire laptop.

3.    Processor Speed - The modern world computer processes are very fast and they have the ability to help users with multitasking as well. When you purchase a gaming laptop, you are encouraged to go for a model that comes with the latest generation processor. In addition, you will need to think about the speed of the processor. The laptop should have a good cooling system as well. Otherwise, you will not be able to run high end games on it.

Gaming Laptop for Child

4.    Hard Drive
- It is a must to purchase a gaming laptop with a SSD drive. The SSD drives are faster than traditional hard disks. They are more durable as well. Even though you have to spend a considerable amount of money to get a gaming laptop with a SSD drive, the benefits you get are totally worth when compared to the amount you spend.

5.    Display - Last but not least, you need to go for a laptop that offers the brightest and sharpest display. The quality of display can cause a huge impact on your gaming experiences. In fact, the display of your laptop should have the ability to handle the high end graphics of 3D gaming.
Always, make sure to go for a laptop with in your budget. Best laptop guides will help you to select the right laptop out there in the market.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Singaporean Company Gives Free Software to Businesses, Following Government’s Productivity Push

EMERGE App, a Singaporean software startup wants to give free software to all trading and distribution companies in Singapore, in line with the Government’s push to increase productivity overall by 3% annually until 2020. Interested companies can sign up and get their cloud software account immediately from

In addition to the funding and assistance provided by organisations such as SPRING Singapore, EMERGE App is stepping in now to provide order processing and inventory management software so that businesses can streamline their business and product workflows.

Although Singapore’s trading and distribution industry in 2015 totaled nearly S$1 trillion, EMERGE App believes this number can be enhanced by reducing the inefficiency companies face from poor administration habits.

Currently, SMEs looking for order processing and inventory software either use Microsoft Excel or will have to purchase customised software, which can be nearly impossible for them to afford. Entrepreneur Benjamin Yee faced a similar problem with his T-shirt wholesale business back in 2010, and thus decided to solve it on his own. The result was EMERGE App.

Singaporean Company Gives Free Software to Businesses, Following Government’s Productivity Push

Moreover, EMERGE APP features a complete system for growing business dealing with traditional offline distribution & online e-commerce sales. It comes with a full suite of features manages your entire operation from multi-channel sales to purchasing, product, inventory & simple accounting management. If you are running a growing business with more than 2 employees, EMERGE full user access management allow privacy settings applied to different parts of the app.

You can manage your complete workflow from sales, purchasing and delivery. The system allows you to be on top of every complex sales and purchase relationship for companies keeping full, partial or completely no stock. Tracking all your sales receivables and purchase payables is a breeze as well.

EMERGE App’s accounting features include accounts receivable with credit and debit note creation, customer account statement generation, and payment tracking, account payable with supplier invoice generation, partial and consolidated payments, and automatic updates, reporting in multiple curreemerncies, invoice creation, and much more.

Calling all wholesale and distribution companies across Singapore to try EMERGE free software for your business. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Popular Singapore Technology Bloggers By Web Design

Today we will feature other tech websites and blogs. Our article will feature the top Singapore technology blogs as at the time of writing. Our criterion, best user interface (UI) design. The list below is in no particular order.

Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia is a media, events, and jobs platform. Tech in Asia counts East Ventures, Fenox Ventures, Marvelstone, Softbank, Walden International, Y Combinator, and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin amongst its list of investors.

Vulcan Post

Vulcan Post is a another media company. A team of remarkable, passionate and curious people, they write on news that is intriguing and informative; products that they love and use. They have offices in Singapore and Malaysia.


e27 is one of Asia's larger Tech media platform. Starting out as a blog to keep track of Singapore’s sprouting startups in 2007, they have continued to evolve with time to ensure that they could continue to provide the relevant tools and resources to Asia’s tech ecosystem.


HardwareZone is part of the SPH Magazines Men's and Special Interest Network. HardwareZone is the leading platform of choice for computing and consumer electronics information that empowers users through their complete buying cycle, as well as community interaction with the largest forum in the region to discuss all things related to tech, leisure and lifestyle.

Techies In Singapore

Techies In Singapore is a top Singapore technology blog. They feature weekly content on software tips and tricks, the latest technology news, business reviews and specials on startups in Singapore.


Tech65 are tech evangelists with a deep bench and the broadest expertise online. They aim to empower you with valuable tech advice and content that is most relevant to you.


Techgoondu is published by Goondu Media Pte Ltd, a company registered and based in Singapore. Started in June 2008 by technology journalists and ex-journalists from Singapore who share a common love for all things geeky and digital, the site now includes segments on personal computing, enterprise IT and Internet culture.

The Tech Revolutionist

The Tech Revolutionist is Singapore based technology site. They provide a Singaporean and Asian perspective into various technology topics such as Computer Hardware/Software, Software development, Engineering, etc as a focus.

Lester Chan is the personal blog of Tech in Asia Head of Engineering Lester Chan. He is a gadget lover and likes to do web programming especially providing support for his WordPress plugins.

There are many more other great sites and we apologize if you got upset we did not feature them; but we hope the above sites provide some good reading for you.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Emile Preschool in Singapore

Finding a good preschool in Singapore is one of the first and most important steps you will need to take for your child. Preschool ages are the most important time for the brain development of your kid and for this reason the preschool you choose should not only provide lots of fun; it should also care, stimulate and encourage to satisfy his or her curiosity.

When looking for a child care or preschool in Singapore, you should look at many aspects like the curriculum, the experience and the qualification of both management and the teachers, teacher-child ratio, environment, teaching material and even the food the preschool provides.

If you are looking for Singapore preschool and child care, Emile Preschool may just be the right choice. Founded by National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) professors, Dr Ke-Wei Huang and Dr Pei-Wen Tzuo.  Dr Ke-Wei Huang is an NUS professor and holds a PhD in Information Systems. Dr Pei-Wen Tzuo is a former assistant professor on early childhood education at NTU. Emile Preschool uses latest research findings and international best practices to provide one of the best preschool education in Singapore today.

In Emile Preschool, most trustworthy, research-proven discoveries and materials in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, and education are combined into a curriculum which foster children’s abilities in thinking, resolving problems, acquisition of knowledge and building a strong motivation for learning from an early age. The educators in Emile Preschool acknowledge that every child is gifted in a different area and focus to recognize, develop and nurture the strengths and talents of the children.

The preschool also recognizes that the environment is the 3rd teacher and provides a high quality and orderly environment where reputable and high-quality learning material is used such as National Geography Kids and Oxford Reading Trees.

If you are looking for Singapore preschool and child care, Emile Preschool may just be the right choice. 
STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths) teaching principles adopted in Emile Preschool is designed to integrate STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and the art of design in education. It is usually believed that exposure to STEAM subjects from an early age would help to build various thinking skills and lay a strong academic and intellectual foundation.
Emile Preschool offers Playgroup, Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 programmes starting from 18 months old to 6 years old. Curriculum includes English Language and Literacy, Chinese Language and Literacy, Speech and Drama, STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), Drawing, Painting, Arts and Crafts, Music and Movement, Gymnastics and Thematic Activities. All programmes have a low teacher-child ratio to ensure children get quality care and attention. The preschool aims to increase the confidence and skills in speech and presentation are nurtured and strengthened since young.

All these programmes and curriculum is designed to nurture the minds of young ones. Emile Preschool also puts emphasizes of physical nurturing so provides best quality and healthy meals. Various well-balanced meals approved by a professional nutritionist for the children are provided to help them thrive and grow. All organic vegetables and other products are provided from safe and reputable sources. The preschool has utmost care on details like only a paediatrician-recommended shower cleanser soap that is paraben- and phthalate-free is used.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant

I like to eat Turkish food frequently and there are a few Turkish restaurants in Singapore I visit regularly. The one I most frequent is Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant. In my opinion, Sofra is the best Turkish restaurant in Singapore with its rich menu, attentive staff and management as well as the prices. This Beach Road Turkish restaurant has been around more than 12 years and is, I think, one of the most popular Turkish restaurants in Singapore. If you are looking for Turkish halal food in Singapore, this one is a must visit.

Sofra's specialities include Eggplant Kebap, Iskender Kebap, Jumbo Kebab Combo, Red Lentil Soup, Salad Plate, Sofra Yaprak Tavuk, The Chef. Everyday, they have a special set menu. They have (currently) below special dish schedule :

Monday       Lahmacun + Ayran or Şalgam
Tuesday       Tantuni + Ayran or Şalgam
Wednesday  Tandir Kebab
Thursday      Lahmacun + Ayran or Şalgam
Friday           Etli Nohut + Pilav
Saturday       İzmir Köfte + Pilav
Sunday          Çiğ Köfte  + Ayran or Şalgam

Sofra has really good cooks. Each dish is quite delicious and reasonably priced. It is very obvious that they use quality ingredients, especially very good quality beef in the restaurant. One surprising thing is that the taste is quite similar to what you would get in Istanbul, Turkey.

Other than food, they have a special corner from where you can buy Turkish food supplies such as Turkish cheese, Turkish Olive Oil, Turkish deserts, nuts and so on.

Sofra Turkish Restaurant in Singapore
Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant is around for more than a decade and is one of the best Turkish halal restaurants in Singapore
Softa Turkish Restaurant is located at 100 Beach Road, #02-42/44, Shaw Tower, Shaw Leisure Gallery, 189702. You can call +65 62911433 for reservation.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Feng Shui service in Singapore

Feng shui plays an important role in daily life in Singapore. This ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, can be seen in every aspect of the life such as architecture, interior design, furniture decisions, work space, way of life and even healing. In Singapore, many business owners and individuals uses feng shui to improve the quality of their life and find happiness and success.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system, which focuses on harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. The art, which literally means "wind and water", dates back some 3,000 years and aims to harmonize the power of wind and water, the flow of energy to bring wealth and prosperity to ones life. Used properly, feng shui is believed to properly would enjoy great wealth, health and ultimately, vastly improved happiness.

Feng shui is an art and philosophical system which requires mastery to harness effectively. Unlike many people think, it is not about buying and placing auspicious items. It is about flow of energy and for people and businesses, this flow is best harmonized by an experienced and reliable feng shui master. It also involves increasing energy flow and putting ourselves in the commanding position of that flow. Doing so allows us to create a more vibrant, more successful, more fulfilling life.

For this reason, if you want to bring wealth and prosperity to your life, it is utmost important to find a reliable Feng Shui Master in Singapore. One such master is Master Sanna (山越師傅), Principal Consultant, Founder and Master Trainer of Sanna Holistic House and one of the most renowned Feng Shui Master in Singapore. He has helped many people from all walks of life to achieve success through his Feng Shui expertise and Spiritual Art Of Healing.

Feng Shui service in Singapore
Feng Shui is about the flow of energy and by getting an experienced feng shui master who understand the flow of energy, the master can easily implement the art of feng shui to the modern living in Singapore and other places.
Master Sanna's portfolio includes home feng shui, audit of current premises, selection of new premises and burial feng shui. Master Sanna is also one of the few Feng Shui master in Southeast Asia that specialize in Burial/Tomb (Yin Zai) Feng Shui.

Master Sanna established Sanna Holistic House in 1985. The practice specializes in the power of ancient wisdom for Yi Jing,  Feng Shui, Spiritual Healing and also Astrology. In the past 32 years, Master Sanna had use his art of ancient wisdom to help many people and businesses in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

Besides this portfolio, Master Sanna offers various courses and have trained many students in Singapore and around the world. Master Sanna is also the published of two books :  "The Sanna Healing Lamp" that cover about topics like the ancient wisdom, luck and spirits and "Ancient Wisdom For Modern Living" cover on how Feng Shui can be implement to the modern living in today's world.

If you need a professional Feng Shui Master or make an appointment, you can go to, email or call +65-6817 1840.

About Master Sanna

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mr Plumber Singapore

If you are looking for a plumber in Singapore, you should read on. When you need plumber services in Singapore, you may be confused by the choices you may have. But it is important to find a reliable, reputable Singapore plumber service which offers the best quality in the town.

Mr Plumber Singapore is one of the most well-established plumbing service companies in Singapore. They provide plumbing solutions for all your needs. With their licensed team of plumbers who are fast and efficiently, Mr Plumber Singapore serves you anytime and anywhere, be it day or night and at central locations or peripheral areas.

Why Mr Plumber Singapore?

10 years experience - Mr Plumber Singapore experience in plumping and thousands of plumping works for both residential (Landed, condo and HDB plumbing) and commercial plumbing.

90 days warranty - Mr Plumber Singapore has a reputation for professional and reliable plumbing work that they deliver. Their confidence in their plumbing works and excellence in delivery of results to all the clients is robust so they offer up to 90 days warranty for our plumbing repair services.

#1 Reviewed Singapore Plumber - It is important to choose a plumber which has a reputation and happy customers for the quality and the reliability of the services. Mr Plumper Singapore is Number 1 Reviewed Singapore Plumber (On Google & Facebook). They are the highly recommended plumber Singapore, with many happy customers and reviews over the years on Google and Facebook.

24/7 Service - The company offers 24 hours, 7 days service with availability for emergency plumbing.

Mr Plumber Singapore | #1 Recommended Plumbing Services Singapore
Mr Plumber Singapore offers 24 hours, 7 days service with availability for emergency plumbing.
Professional Team - All Plumbers in the Mr Plumber Singapore team are licensed, experienced and deliver quality workmanship.

Complete one-stop plumbing services - Full range of plumping services in Singapore at fair and transparent pricing. The plumping services include plumbing repair, water pipe leak repair, water heater installation, clearing clogged sink/drain/toilet bowls, installation & repair of toilet bowl, kitchen sink, toilet sink, drainage pipe, concealed copper pipes repair, floor trap, etc.

Affordable plumber prices - Plumbing prices offered by them is very affordable and transparent. You can check some guideline prices at

Mr Plumber Singapore | #1 Recommended Plumbing Services Singapore

If you are looking for a trusted, reliable and professional plumbing company in Singapore, you can reach Mr. Plumber Singapore for transparent quotation and honest pricing for all your plumbing needs at or call (65) 6653 6258.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central

If you are looking for a hotel in Macau, check this hotel out. Located in Cotai, Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central is on the Strip and minutes from Sands Cotai Central and The Grand Canal Shoppes. This 4.5-star hotel is close to University of Macau and Macau Tower.

Make yourself at home in one of the 4001 air-conditioned rooms featuring refrigerators and LCD televisions. Wired and wireless Internet access is complimentary, while iPod docking stations and cable programming provide entertainment. Private bathrooms with separate bathtubs and showers feature deep soaking bathtubs and complimentary toiletries. Conveniences include phones, as well as laptop-compatible safes and desks.

Relax at the full-service spa, where you can enjoy massages, body treatments, and facials. Before a night out at the casino, the 3 outdoor swimming pools are a perfect way to relax and recharge. This hotel also features complimentary wireless Internet access, concierge services, and babysitting / childcare (surcharge). The complimentary shuttle will take you to the nearby casino or shopping center.

Enjoy a meal at one of the hotel's dining establishments, which include 3 restaurants and a coffee shop/café. From your room, you can also access 24-hour room service. Relax with a refreshing drink from a bar/lounge or one of the 2 poolside bars. Buffet breakfasts are available daily for a fee.

Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central

Featured amenities include complimentary high-speed (wired) Internet access, a 24-hour business center, and limo/town car service. Planning an event in Cotai? This hotel has 267827 square feet (24891 square meters) of space consisting of a conference center and meeting rooms. A roundtrip airport shuttle is complimentary at scheduled times, and a ferry terminal shuttle is also provided at no charge.

  • 4.5 Star Hotel in Cotai, Macao
  • Near The Grand Canal Shoppes
  • 1 floor building with 1 rooms

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Train to Chiang Mai from Bangkok

Northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai is the 5th biggest city in Thailand. The city is remarkable greener and calmer than Bangkok and is one of the important culture and art center in Thailand. The city was once very difficult to access so this isolation created a very unique and interesting culture which can be seen in the city even today.

You can take a flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (700 km distance) or take a bus but the most popular ways to travel between Bangkok and Chiang Mai is by train. You can buy your train tickets in Hua Lamphong train station ( beware of scammers who will try to direct you to some bogus ticket offices).

Getting from Chiang Mai train station to city center takes less than 10 minutes ride. There are at least 6 trains from Bangkok to Chiang Mai from 08:30 AM till 10:00 PM in the night. The journey takes 1w to 15 hours and a first class sleeper on the train costs 1,700 Thai Baht. The train is a very popular way to travel between Chiang Mai and Bangkok so if you are planning to take the train, book in advance.

There are 1st class sleepers, air-conditioned 2nd class sleepers, non-air conditioned 2nd class sleepers, 2nd class seats and 3rd class seats options on Chiang Mai - Bangkok trains. 1st class sleepers have 2 berths and your ticket will buy one bed so you will travel with strangers. You can have sole occupancy of a 2-berth sleeper for an extra 500 baht (£10 or $16). The most popular class is air-conditioned 2nd class sleeper.

The best would be getting a night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in a first class sleeper and spend the night on the road. This will save you hotel money and effectively it will be less tiring and time consuming than taking flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Even if you want to see the Thailand country side, night train like this is still a very good option. The last one third of the train ride will be in the daylight and you will have a chance to watch the sunrise from the Chiang Mai train in the morning. The scenery in this section is in the mountains and is particularly good.

Train to Chiang Mai from Bangkok
Chiang Mai train offers a fantastic view of Northern Thailand's hills.
We recommend you to take 9/10 trains because the night travel will be very convenient and the new Chinese-built high-quality sleepers on trains at these hours are excellent. These new trains feature seat- mounted screens for watching TV and movies during your journey and aircraft -type toilets, not the old kind that drop straight onto the tracks. If you cannot find a ticket on this ultra popular trains, 13/14 is the second-best sleeper train using the next most modern cars. This train still passes the best scenery near Chiang Mai in daylight.

First class sleeping compartment in new Thailand trains. These trains serve the Bangkok - Chiang Mai services at 9 & 10. Photo - Bangkok Post

Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale 2017

Hush Puppies, American internationally marketed brand of contemporary, casual footwear for men, women and children, is sold by Redina Trading in Singapore. Now there will be a Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale between 20 June – 9 July 2017 where you can expect discounts up to 80% on Hush Puppies apparels and undergarments, bags and fashion accessories. Early bird specials will be available from now till 23 June where customers take home free bag and umbrella with minimum spending of $100 or more at the sale event.

Please note that shoes, will not be available in this round of sale, according to the company.

Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale 2017
Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale 2017
Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale 2017 will be at the Redina Trading HQ at Redina Trading Pte Ltd, 17 Bukit Batok St 22 S(659587) between 20 June – 9 July 2017 from 10.30am – 7pm daily.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

10 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam

Everyone who loves to explore should put Vietnam in the first place in their travel program. Vietnam is really an authentic country, with impressive landscapes, colorful and dynamic cities, warm and gentle people, and a good blend of old and new.

1. Vietnam is relatively unspoiled by tourism

After hundreds of years of struggle, under the invasion of foreign states and lived in poverty, Vietnam, today opened its doors to foreigners, tourists and investors, welcoming them with a glamorous face and hospitality.

Vietnam is a new country in terms of tourism. Unlike Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, you will see smaller number of tourists walking around the streets. Vietnam is not as spoiled as the countries with more tourists. Local people are genuinely interested in tourists. They want to chat to you with their little English.

2. Vietnam is safe

Vietnam is a pretty safe country to visit even for women traveling alone. Actually, I can say from my own perspective that I have not felt unsafe anywhere in South Asia. Usually the countries with majority Buddhist population are safe.

Most of the Vietnamese were farmers and most of them were born in the villages. The communist government seems to have done its utmost to make the premise a safe place. Considering the recent history of the country, there is a warm attitude to many tourists, especially Americans. They will wrap up the pain of the past, look into the future.

3. Vietnam is relatively cheap to travel

Vietnam, offering super luxurious travel comfort, offers the possibility to travel with a very low budget. It is possible to eat for 1 Dollar at a stall on the street, and even if you go to super luxurious restaurants, the prices are still reasonable.

It is possible to travel in Vietnam, a favorite country for backpack travelers, with a daily budget of $ 15. Almost everywhere in the country there are convenient hotels, guest houses and hostels. For example, the 4-star Sunway Hotel Hanoi in Hanoi costs $ 49 per night for 2 people.

4. Ha Long Bay

Imagine over 2,000 limestone cliffs rising from the emerald waters of Tonkin Gulf to the sky! This is Halong Bay, Vietnam's most popular tourist destination in the world. According to the, Vietnam remains in a difficult situation with the Chinese, and the gods send a dragon for help. This dragon spouts jade and jewels from its mouth and forms the limestone rocks that we see today, and through these obstacles the Chinese can not enter.

Cruise ship experience among these interesting limestone cliffs is a unique experience. Halong Bay is beautiful and charming and this place is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is located 4 hours from Hanoi, the beautiful capital city in the north of the country.

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay
5. Unique Vietnam Culture

Vietnam has one of the oldest cultural heritage in South East Asia. History of Vietnam goes back to the Bronze Age, and the area was more than 1,000 years in Chinese domination. Therefore, the influence of Chinese culture on the culture of the country is great.

Following the independence from China, Vietnam was under the influence of the Khmer empire for a while. In the French colonial period, European culture interacted. In Vietnam, where the Latin alphabet is used, the values ​​of old, atelier, social and family values, handicrafts and labor are of great importance. Also in this exotic culture of Far East, where we are a stranger, dragons and turtles have an important place. In addition, the bamboo plant and lotus flower are considered sacred.

6. Vietnamese people are warm and friendly

Like many neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnamese people are friendly, gentle and friendly. When you look at your eyes, a smile appears in their faces, they are very elegant and sweet. I have not encountered anyone who is trying to attract people and to sell something in shopping places and markets. The same is true when you walk around the historic district of Hanoi's tradesmen. Everyone is busy engaging in performing arts and taking care of incoming customers.

When visiting historical sites and temples, everyone respects and respects the rules without loud noise. You can easily start chatting with whatever you want in almost everywhere. The farmers living around the Mekong Delta are very impressive with their productivity and hard work. It's also amazing to play crafts and instruments.

7. Mekong

The Mekong River is a river that is the lifeblood of Southeast Asia with a length of about 4350 km. The adventure of a dive starts from Tibet in the eastern Himalayan Mountains at an altitude of 5,224 meters and flows into the South China Sea beyond 6 Southeast Asian countries like Yunnan (China), Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The Mekong Delta, which the Mekong River meets with the sea on Vietnam soil, makes this geographical region of more than 7 million people unique. With white sandy beaches, tropical forests, small villages and towns scattered among the waterfalls, this is a very interesting and rich geography.

8.Vietnamese Coffee

If you're a coffee lover like me, I'm sure you'll love Vietnam's coffee culture. Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world, though not very well known. So it has an important place in the culture of the country. Although I usually drink milk and sugar, I prefer the simple one (ca phe den).

It is possible to have delicious coffee and sit in a tree shade or park even on street benches. Try the ice-cold cup. Take care of the addresses Café Mai (79 Le Van Huu, Hanoi) or Highland Coffee (26 Le Loi, Ho Chi Minh City).

9. Extraordinary caves

I like caves, and in every country I go, I like to visit immediately when I hear that you are a cave. Vietnam is one of the largest and most impressive caves in the world. Think of a geography, you are discovering the world's greatest cave more recently. This is Vietnam. Sơn Đong Cave was discovered in 2009 yet.

After Phong Nha Cave, 44.5 km long, which is the other famous cave of the country, Sơn Đong Cave was located in the world press. The width of some rooms of Sơn Đòng Cave is 5 km. Imagine how many airplanes you can imagine! Those who go to Ha Long Bay know the beauty of Surprise Cave cave.

10. Vietnamese cuisine and tropical fruits

Whether you like to eat fruit or not, Everybody gets to know the tropical fruits that make a different sensation other than a taste that is known before. This is my testimony. Mangosten, dragon fruit, rambutan are my favorites.

Today it is possible to see Vietnamese restaurants in many cities of the world. The development of the culinary culture and the diversity of delicacies. Seafood, chicken and meat have an important place in the Vietnamese cuisine where fresh vegetables are often used. If you love Hele seafood, South East Asia is already in heaven itself! Although we are very conservative in taste, coming to taste without local tastes makes the trip incomplete. At least enjoy a Pho soup.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Patio Pacific Resort Boracay Island

Boracay Island is one of the world's and South East Asia's most beautiful and famous islands. White Beach in Boracay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and its stunning 4 kms of whiteness is absolutely gorgeous. This beach is also one of the most happening places on the island with most of the colorful Boracay night life, entertainment, boat tours, sports activities and shopping opportunities are here.

Patio Pacific Resort is located on Station 1, the most vibrant and popular area of ​​White Beach. Opened in 1990, the Patio Pacific started with only 8 rooms and was called the Pink Patio then. Although it does not have a sea view, it now has 65 rooms, but it has a very good location only a 1-2 minute walk to White Beach.

Resort has the Ecology and Economy Specialist Award from the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Tourism. The hotel has three floors, deluxe, premiere deluxe, family rooms and suites.

Spacious and all-inclusive, Patio Pacific Resort rooms feature wifi, cable television, mini bar, complimentary tea and coffee, water, table, coffee table and comfortable bed. The Deluxe rooms overlook the Garden Cafe, which is open all day and overlooks the Garden Cafe, which is located in the hotel's own garden, while the other rooms overlook the pool where hotel guests are free to use. Deluxe rooms have a double bed and a sofa that can turn into a bed. Premier Deluxe rooms have the same bed option plus bathtub.

Patio Pacific Resort offers guests a buffet breakfast. There is plenty of choice in the buffet breakfast, where you can also enjoy the Philippine breakfast. Refreshed breakfast in the Garden Cafe or in the hotel garden is included in room rates starting from 4000 pesos with taxes.

There is a small bar next to the hotel's pool and a climbing wall where guests can use again free of charge. There are a lot of tropical plants and flowers in the garden, and the ambiance that I created reminds me of Bali. A carefully crafted camellia in this garden is intended for romantic couples.

The pool is huge enough, but there may be a problem with the number of sunbeds. Lovely pool with scrumptious sea and fine sandy beach whatever you do! But maybe some people like it from the pool.

For more information on Boracay accomodation, you can check our where to stay in Boracay page.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

AirAsia flights departing from Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Malaysian low-cost airline AirAsia currently operates scheduled domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations around 25 countries. Its main hub is Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Here is the list of these destinations offered by AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur:

From Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Bali- 3 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Balikpapan- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Banda Aceh- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Bandung- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok - Don Mueang - 7 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Bangalore- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Bintulu- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Brunei- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Cebu- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Chennai- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai- 4 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Clark- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Da Nang- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Guilin- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City- 5 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong- 5 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta- 3 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru- 3 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Kalibo- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Kochi- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Kolkata- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu- 8 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu- 14 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Krabi- 3 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu- 3 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Kuching- 12 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Kunming- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Labuan- 3 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi- 11 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Lombok- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Macau- 4 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Makassar- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Medan - Kualanamu - 3 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Miri- 5 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Nanning- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Padang- 3 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Palembang- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Pekanbaru- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Penang- 10 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Phnom Penh- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Phuket- 4 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Sandakan- 4 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Semarang- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Shenzhen- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Sibu- 6 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore- 13 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Solo- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Surabaya- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Surat Thani- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Tawau- 5 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Tiruchirappalli- 3 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Vientiane- 1 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Yangon- 2 x DailyDirect
From Kuala Lumpur to Yogyakarta- 2 x DailyDirect

Cheap Flights from Bangkok to Maldives by Thai AirAsia

Thai AirAsia, Thailand's largest low cost carrier, is launching daily direct flights from Bangkok to Maldives starting from August 11 2017. Currently, only available direct flight from Bangkok to Maldives is operated by Bangkok Airways and costs 13,500 Thai Baht (397 USD) plus tax one way. ThaiAirAsia announced promotional 1,990 THB (58 USD) one-way, inclusive of taxes and fees. The Maldives flight promotion will be available until June 25th.

Thai AirAsia is a joint venture of Malaysian low-fare airline AirAsia and Thailand's Asia Aviation. It serves AirAsia's regularly scheduled domestic and international flights from Bangkok and other cities in Thailand.

The competitive prices Thai AirAsia offering will change the face of air travel to the Maldives. Travel to Maldives has long been regarded as a highly expensive and luxurious.

Thai AirAsia will operate Airbus A320 aircraft on Bangkok - Maldives route. The aircraft will depart from Bangkok's Bangkok Don Mueang Airport :

FD177 will depart from Bangkok daily at 09:30 AM and will arrive to Maldives (Male) at 11:40 AM. FD178 will depart fromMaldives (Male) at 12:30 PM and arrive at Bangkok at 19:00.

Thai AirAsia Air Stewardess

AirAsia currently flies from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to the Maldives (Flight AK, seven times weekly).

Friday, June 16, 2017

Principles of Accounts Tuition in Singapore

If you are looking for Principles of Accounts (POA) Tuition in Singapore and a good POA tutor, it is important to choose a good one who does not simply teach accounting but also teaches how to think via accounting. POA tutor Kok Peng Chong is one of them. He is specialized in providing POA Tuition and POA Crash Courses for students studying Principles of Accounts in exams like GCE N / O Level, IGCSE, GCE A Level, WACE, Polytechnics, diplomas and universities.

Principles of Accounts is simply a course teaching students Our Financial Literacy 101. The POA is designed to provide students with a meaningful basic introduction to financial accounting and to develop an appreciation of the discipline of accounting.The POA builds the basic foundation of how financial records are recorded and processed to create financial statements and thus informed decisions. Accounting is the language of businesses so POA teaches the language spoken by numbers.

There are many POA tutors in Singapore, so why POA tutor? POA tutor should be prepared. A tutor should not merely follow through schoolwork or Ten Year Series (a red flag : no lesson plan!). POA Tutor for example has special worksheets to help the students to identify their mistakes. On top of this, POA Tutor uses diagrams and flowcharts to simplify difficult accounting concepts.

POA tutor also provides progressive learning to help weaker students apply accounting concepts progressively. On top of this, POA tutor provides online resources because students may forget what was taught and not much can be done outside the classroom.

Principles of Accounts (POA) Tuition in Singapore
POA tutor Kok Peng Chong offers one of the most innovative Principles of Accounts (POA) Tuition in Singapore. He does not simply teach accounting but also teaches how to think via accounting.
Principles of Accounts Tuition offers POA tuition classes, POA crash courses and  POA online courses.

Principles Of Accounts can sometimes be confusing. Some accounting jargon, especially the new ones, are quite difficult for beginners to grasp. Mr. Chong's lessons are designed to simplify and breakdown the jargon using simple Flow Charts. Mr. Chong supplements the POA lessons with online videos, which are useful for many students who have difficulty following a lesson. Online POA videos enable them to replay and learn the missing pieces.

POA Crash Courses are designed for those whose accounting exam is approaching but he or she has no clue what his / her teacher is teaching.Mr Chong’s individual (1-1) POA crash course  is designed for those who need a concise, comprehensive and thorough overview of their accounting syllabus within a short time. Overall, the crash course is about 10 - 15 hours and tailored to programs like UOL POA, GCE N / O Level POA and IGCSE POA.

Other than standard programs, POA tutor also provides special programs such as Sec 3 Mid Year POA Revision Course (designed for children who did not do well in their 1st POA exam), Private Candidates Course (designed for individuals who wants to take up Principles of Accounts (POA) to boost their chances to enter their preferred course in higher institutions) and Normal Academic students (one of two subjects at ‘O’ Level when they sit for their GCE N Level Exams).

You can visit to find out more. You can also email or call 6100 2407. The venue for POA tuition is in the North Eastern Part of Singapore. You can see the POA tutor rates here : POA Tutor Fees and FAQ. Mr. Chong offers trial lessons for students to judge the suitability of the lesson. Fees are chargeable as per normal.

POA prepares Singaporean students to financial landscape of the 21st century. POA tutor is there to help.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Japan Tomei Expressway Accident Video

The video of a horrific car accident in Japan's Tomei Expressway is released, showing the horror lived in a bus on which a car flew and crashed.

In the 37 second video recording, a car is seen swerving and flipping from the opposite direction across a Japanese highway and crashing into a bus in the oncoming lane. The video is taken by a camera mounted on the bus.

The driver of the car, a 62 years old man, died in the crash while 45 people on the bus were injured. The driver was the only passenger in the car.

dramatic footage of the car soaring from the other side of the highway and 
slamming against a buses windshield

Below is the aftermath of the accident.

Japan Tomei Expressway Accident - Car crashed bus windscreen

Ixpress647 - Singapore Courier Service and Same Day Delivery Service

Delivering items within Singapore can he a hassle. Companies like Speedpost and DHL are good but they do not cater to your specific needs and might be too pricey. Apps might get difficult and they do not provide proof of delivery and pricing is based on distance and not fixed. At Ixpress647 you will receive the full details of your delivery order from signature to picture proof to time and date; and delivery will be done on time!Best of all the price starts just from $17 for Van deliveries. And $10 for motorcycle dispatch. Visit our website at and make your order today!

Karaoke World Championship Singapore 2017 Auditions

What's up guys! Guest blogger Ash at your service. So I was given the privilege to work with KWC (Karaoke World Championship) in Singapore, and I must say it is a mind blowing experience.

KWC is an amateur singing competition that originated in Finland and has been around for 15 years. It brings amateur singers from around the world to the global stage. It is considered a great social experience, meeting and interacting with new people and amateur singers.

World's biggest amateur singing competition is back.
Don't miss this awesome opportunity of going for the Singapore KWC auditions. If you win in the national championship, you will receive a prize package WORTH OVER SGD 3000$, recording contract and ROUND-TRIP AIRFARE & ACCOMMODATION to Finland to compete for the title of KARAOKE World Champion & WIN TOTAL CASH prize of USD 10,000$ and an all expense paid trip to KWC World Finals in 2018.

Karaoke World Championship Singapore 2017 Auditions
Karaoke World Championship Singapore 2017 Auditions
For more information on the KWC and our past world champions, check out


Friday, June 9, 2017

Barteli - The Ultimate Book Exchange App in Singapore

Carousell and qoo10 are some of the very familiar online markets we use in Singapore. However, these sites are cluttered with everything and anything. We seldom find sites/apps that are catered to a single type of item.

Introducing Barterli!

 A new community app for all book lovers in Singapore. Have you bought too many books that your shelf is too full? Have you still yet to sell your books from the previous semester/year? Or just want to get some good reads? With Barterli, you can sell or barter your books for new ones. Barterli values the importance of having physical books because we disallow the book’s value to diminish by depreciation through no use.

So, what is so great about Barterli?

1. Barterli suggests books suited to you. By entering your location onto the app, it helps to locate books near you. You can also follow the Barterli blog for exciting news, book reviews and hacks.

Barteli - The Ultimate Book Exchange App in Singapore

2. Big reader? If you are finding any book of a specific genre, the genre page helps you sort out the collection of books on Barterli.

Barteli - The Ultimate Book Exchange App in Singapore

3. Barterli is easy to use! All you need to do is scan the ISBN and all the book’s synopsis is uploaded instantly. If you cannot find the specific book, you can manually upload your book onto the app. You can also track your books on the ‘My Books’ page.

Barteli - The Ultimate Book Exchange App in Singapore

Barterli allows for easy communications where users can negotiate and exchange their books personally. If you are still not convinced, click on the link below for quick tutorial video.

The Barterli App is available to download on iOS and Android Store for free.
Download Barterli NOW by clicking on the link below!

You can follow Barterli on their social media platforms:
Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -

Monday, May 22, 2017

Tableau 10 Data Visualization Software Webinar (with Step-by-step demo)

Singapore based Business Intelligence service provider Infolytics Global has just started a string of webinars to introduce Tableau data visualization software's latest edition in Singapore and South East Asia.

In this free event, you will have a chance to learn how a state of the art data visualization platform like Tableau can help you to explore and analyse your data. Thanks to Tableau’s intuitive GUI and drag-and-drop data visualization capabilities, everyone in your organization can easily create flexible, interactive visualizations and make meaningful decisions.

The event will also demonstrate a step-by-step Tableau demo which will show how you can create stunning interactive data analysis dashboards intuitively by just simple drag-and-drop interfaces. You will learn how to explore data with smart visualizations that automatically adapts to the parameters you set — no need for developers, data scientists or designers. We will also cover what are new functionalities in Tableau 10 and Tableau 10.2.

Tableau Software has just released its game changing subscription pricing model and in this webinar, you will also find out more information on this new Tableau pricing model.

Tableau 10 Data Visualization Software Webinar (with Step-by-step demo)
Tableau data visualization software

There are 3 date / time slots available for the event.

Tableau Event Information:
Venue  Webinar (details will be provided after registration)

Dates / Times : You can select any of the 4 time-slots below:
  • June 2nd 2017 09:00 – 10:00 Singapore Time
  • June 9th 2017 09:00 – 10:00 Singapore Time
  • June 9th 2017 14:00 – 15:00 Singapore Time
Agenda :
- Introduction to Tableau Data Visualization
- Tableau Data Visualization Features
- Tableau 10.2 Demo

This event is conducted by Infolytics Global. 

The founders of Infolytics Global Pte Ltd (Infolytics) have experience in providing Big Data Analytics and Data Visualization solutions for all sizes of companies for over 15 years. With our vast knowledge and experience in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence we have the capability for being the “go to” company for BI solutions. Our expertise is on delivering insights using data visualization and Big Data Analytics.

We have vast experience in end to end project management of leading BI software like QlikView, Qlik Sense and Tableau. Our team has been part of some of the largest QlikView and Tableau deployments in Asia. One such example is a large semiconductor manufacturing company with more than 3,000 BI users globally.

DC Ceiling Fans in Singapore

In Singapore, cooling is needed the year around. Using an air-con is quite common but an expensive way to achieve the interior cooling. The best alternative to air-con is a ceiling fan which operates on a fraction of the cost of an air-con.
Recently, a new technology of ceiling fans has emerged : DC Ceiling fans. The most widely used technology in ceiling fan is Alternating-Current (AC) whereas and Direct-Current (DC) are getting popular. What is the difference?

The currency in grid is Alternating-Current (AC). So an AC ceiling fan is directly connected to this currency. A DC ceiling fan on the other hand has an extra component called transformer to convert AC of the grid to DC. AC significantly reduces electricity transportation cost over long distances but when it comes to home appliances, DC power has several advantages, including ceiling fans.

A DC ceiling fan consumes significantly less energy (30-40 watts) compared to AC ceiling fan (60-120 watts). But electricity cost is not the main superiority of a DC fan. In the end, AC fans are still very energy efficient compared to an air-con unit which uses almost 900 - 1400 watts.

DC Ceiling fan Singapore

The main advantage of a DC ceiling fan over AC ceiling fan is that the DC fan provides better airflow and has no motor noise. Yes, none. This makes them ideal for areas like bedrooms. DC ceiling fans also offers more speed options. And their DC electric motors tend to be smaller which allows slimmer fan designs.

So when buying a ceiling, which one you should choose : a DC ceiling fan or an AC ceiling fan?

Although they are more expensive, you should choose a DC ceiling fan. They are the technology of the future and their no-noise motor, energy efficiency, better airflow quality and speed options worth the price.

Where can you buy a DC ceiling fan in Singapore? You can buy a DC ceiling fan in Singapore from a reputable seller. This is an expensive and bulky item. You would not want to buy it from an overseas online source to save on money. We recommend Hdblighting online shop which sells high quality DC ceiling fans as well as lighting. The reason we recommend HDBLighting is that they are a local online business which offers free shipping, lower prices, good quality, warranty and service when needed.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bangkok Jazz Festival 2017 – 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss It

Bangkok Jazz Festival is one of the most popular music festivals held in Thailand each year. The festival was launched in the year 2003 in commemoration of the King of the country, who is known widely for his love for music, especially Jazz. The Bangkok Jazz Festival has held annually at Sanam Suea Pa, located in Dusit. The festival lasts for three days and takes place in the month of December each year.

Each year over 30,000 people from across the world visit Bangkok to enjoy this truly magical event, and many of the top Jazz artists and musicians are known to participate in the event. If you are in love with the music genre of Jazz, then visiting the Bangkok Jazz Festival is a must for you. There are many reasons why attending this festival is a good idea, and here we would narrow down 7 top reasons as to why you should be visiting Bangkok Jazz Festival 2017 –

Love For Music

If you love music, then visiting Bangkok Jazz Festival is a natural choice for you. The vibes of this festival need to be seen to be believed. The entire arena is filled with music loving people from across the globe, and it is crowded yet happy and loud yet friendly. The kind of experience you have during the Bangkok Jazz Festival is hard to match with any other experience you ever have. You would also discover some of the most talented musicians in this festival you never heard about before, and if you are a musician yourself, rest assured you would learn a lot from this musical experience.

Love For Jazz

For people who love Jazz, visiting Bangkok Jazz Festival is like a pilgrimage. The festival would be attended by Jazz lovers from across the globe, and you would get to listen to some of the top performers in the music industry. The festival attracts a lot of new Jazz artists as well. If you love Jazz music, then this festival would ensure that you fall in love with this genre all over again. The live performance by different artists and in a different form would give your ears something new and exciting to enjoy after long.

Bangkok Jazz Festival 2017
For people who love Jazz, visiting Bangkok Jazz Festival is like a pilgrimage
Network With Jazz Musicians

As mentioned above, the Bangkok Jazz Festival is attended by over 30,000 people each year, and in 2017, this number is speculated to increase drastically. It means that you would get a chance to meet a lot of individuals from different countries, backgrounds, and culture. It is truly an international experience in a setup that is based on love for music and jazz. So, get ready to meet some of the interesting musicians as well as music fanatics when you visit this festival and rest assured, the experience would be worth it.

Watch Top Performers Live

Each year many top Jazz artists from across the globe perform live at Bangkok Jazz Festival, and the scale and the grandeur of this festival in 2017 are only going to be bigger than the previous year. So, get ready for some extravagant surprises and see some of the largest names in the music industry and top jazz performers live in action at the festival. You might even get a chance to meet some of these artists and musicians as the festival happens in a very friendly atmosphere.

Bangkok Jazz Festival 2017
Get ready to see some of the top jazz performers live in action at Bangkok Jazz Festival 2017
International Crowd Of Music Lovers

The Bangkok Jazz Festival, as mentioned above, is one of the biggest events for the genre of Jazz and people who love Jazz music flock into the festival from across the globe. Whether you simply love Jazz music or a professional Jazz trained musician, you would get to know many musicians and people from different country, which would be an exciting as well as a learning experience for you. It won’t be another event where people look bored while the artist continues to carry on singing with little to no interest. Everyone you see at the event has a love for music and jazz, and that is the reason they are present there. It means that you would find many like-minded people there, and it would be lovely interacting with them and sharing your taste in music and jazz playlist with them.

Make New Friends With Similar Music Taste

When you visit Bangkok Jazz Festival, you would invariably end up making a lot of friends who has similar taste in music and love jazz equally. It is an excellent platform for the jazz lovers from across the globe, and you would love witnessing the event as well as meeting new people with similar taste in music. Many of the connections you make here can also help you with your profession if you are a musician.

Discover New Jazz Artists

Even if you are one of the biggest fans of Jazz, it is entirely possible that you don’t know about all the talent out there in the world of Jazz music. As each year, more and more Jazz artist participate in the event, it helps you get introduced to some of the most talented and budding Jazz artists from across the globe. You would be able to know more about the Jazz music as a whole too. Many of the artists who participate in the event can also be found at the Jazz themed Gastropub named Apoteka in the Sukhumvit Soi 11. It is one of the most popular and lively gastropubs in town with a lot to offer regarding food, drinks and fantastic music to its customers.

Bangkok Jazz Festival 2017

These are the few reasons why visiting Bangkok Jazz Festival is a must for you, especially if you love Jazz.  It would help you indulge in the kind of music you love like never before, and most of all, the festival is an all-inclusive experience, and music is just a part of it. It ensures that you have a lovely time listening to some of the best jazz live music, meeting new people, networking with musicians from across the globe, and get to learn a lot more about Jazz than what you knew before.