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A similing monkey is a nervous monkey

Long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) are native to Singapore. Although their original habitat was mangroves (you can still see them at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Sentosa, the Sisters Islands, Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong), you will most probably encounter them in the Western and Central Catchment areas as well as at Bukit Batok Nature Park.

Macaques communicate differently from humans. One of the most important thing to remember is that smiling may be a friendly gesture for you but for macaques, this gesture may be interpreted as aggression. So avoid smiling them, especially by widely showing your teeth, and even do not bother to create an eye contact since this also may be interpreted as aggression.

And of course, do not even try to approach the baby macaques because the parents are extremely protective and your smile on your face to the baby macaque would be an invitation for trouble.

This also means that it is not always a good thing if a monkey smiles at you. What is often perceived as a smile of happiness is actually a nervous monkey expressing discomfort. This is typically known as "fear grin".

A sign board in MacRitchie Reserve in Singapore warning people about smiling at long-tailed macaques. The gesture which looks like smiling to us is actually a nervous monkey showing its discomfort. They also interpret smiling as aggression.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Where to stay in Pattaya?

Although it is still known as the sex tourism capital of the world, Pattaya is trying to develop some family friendly image to attract more diversified segments of tourists. In a sense, Pattaya is quite there already: many families flock to Pattaya from capital Bangkok for a weekend holiday and we see increasing number of tourists going to Pattaya for its sun, beaches and activities. But even if you are not into red light districts and their workers, the `trade` is quite obviously done out in the streets and clubs. So if you will not be able to stomach the `scene` it may still be better to not visit Pattaya. On the other hand, if you are going to Pattaya to bang, it will be a paradise for you.

Pattaya's city center is quite straight forward. The city lies in the north-south direction, parallel to the sea. Between the sea and the city, there is Pattaya Beach and Beach Road running parallel to the sea and the beach. In the south, Beach Road becomes Walking Street, the infamous Red Light District of Pattaya. Inside Pattaya, Second Road runs parallel to Beach Road and these 2 are connected to each other with 3 main roads and many narrow sois (see the map below).

Pattaya is indeed offering a lot of fun other than its naughty night life. It is a heaven for water sports lovers and the city also offers golf, horse riding, bungee jumping, swimming and etc.

Where you should stay in Pattaya depends on why you are in Pattaya. If you are in for the `trade` you would like to stay near Walking Street. If not, Jomtien Beach will be a more family oriented and tranquil place to stay.

Most hotels will allow you to bring your "hourly" or "nightly" friend to the hotel. This means some do not, so if you are planning to bring in someone, then you should be sure that you can do it. Some luxury hotels will charge extra "joiner fee" to discourage you to bring in new "friends" so this is also something to check. Security will keep the identity card of your new friend for your safety. If this new friend is younger than 20, many hotels will not accept her/him.

Another thing to know about Pattaya hotels is the smoking free room issue. Many do not have it. Most of the hotels with smoke free rooms will have a limited number of them. If you have an issue with tobacco and its smell, stick to hotel chains and luxury hotels.

Where to stay in Pattaya - Pattaya map and Pattaya's main streets
Pattaya map and its main streets
South Pattaya - Pattaya Walking Street

South Pattaya is in fact is not the southern most area in the city (to the south you have Buddha Hill and Jomtien Beach). Pattayaland and Walking Street are here in South Pattaya. Walking Street is the main tourist attraction in the city and is the red light district. There are many beer bars, go-go bars, brothels and small stalls selling many things you can buy and eat. This 20th century Gomara is worth to visit even if you are not into the trade here.

Pattayaland is the poster child of Pattaya with its neon filled space. The place is in fact nothing compared to Walking Street (only 8 and so go-go bars here).

There are many hotels in South Pattaya. Cheaper ones tend to be on bars or other establishments and may be very noisy. For the hotels, their room prices and customer reviews refer to South Pattaya hotels, and Walking Street hotels pages.

Pattaya Walking Street Otelleri
Pattaya Walking Street
Soi Buakhao, Soi LK Metro and Soi Honey
You can find cheap hotels, hostels and guest houses in Soi Buakhao, Soi LK Metro and Soi Honey. Very noisy and many hotels here does not have online booking but you can just show up in the reception and book a hotel.

Jomtien Beach
Jomtien Beach is seperated from Pattaya Proper by Buddha Hill and is quite quite and clean compared to Pattaya city center. The beach is a heaven for water sports lovers and kids will find it entertaining in amusement and water tower.

If you want to be a little away from the circus in the south Pattaya, this is a very nice place to stay. For Pattaya hotels here go to Pattaya Jomtien Beach hotels.

Pattaya Jomtien Beach
Islands Near Pattaya

For many, islands near Pattaya means a daily tour but you can indeed stay in some of them. Ko Lan is the most famous and largest one offering many hotels and resorts.

Ko Lan

Top 5 extraordinary things to do in Singapore

There are many things you can do in Singapore and these things are listed quite well in countless "Top 5 things to do in Singapore" articles. In this post, we will not list these "ordinary" attractions. There are also unique and quite extraordinary things to do in Singapore.

Indoor Skydiving at iFly Sentosa

This is the next best thing to sky-diving. iFly Sentosa will let you experience true free-fall conditions, just like a real skydive in the comfort and safety of a wind tunnel. This virtual skydive is designed to last as long as a 12,000 to 3,000 feet fall. It also cost only 20% of the real thing.

Measuring 16.5 feet in diameter with a flying height of 56.5 feet, the equivalent of five storeys, iFly Singapore is the world's largest themed vertical wind tunnel. It can accommodate up to 20 flyers at the same time. Website :

Where is iFly Sentosa? Here is the address: iFly Singapore, 43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01 Singapore 099010

Indoor Skydiving at iFly Sentosa
Indoor Skydiving at iFly Sentosa
Ultimate Drive

Have you ever drive a supercar? If not, Ultimate Drive may help you to drive one. With the motto of "“Everyone can drive a Supercar", Ultimate Drive offers micro-rental packages starting from as low as $198 for a 15 minute ride and also have membership packages that allow members to use the cars for longer periods. Their supercar fleet has McLaren MP4-12, Porsche 911, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Lamborghini Huracan, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari California and Merc S Class.

You can have more info at

Ultimate Drive
Ultimate Drive allows you to drive a supercar in Singapore.
Flight Experience Singapore

Have you ever dreamed about being a pilot or at least experiencing to fly a commercial plane? Well, you can at least try something closest to the real experience : Flight Experience Singapore. The company lets you to be a pilot in a state-of-the-art, professional flight simulators based on the Boeing 737-800. Although this is a fixed-base simulator, it is 100% scale and is a fully enclosed cockpit.

Flight Experience Singapore is at Singapore Flyer (30 Raffles Avenue #02-06 Singapore 039803). And here is its website

Flight Experience Singapore
Flight Experience Singapore lets you to pilot a real flight simulator.

SKI360degree! Singapore's first and only Cable-Ski Park located in East Coast Park. This system, Cable-Skiing or Cable Wakeboarding, is basically water skiing or wakeboarding using the pull of a cable system that goes continuously around the lagoon. All you need to bring is some sun block, boardshorts.

You can find out more here The park is located at 1206A East Coast Parkway Singapore 449891.

SKI360degree! Singapore's first and only Cable-Ski Park
SKI360degree! Singapore's first and only Cable-Ski Park
Wavehouse Sentosa

Wave House Sentosa  is a 70,000 sq ft beachfront venue that offers exhilarating wave rides and the ultimate beach lifestyle experience in Singapore. The centerpiece of Wave House Sentosa is “The Wave” - a fully-flowing, FlowBarrel® sheet wave that approximates a roaring, 10-foot wave when it’s cranked to setting 11. The system is invented by a surfer named Tom Lochtefeld, the founder and CEO of Wave House,

For more info, visit

Wavehouse Sentosa
Wavehouse Sentosa

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Sting concert 2017 Singapore

Following the recent release of English singer-songwriter Sting’s highly anticipated rock/pop album “57th & 9th” and with sold out concerts already confirmed in North America and Europe, Cherrytree Management and Live Nation Lushington are proud to announce the return of English singer-songwriter STING, performing live in Singapore on 28 May 2017 (Sunday) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at the Sports Hub.

On the 57th & 9th Tour, STING will be joined by a 3-piece band including his longtime guitarist, Dominic Miller, plus Josh Freese (drums) and Rufus Miller (guitar). Special guest in Singapore will be singer/songwriter Joe Sumner.

Sting gained world fame as the frontman for the punk rock band The Police nearly 40 years ago before embarking on a successful solo career, and has received 10 Grammy Awards.He is also an avid supporter of human rights organisations like the Rainforest Fund, which protects both the world’s rainforests and the indigenous people living in them.

Ticket are priced from S$108 (and can be purchased for S$108, S$148, S$198, S$228 or S$288 depending on the seating location) with +$4 booking fee.

Tickets go on sale this Thursday 15 December, 10am via, hotline +65 3158 78888, Indoor Stadium Box Office and all SingPost outlets.

You can reach events Facebook page Sting - 57th & 9th Tour Singapore.

Sting concert 2017 Singapore
Sting - 57th & 9th Tour Singapore

Where to buy Xiaomi Singapore?

Beijing based Chinese electronics company is quite popular with its mobile phones and tablets such as Mi series mobile phones, Redmi series budget mobile phones and Mi Note Series. Singapore is an important country in Xiaomi's history. When founded in 2010, Singaporean government-owned investment company Temasek Holdings was one of the institutional inverstors in the first round of funding. In 2014 Xiaomi announced its expansion outside China, with their first stop in Singapore.  Xiaomi's Redmi and Mi3 phone were released in Singapore on 21 February – 7 March 2014.

You can buy Xiaomi products in Singapore through several mediums. First, you can buy Xiaomi online through e-commerce companies. For example Lazada, a Singaporean e-commerce company, sells Xiaomi products online. You can check here : Lazada Xiaomi Mobile.

Xiaomi also sells its products online through MI Singapore page.

And last but not the least, Xiaomi also has a retail store which is located in Suntec City. This Xiaomi Singapore store is first full fledged retail store outside of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  This store is not 100 per cent run by Xiaomi, It is a collaborative effort with Singapore's current go-to tech e-commerce site Lazada, which will manage the sales. This is a good place to get your hands on latest Xiaomi products but some cool products that is usually reserved for sale in China cannot be found here (such as Mi Drones, Notebook Air, 4K Mi TV and Mi rice cookers ).

Xiaomi Singapore store
Xiaomi Singapore store is first full fledged retail store outside of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

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The Ancient Histories of Singapore

The earliest possible mention of ancient Singapore is dates back to 2nd Century cartographic references. Greco-Roman astronomer Claudius Ptolemy (AD 100 - AD 170) marked a place called Sabana, a coastal port at the southernmost tip of the Malayan peninsula, on his map. The area where Singapore lies and identified was known as a "Nominon Emporion" or a designated foreign trading port. It was a part of a chain of trading centers that linked South East Asia with India and Mediterranean.
Links between India and Singapore go back to ancient times. In the first century A.D., Claudius Ptolemaeus, a Greek astronomer, collected astronomical observations from the countries around the Indian Ocean in order to determine their locations. One of these, Sabana, lay in the area of modern Singapore.  Sabana was a nominon emporion or designated foreign trading port, part of a chain of such trading centres which linked Southeast Asia with India and the Mediterranean 2,000 years ago.  The Greeks themselves never reached Sabana. According to Ptolemy, Sabana should have lain somewhere in the vicinity of the Johor-Riau-Singapore area.
Source : Records of Ancient Links between India and Singapore
A 3rd century Chinese witten record also described the island of "Pu Luo Zhong" (蒲羅中). This is probably a transliteration of the Malay Pulau Ujong, "island at the end" (of the Malay peninsula). It is said that Pulau Ujong maintained as a fishing village from that time on.

In 1320, the Mongol court has sent a mission to a placed called Long Yamen (Dragon's Tooth Strait) to get elephants. This probably referred to Keppel Harbour.A visitor from China, Wang Dayuan, who came around 1330, called the main settlement Pancur (spring), and reported that there were Chinese already living here.

Sabana on Ptolemy's world map
Sabana on Ptolemy's world map
One of the earliest references to Singapore as Temasek, or Sea Town, was found in the Javanese Nagarakretagama' of 1365. The name was also mentioned in a Vietnamese source at around the same time. By the end of the 14th century, the Sanskrit name, Singapura (Lion City), became commonly used.(Source : Singapore History)

The Sejarah Melayu or Malay Annals contains a tale of a prince Srivijaya, Sri Tri Buana (also known as Sang Nila Utama). During one of his voyages, he saw the beautiful beach of Temasek (Sea Town) and decided to take a closer look. He only reached the Temasek after surviving a great sea storm in the late 13th century. According to the tale, the prince saw a strange creature, which he was told was a lion. Believing that this is an auspicious sign, he decided to name the new settlement Singapura, which means Lion City (lions have never lived in Singapore and the name probably comes from the shape of the island which looks like a male lion with mane on the map).

In late 15th century, Singapore appears in Malay Annals :
The Sejarah Melayu or Malay Annals, compiled around 1435, contains information passed down from earlier times. The first section of the Malay Annals tells the story of a great Indian ruler, Raja Shulan, who after conquering all of India, set his sights on China.  However, he only had a vague idea of where China was.  The Chinese, learning of Raja Shulan's intent, and wishing to avoid conflict, employed a stratagem.  They sent an old ship crewed by a group of aged men to Singapore. Raja Shulan, on his way to China, also stopped in Singapore.  He met the doddering Chinese sailors and asked them how much further away China lay. The old sailors informed Raja Shulan that China was so far away that when they had set out, they were still young. Raja Shulan decided to return to India.
Source : Records of Ancient Links between India and Singapore
Singapore was caught in the struggles between Siam (now Thailand) and the Java-based Majapahit Empire for control over the Malay Peninsula. According to the Sejarah Melayu (Malay Annals), Singapore was defeated in one Majapahit attack, but Iskandar Shah, or Parameswara, a prince of Palembang, later killed the local chieftain and installed himself as the island's new ruler. Shortly after, he was driven out, either by the Siamese or by the Javanese forces of the Majapahit Empire. He fled north to Muar in the Malay Peninsula, where he founded the Malacca Sultanate. Singapore remained an important part of the Malacca Sultanate; it was the fief of the admirals (laksamanas), including the famous Hang Tuah.(Source : Singapore History)

Recent excavations in Fort Canning provide evidence that Singapore was a port of some importance in the 14th century and used for transactions between Malays and Chinese.

Soil To Body : Delicious plant based recipes

If you are looking for some delicious vegan recipes, take a look at Soil To Body. This is a blog prepared by a vegan blogger to introduce some interesting vegan recipes.

The blogger, Deniz, was born and raised in Anatolia where is famous with its cuisine which in turn borrowed many elements from many different cultures like Middle Eastern, Greek and Balkan cuisines. There are rich ingredients that Anatolia offered. In this way, people cooked different ingredients in harmony and enabled to form a very rich and varied food culture.

There are too many accidentally vegan or vegetarian traditional cuisine in Anatolia. In the website, she shows originally vegan or vegan version of Anatolian cuisines. Also, some new inventions from time to time.

These delicious recipes include lentil soupstuffed zuccine flowers (a famous summer dish in the Aegean Sea side), fava bean puree (Aegean Sea Style), red pepper bread (originally coming from Antakya, Hatay Province of southern Turkey) and green lentil and quinoa stuffed eggplant (vegan version of karnıyarık).

quinoa stuffed eggplant (vegan version of karnıyarık)
quinoa stuffed eggplant (vegan version of karnıyarık)
sweet red pepper bread
This amazing sweet red pepper bread is originally coming from Antakya that is the seat of the Hatay Province in southern Turkey. Really delicious and good appetizer for your guests.

Peanut, butternut squash soup
Peanut, butternut squash soup

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Why Some Men have More Success with Women than Others

At any one point in a man's life, we've probably had friends or seen some guys who were just so smooth with the ladies. We wonder about what they said or did that made women smitten over them. And we wonder what was the missing link that we were lacking.

When I was in my tertiary years (before I became good with women) I used to have a close friend, Ben. Ben was a regular dude. He wasn't exceptionally good looking, or tall; just clean and hip (back in the 90's) But Ben was Naturally good with girls.

Because we were close, we hung out a lot. I watched as he went on countless of dates and was perpetually texting some girl. It got to a point where we were once at a club and he asked me to point to any girl and he would walk up to her and get to know her. They actually ended up dating.

I felt like a boy scout. I compared myself to Ben and tried to find the missing link. We are about on par in terms of looks. Neither of us were filthy rich (we were still students back then).

Fast forward, after years of attaining abundance in my Dating life, I realised that it isn't really as complicated as I once thought it was.

The Key is Intention

In life, you need Intention to  achieve your career or personal goals.

Why are you Friend-zoned? Because your Intention wasn't clear or strong enough.

You lack the guts to do something? Your Intention is weak.

Why did your colleague get that raise or promotion and not you? Your Intention wasn't strong enough.

Why Some Men have More Success with Women than Others

Ben was "naturally"good with women because his intentions were strong and clear. On the contrary, the old Me could get nowhere though I went on many dates. My date would question my intentions in her mind: " Okay, he's a nice guy..but.. Is he trying to be a friend? Or is he really interested in me."

Women are attracted to Men with strong Intentions. These Intentions are not solely with regards to his interest towards her but also his Intentions towards his own life. Is he driven? Is he passionate? etc.

Be cautious though, as you work on this. It has to be Tactful and Progressive. Otherwise, you might come off as a Serial Killer rather than the Casanova you intended to be.

Ethan Lee - Lead Instructor at

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Singapore motorcyclist flying over roof of car after collision at Joo Chiat (video)

A video posted on Facebook on Sunday showed the 23-year-old male Deliveroo motorcyclist crashing into a car at the junction of Koon Seng Road and Tembeling Road. The shocking video shows rider flying over the roof of the car and landing on the road on the other side.

The accident seems to happen because of the car. In the video, it is clear that there is a stop line in front of the car, but instead of giving way to the motorcycle, the car driver does not stop. Although the car driver made a mistake, she at least stops immediately and runs to the help of the motorcyclist. According to AsiaOne, the motorcyclist was taken conscious to Changi General Hospital .

You can watch the video below or at its original published page on Everyday SG Facebook page.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dapper Coffee of Singapore Bottled Unicorn Tears

Local cafe Dapper Coffee's new creation "Unicorn Tears" has been a recent social media buzz after Cosmopolitan featured it in an article named "Someone Bottled Unicorn Tears Into a Drink and It's Magical AF". The non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic mystery drink is supposedly sweet and tastes faintly of lemon according to Cosmopolitan.

3 years old Dapper Coffee doesn’t reveal exactly what the bottled stuff is made out of, insisting that it’s “100% tears of joy" from “Sparkles,” their pure-bred Mongolian Unicorn. Although bottled Unicorn Tears does not actually contain alcohol, most people say it tastes like a cocktail mixer.

You can buy Unicorn Tears online at Dapper Coffee product page but unless you order $120 or pay $15 delivery service, it requires self collection. The cafe is at 73 Amoy Street, Second Floor (Above Alati Restaurant)

Unicorn Tears seems to be a runaway success in social media and became a sort of international buzz. According to Singapore's AsiaOne, since the Cosmopolitan article, Dapper Coffee owner Christine Seah has received a slew of e-mails from curious netizens from countries like Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, US and UK asking for a taste.
Miss Seah, 25, told The New Paper: "I'm overwhelmed by the overnight reaction. One day I woke up to 400 new followers on our Instagram page and many e-mails from around the world. "We were already targeting to distribute it overseas in March but now we are making it our top priority."
Source : AsiaOne
Dapper Coffee of Singapore Bottled Unicorn Tears
Dapper Coffee defines Unicorn Tears as "pure tears of joy from Sparkles, our pure bred Mongolian Unicorn"
The café makes it fresh daily, and their website says it's "Pure tears of joy from Sparkles, our pure bred Mongolian Unicorn." 
Regardless of not knowing what's actually in it — as much as I'd like to believe unicorns are real and they cry sparkly blue tears, I'm a little skeptical — people on social media are really into Unicorn Tears. 
In a live taste-test on Clicknetwork — a Singapore TV network Facebook page — people described the drink as smelling and tasting like lemon, and that it's very sweet. Others who have tried it on Instagram say it's sweet, and some even say that it tastes like a cocktail, even though it's non-alcoholic.
Source : Cosmopolitan

Harry Potter-themed cafe in Singapore - Platform 1094

Platform 1094 on 1094 Serangoon Road (600 meters from  Boon Keng MRT station) has opened its doors to customers in December 2016 with a Harry Potter themed menu.. With its warm brick walls, wood-panelled ceilings, soft chandelier light fixtures and chairs decorated with colourful stag prints, it brings customers into the world created by J.K. Rowling.

Platform 1094 is a new restaurant of three-year-old bistro and bar Fresh Fruits Lab in Changi Road.

Menu includes desserts like Black Magic ($16 - black sesame panna cotta and squid ink profiterole with mango cream diplomat, crispy charcoal bread, black tuile lace, chocolate soil, blackberries and sweetie cream), main dishes like Pestro Mayo Pork Ribs ($22 - butter-cream poached pork ribs, drizzled with pesto mayo, served with grilled vegetables, corn, pickled beetroot and mango mustard espuma).

But the real deal is the magical food; this Harry Potter-themed cafe offers wizard-themed starters, main dishes, desserts and cocktails.

Platform 1094 - Harry Potter-themed cafe in Singapore
Platform 1094's warm brick walls, wood-panelled ceilings, soft chandelier light fixtures and chairs decorated with colourful stag prints, it brings customers into the world created by J.K. Rowling.
Goblet of Fire ($15) for example is one of the most popular drinks at the cafe. This is an alcoholic cocktail that is made with blue curacao liqueur, lemonade and Bacardi rum. The drink is then set on fire in front of guests and sprinkled with cinnamon powder, causing sparks and flames to swirl.

Other "Poisons" in the menu are Truth Venom ($12 - blue curaçao liquer, vodka, sprite, grenadine and pineapple juice), Dizziness Tonic ($12 - blueberry vodka, tonic water and fresh blueberries), Amnesia Blend ($12 - rum, champagne, mint leaves and lime), Sleeping Draught ($12 - rum, ginger ale, banana schnapps, cherry, pineapple juice and orange juice) and non alcoholic Elixir Of Life ($8 - tonic water, sprite and lime sorbet).

Goblet of Fire cocktail
Goblet of Fire is an alcoholic cocktail that is made with blue curacao liqueur, lemonade and Bacardi rum. The drink is then set on fire in front of guests and sprinkled with cinnamon powder, causing sparks and flames to swirl. - Image : Lonely Planet
Platform 1094 is on 1094 Serangoon Road. It is open from 11am to 10pm (Tuesdays to Fridays), 10am to 10pm (weekends), closed on Mondays. Visit its Facebook here Platform 1094 Facebook page.

Where to stay in Bora Bora?

Paradise holiday island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia is one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world. Mostly crowded with honeymooners having their once-in-a-lifetime tropical island holiday, Bora Bora offers fantastic beaches, legendary underwater adventures in mostly luxury resorts composed of overwater bungalows and villas.

The islands population is only 8,800. Half of these people live in Vaitape on the main island. The tropical island has two inactive volcanoes : Mount Phaia and Mounth Otemanu. It is surrounded by a lagoon and barrier reefs and many small islets called motu in local language (see the Bora Bora map below).

Bora Bora resorts are usually luxury and expensive. Plus all the activities and the food on the island is expensive too. The prices usually range between “expensive” and “omg expensive” here. The average room rate per night in Bora Bora Island is around 1,000 USD per night and starts at least from 300 USD per night. Suite prices start from several thousands per night.

Let’s come to where to stay in Bora Bora Island question. You basically have two option: you can either stay in a resorts on small islands in the lagoon or barrier reef or you can stay in a resort on the main island.

Almost 30 years ago, Hotel Bora Bora has built the first over-water bungalow and this type of accommodation is now a norm on the island. These bungalows range from rooms to multi-storey villas.

Where to stay in Bora Bora? - Bora Bora Map
Bora Bora Map
Bora Bora Resorts on islets

The main advantage of staying in a Bora Bora Resort in the lagoon is the fantastic Bora Bora Island view. These places are also quite tranquil and isolated, perfect for honemooners.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is one of the most famous poster children of Bora Bora. Situated on Motu Thotu, this is the most romantic resort in the world according to the TripAdvisor. With its view, paradise like surrounding, facilities and service, it is probably the best honeymoon hotel in the world.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is also the best rated resort in Bora Bora with 10 points over 10 ratings averaged 700+ customer reviews. See details here.

Four Seasons Bora Bora Resort
Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora over-water bungalows. You can see the Bora Bora main island and one
of the volcanoes in the background (Mount Otemanu).

St. Regis Bora Bora, is the newest and the most expensive resort of Bora Bora. Each “room” in this resort are suits with their own luxury bathroom. Most of these are over-water villas and have their own swimming pool and spa. The villas comes with glass floor and underwater lighting which puts a magical touch to the holiday. 80 percent of the customers of St. Regis Bora Bora comes from USA and 80 percent of these customers are honeymoon couples. St. Regis Bora Bora is on  a small island offshore main island and have a fantastic Bora Bora view.

The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort. Behind, Bora Bora Island (main island) with Mount Otemanu.
Le Meridien Bora Bora is another popular motu resort. This resort is quite large and is popular among Japanese tourists. The resort has very nice beaches. They operate s shuttle boat to main island.

Resorts on Bora Bora Island

Resorts on the main island of Bora Bora are also super luxury and classy. The obvious disadvantage of these resorts is that they do not have Bora Bora Island view.

Matira Beach on the island is a popular beach and has several nice resorts. Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort is at the southern tip of Matira Beach and if you can afford it, it deserves every dollar you pay to stay there. Another nice Matira resort is Sofitel Bora Bora Beach Resort. The seaside pool of this resort is legendary.

Sofitel Bora Bora
Cheap Bora Bora Hotels

You won’t believe but Bora Bora has some “relatively” cheap accommodation. 3 star Le Maitai Polynesia Hotel Bora Bora offers 80++ Euro per night rooms (well we have said “relatively” cheap) and 2 star Village Temanuata room prices start from 60++ Euro per night.

Where is Bora Bora Island?

In the past, this question required a few paragraphs to answer. But now thanks to Google Maps, it is quite easy to answer. Bora Bora is in the Pacific Ocean somewhere far east of Fiji. Anyway, see the location below.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Songbei Shangri-La, Harbin Opens its Doors to Guests and the City of Rhythm

The 344-room Songbei Shangri-La opened today in the fabled city of ice – Harbin, marking Shangri-La’s second debut in this north eastern city 18 years after the group opened the Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin in 1999.  The gleaming new property anchors Shangri-La in the heart of Songbei’s business district and in a historic city that has witnessed the dawn of the Jin (1115-1234) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties, as well as cultural influences from neighbouring Russia.

Located on the edge of the Songhua River’s north bank and a convenient five-minute drive from the city’s internationally renowned ice festival at the Ice & Snow World, Songbei Shangri-La, Harbin is in a neighbourhood that includes local attractions such as the Sun Island Garden, Siberian Tiger Park and Harbin Great Theatre.  Just 40 minutes and 30 minutes away are the international airport and Harbin West Railway Station, respectively.

“We are proud to have been part of Harbin’s development as a global destination and to have welcomed travellers with Shangri-La’s heart-warming hospitality for nearly two decades,” said Tyson Wang, Songbei Shangri-La, Harbin’s General Manager.  “With a second property, we look forward to unveiling new lifestyle experiences and inviting the community and international visitors to enjoy our blend of tradition and modernity in Harbin.”

To celebrate the hotel’s opening, an introductory offer priced from RMB 1,350 per night is available until 20 February 2017 and includes daily breakfast buffet.  The supplementary breakfast charge for a second guest sharing the same room is RMB 50 and double GC Award Points for Shangri-La’s Golden Circle members.  For reservations, call (86 451) 5862 9999 or email: The room rate is subject to a 10 per cent service charge and six per cent government value-added tax.

Songbei Shangri-La, Harbin features guest rooms and suites ranging from 42 to 175 square metres, as well as uninterrupted views of the city and river through floor-to-ceiling windows.  Appointed in a contemporary style with tranquil hues and local art pieces, each living space integrates mood lighting and free-Wi-Fi with a spacious marble bathroom and walk-in wardrobe.  The hotel also provides 33 executive serviced apartments for longer-term guests.

The three largest suites – the Lilac, Songbei and Shangri-La Suites – elevate the concept of luxury with stylish interiors for family or business entertaining on the top floors of the hotel.  Adding to the exclusivity is the Horizon Club Lounge, where Horizon Club and suite guests can enjoy extra privileges including express check-in and check-out, complimentary breakfast buffet, all-day refreshments and evening cocktails, and concierge service.

Shang Kitchen, the hotel’s main restaurant, celebrates Chinese cuisine with Peking roast duck, clay pot dishes and northeast regional specialties in a setting that boldly blends splashes of lilac and emerald green with lattice screens.  Private dining rooms are available for intimate occasions.

Revolving around interactive theatre kitchens, Café Song is a lively dining hub accented by a mix of polished wood floors and coloured floor tiles.  Offerings from the international buffet and blackboard menus represent the restaurant’s relaxed vibe that is extended to its outdoor terrace.

Songbei Shangri-La Harbin
Songbei Shangri-La Harbin
Beneath an exposed ceiling and industrial-style interior is De Drunk’n Pig – the hotel’s specialty bar that serves an array of local and international beer, and pork dishes to share.  Its youthful take on casual chic includes distressed leather chairs, salvaged objects, drop lights and wall graffiti, making this the place to unwind after hours with the resident DJ.

The Lobby Lounge provides a gathering place for elegant afternoon high tea, light bites or all-day refreshments.

Guests searching for a more relaxed getaway can unwind at the hotel’s Health Club where a fully equipped gym, indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms are available.  Pampering treatments, drawing on traditional Chinese philosophy, at CHI, The Spa’s private suites provide a therapeutic escape with skilled therapists.

Catering to prestigious conferences and banquets are the hotel’s extensive meeting facilities including Songbei’s largest pillar-less ballroom, which covers 1,616 square metres and seats up to 1,000 guests for receptions.  An additional ballroom at 408 square metres and two function rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Hong Kong-based Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited, one of the world’s premier hotel management companies, currently operates over 95 hotels in 22 countries and 73 destinations under the Shangri-La, Kerry, Hotel Jen and Traders brands.  Prominently positioned in Asia, the group has established its brand hallmark of “hospitality from the heart” over four decades in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, North America and the Indian Ocean.  The group has a substantial development pipeline with upcoming projects in mainland China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.  For more information, please visit

Thursday, January 12, 2017

AirAsia adds more flights for Chinese New Year 2017

AirAsia will be deploying an additional 84 flights throughout the Chinese New Year 2017 period from 25 Jan to 1 Feb to selected domestic and international routes in anticipation of the strong travel demand during the festive period.

Among the routes which have additional flights are from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, Penang, Sibu and Tawau; as well as from Penang to Singapore, Kuching to Singapore and from Johor Bahru to Miri and Sibu. The additional flights are available for booking online at as well as on the airline’s mobile app on the iPhone and Android devices.

Spencer Lee, AirAsia Berhad’s Head of Commercial said: “We would like to encourage everyone to book their flights early for the upcoming Chinese New Year 2017 festive season, and we are pleased to share that we have an added capacity of 15,000 seats from 25 Jan until 1 Feb to facilitate the high demand of air travel during that period. Whether it’s a family reunion, or a quick getaway, we hope that these additional flights with our everyday low fares will help everyone to have a memorable Chinese New Year celebration.”

During the festive period and travelling peak season, all guests are encouraged to conduct self check-in via the website or on mobile devices and the kiosks at the airport; and arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to flight departure with boarding pass readily printed for a smoother and faster travel experience. For guests with baggage to check-in, it is important to note that baggage drop counters close 60 minutes before flight departure.

All guests should pre-book sufficient baggage allocation as well as their favourite inflight meals from the Santan Menu to enjoy greater savings and avoid disappointment. Guests can log on to ‘Manage My Booking’ on or the AirAsia mobile app to add more baggage allocation up to 4 hours before the scheduled time of departure; or pre-book their inflight meals from only RM10 with a complimentary beverage up to 24 hours before flight departure.

SectorsFlight No.Dates
Kuala Lumpur - SingaporeAK 9729 / AK 972126 – 27 Jan 2017
Singapore – Kuala LumpurAK 9728 / AK 972130 – 31 Jan 2017
Kuching - SingaporeAK 958130 – 31 Jan 2017
Singapore – KuchingAK 958026 – 27 Jan 2017
Penang – SingaporeAK 948530 – 31 Jan 2017
Singapore – PenangAK 948626 – 27 Jan 2017
Kuala Lumpur – TawauAK 919225 – 27 Jan and
30 Jan – 1 Feb 2017
Tawau – Kuala LumpurAK 919325 – 27 Jan and
30 Jan – 1 Feb 2017
Johor Bahru – MiriAK 903026 Jan and 31 Jan 2017
Miri – Johor BahruAK 903126 Jan and 31 Jan 2017
Johor Bahru – SibuAK 916425 – 27 Jan and
29 – 31 Jan 2017
Sibu – Johor BahruAK 916525 – 27 Jan and
29 – 31 Jan 2017
Kuala Lumpur – PenangAK 9112 / AK 9116 / AK 994225 – 27 Jan and
30 Jan to 1 Feb 2017
Penang – Kuala LumpurAK 9113 / AK 9117 / AK 994325 – 27 Jan and
30 Jan to 1 Feb 2017
Kuala Lumpur - SibuAK 924225 – 27 Jan and
30 Jan to 1 Feb 2017
Sibu – Kuala LumpurAK 924325 – 27 Jan and
30 Jan to 1 Feb 2017

Singapore Motor Show 2017

Back again for the third year in a row, the highly anticipated Singapore Motor Show 2017 aims to present a spectacular showcase for car enthusiasts with virtual reality (VR) experiences, stunt driving shows and entertainment for all ages.

Happening between January 12-15, 2017 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, visitors can look forward to show cars such as the Toyota C-HR, as well as brand new models from Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Subaru, Kia and Nissan.

For the first time at Singapore Motorshow 2017, car enthusiasts will be transported to a whole new dimension of experiences with special VR activities. Audi will be showcasing a unique walking VR experience that will allow visitors to touch and configure an Audi “live” before their eyes. Hyundai also plans to take its fans on an immersive journey with an “experiential corner” which will allow them to learn more about new products via VR gear and other interactive activities.

For lovers of all things related to cars, a section specially dedicated to car accessories and non-vehicle exhibitors will be available on level 3. A handful of non-vehicle exhibitors will be presenting their automotive accessories at the Singapore Motor Show 2017.

Singapore Motor Show 2017

Visitors can be prepared to be impressed by Russ Swift’s stunt-driving performances which will be making a return this year. Proudly sponsored by Subaru, Russ Swift’s segments are available in 1-hour timeslots throughout the 4-day event and will feature his signature jaw-dropping car stunts. Tickets for Russ Swift’s show are separate from the event’s entrance ticket and will be available free-of-charge for collection an hour before each show. Tickets will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis.

To add on to the fun, Shell will bring to all visitors the best experience ever about its technology and innovation in fuels and lubes during the 4-day event. To bring visitors better experience on the latest innovation for cars, Shell Helix PurePlus and V-Power Nitro+ will be presenting a special VR experience, coupled with a trick-eye photo corner and interactive games with attractive prizes to be won.

Singapore Motor Show 2017

Visitors to Singapore Motor Show 2017 will also stand a chance to win the all-new Subaru Impreza by participating in a lucky draw. More information can be found on the reverse of the general admission ticket.

Car buyers can also look forward to giveaways from AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. (“AIG Singapore”). They can redeem an exclusive AIG umbrella and genuine leather organiser worth up to S$120, when they book a car with AIG Singapore’s auto dealership partners.

Visitors can purchase daily tickets to the event at $6 (weekdays) and $8 (weekends) and children below 120cm in height will be allowed to enter the event for free. A limited number of special preview tickets are available at $10 per entry and will enable visitors to enter the show at 1pm on 12 January instead of 5pm when it opens to the general public. Tickets are available for purchase on-site.

Official sponsors for the Singapore Motor Show 2017 are AIG (Official Insurer), HL Bank (Official Bank), Shell Singapore (Official Automotive Lubricants & Fuels Supplier) and MediaCorp (Official Media Partner). The event is also supported by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc (JAMA). For more information on the Singapore Motorshow 2017, visit

Pioneer Road North accident video

Videos of Pioneer Road North accident have been uploaded on Facebook, showing the accident from two different angles. Both taken from a car's dashcam, the video shows a hurling through some trees, narrowly missing a double-decker public bus and ploughed through a road divider, hitting a car. The first video also show the bus hitting a cyclist, a woman in her 40s. She was declared dead on scene and a man in his 60s was sent to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

The cyclist was later identified as 47-year-old Wong Lai Cheng, who was a dormitory administrator at Nanyang Technological University, had been on her way home when the accident happened on Thursday evening.

The private bus driver was arrested for causing death by a negligent act - an offence which carries a maximum penalty of two years, a fine or both.

While most netizens accused the private bus driver, some have pointed finger to the brake system. "It's quite obvious that the braking system having problem" wrote one such netizen. "It's not about moving at 50 or 70 or what so ever. If you got no brakes. You move at 10km/h also can kill dozens. If the driver did a hard turn to avoid. The bus will flip and you won't even see this video."

The driver of the white BMW that took a direct hit from the bus also told Shin Min that the bus driver apologised to him and said his brakes were spoilt.

It was around 6 pm when the accident happened. WARNING : The first video is graphic. It is also very bad that the driver of the cars do not stop after seeing a woman lying on the road.

Pioneer Road North accident video

Pioneer Road North accident video
Pioneer Road North accident
The private bus has crashed into the road divider and a car before coming to a halt. The accident killed a 47 years old woman. The bus reportedly entered a slip road, swerved right, then hit the cyclist before crashing into the cars.
Photo - The Straits Times

Where to stay in Krabi?

Receiving tens of thousands of visitors, Krabi Province along southern Thailand’s Andaman shores is not as famous as Phuket but ıt is as beautiful as Phuket. Krabi features idyllic palm-fringed beaches, sparkling waters dotted with exotic islands, elephant trekking, rock climbing, fantastic dive sites, many water sports activities, a wide range of hotels and resorts and Thai and western dining. In terms of a travel destination in Thailand Krabi is fairly new, and this is one of its main advantage. It is less developed and spoilt compared to Phuket.

Not many people know that the iconic Phi Phi Islands are within Krabi Province’s jurisdiction. Phi Phi offers not only breathtaking beauty, but hedonistic nightlife, and great scuba diving and snorkeling as well. But Phi Phi just one of many great holiday destinations in Krabi. The 160 km coastline is a veritable treasure trove of natural delights, and even Krabi Town itself has a quirky attraction to it. You can find a colorful night life in Ao Nang and Koh Phi while Railay Beach is a must-visit experience.

Here we will look at some places you can stay in Krabi. Instead of going to individual Krabi hotel recommendation, we will look at some major towns, beaches and islands you can stay in Krabi.

Krabi Town

Krabi, a modest-sized town of about 20,000 inhabitants, is one of the oldest settlements in Thailand, with roots going back thousands of years to when it was a ‘kraal’ containing mainly elephants. Of course the only reminders of this rich history are natural sites such as Tiger Cave, but the town itself retains an undeniable, almost timeless rural charm. The Krabi River, running through the town, also adds to the allure with a riverside market, guesthouses, restaurants and atmospheric cafés. For shopping, Krabi Town does not particularly shine, but it does have interesting textile shops, fresh markets and several large stores on its outskirts. An early evening relaxing stroll through its streets will reveal its laid-back and unassuming personality.

For hotels with their prices, customer reviews and available discounted room rates, you can visit Krabi hotels page.

Where to stay in Krabi? - Krabi Map
Krabi Map
Ao Nang

Beachside, bustling and directly aimed at the tourist market, Ao Nang is changing monthly. By road, Ao Nang is 20 minutes from Krabi Town and Klong Muang Beach, and a minute or two from Noppharat Thara Beach. Via the sea, Railay’s beaches (including Ton Sai) and a grab bag of small intimate islands are mere minutes away. Ao Nang has a decent nightlife and quite a few reputable restaurants, and it’s possible to walk from one end of town to the other. Several clusters of bars provide different ambience, with the newly renovated Center Point on Beach Road at the town’s nightlife nexus. Shopping is a relaxed affair here, with good boutiques lining the road out to Noppharat Thara Beach.

For hotels with their prices, customer reviews and available discounted room rates, you can visit Krabi Ao Nang hotels page.

Railay Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Thailand, Railay’s distinct craggy and striking appearance is etched on many a visitors’ memory. The distinctive limestone cliffs that form the boundaries of the beach are excellent for rock climbing and the area plays host to many climbing schools. In just one small peninsula, you’ll find gorgeous white-sand beaches, soaring limestone cliffs, viewpoints, caves and a lagoon hidden inside the cliffs, shaped and fed by the changing tides. And all within walking distance. Because it is only accessible from the sea, the area has a mysterious allure that is only heightened come sunset. Railay is not a shopping destination and the only vehicles you’ll encounter there are bicycles and hotel golf buggies.

For hotels with their prices, customer reviews and available discounted room rates, you can visit Krabi Railay Beach hotels page.

Railay Beach Krabi Thailand
Railay Beach Krabi Thailand
Koh Phi Phi

Iconic, unique and an idyllic party hub, Koh Phi Phi is a love-it-or-hate-it sort of place. Its undeniable beauty belies the fact that the place turns into party central at night, with groups of inebriated (and usually young) visitors on noisy pub crawls. By day, however, its beaches are iconic, with nodding palms providing shade, by turquoise waters and talcum-white sand. The island’s many day visitors tend to lend the illusion that the place is busier than it really is and at night, away from the nightlife areas, Phi Phi is a place where you could be tempted to spend the rest of your days. A major scuba diving departure point, and featuring good restaurants and colourful shopping, Phi Phi is certainly an unforgettable holiday experience.

For hotels with their prices, customer reviews and available discounted room rates, you can visit Koh Phi Phi hotels page.

Nopparat Thara Beach

Nopparat Thara Beach is located 18km west of Krabi Town and is adjacent to Ao Nang. This quiet beach lies within the Hat Noppharat Thara-Koh Phi Phi National Park and features a three-kilometre long sandy stretch lined by casuarina trees. Like most of Krabi’s beaches, you won’t find miles of deckchairs and beach umbrellas, so buy a beach mat and find the perfect spot. It’s also possible at low tide to walk from the beach across to Koh Kao Pak Klong Island in the bay. It’s popular with local Thai picnickers and those who like to swim eat and laze in the sun. The northern end has good seafood restaurants, while the southern extreme, bordering Ao Nang, has some nightlife.

For hotels with their prices, customer reviews and available discounted room rates, you can visit Krabi Nopparat Thara Beach hotels page.

Klong Muang and Tubkaak Beaches

Klong Muang Beach is situated 12km north of Ao Nang and is, to say the least, a tranquil hideaway. Its natural rustic beauty marries well with the tranquility of the area, and for a slice of ‘real’ Thailand it is hard to beat. Shopping, dining and nightlife here are all decidedly modest but that’s the very charm of the place. Tubkaak Beach, a 20-minute drive from Ao Nang and 30km from Krabi Town, is even more remote and enjoys soft white sand and a sense of peacefulness that is hard to imagine without actually experiencing it. The islands that make up the fantastic Koh Hong archipelago can be seen from the beach. You can get a
closer look on a daytrip around the islands. There is no nightlife or shopping at Tubkaak Beach.

Where to stay in Bangkok?

Cultural phenomenon, shopping haven and tourist treasure Bangkok is one of the most cosmopolitan, contrasting and, above all, compelling of Asian cities. A steamy, pulsating, yet smiling metropolis of more than ten million souls – intense at first, but addictive as anything. You can find your niche among dazzling temples, hotels of every type and size, eclectic markets, gleaming palaces, ritzy shopping malls, a famous
nightlife and the many things in between. Enjoy a memorable dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River. Bask in the city’s warm, affluent glow at a skyscraping rooftop bar. Experience all the things – a tuk-tuk ride, a ladyboy show, Muay Thai (kickboxing) match, Thai massage – everyone always comes home talking about.

Bangkok has a tropical monsoon climate and holds claim to being the hottest city in the world. Sitting close to the equator, it is both hot and humid in equal measure, is unrelenting simply because it doesn't cool
significantly at night. The period between April and May is the steamiest (avg. 25-35° C). The Southwest monsoons arrive between May and October, and with it pouring rain and thunderstorms – for many, though, this is a welcome respite.

We will answer where to stay in Bangkok by introducing them main areas people stay in the city. Most popular and convenient are the areas around rail based public transportation stations like BTS Skytrain because the traffic in the city is just awful.


The longest road in Thailand, both it and its many adjoining 'sois' (sub-streets) are poor on traditional tourist attractions but rich in of-the-minute shopping, eating and nightlife. While there are touches of 'Thai-ness' on every corner, the many fashionable restaurants, bars, air-conditioned malls, luxury hotels and hip clubs give the area a distinctly modern, cosmopolitan, aspirational flavour. Some of the city's most ‘sinful’ spots, red-light districts Nana Plaza (Soi 4) and Soi Cowboy (off Soi 23) are also found here. The elevated Skytrain (BTS) helps make exploring its daunting options incredibly easy.

For hotels in Sukhumvit, their room prices, customer reviews as well as deals and discounts check Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel page.

Bangkok Sukhumvit
Bangkok Sukhumvit
Siam is the place which is nearest to be considered as central Bangkok. It is also unquestionably the centre of shopping in Bangkok, home to some of the city's most popular and important shopping centres like MBK Center, Siam Discovery Center, Siam Center, and Siam Paragon. Within Siam Square itself, there is a wide range of shops and services, including restaurants, cafés, designer clothing boutiques, record stores, cinemas, bookshops, a Hard Rock Cafe, hotels and banks. Shoppers vary, from young-aged school and college students to office workers, trend-setting city dwellers and, of course, throngs of tourists.

For hotels in Siam, their room prices, customer reviews as well as deals and discounts check Bangkok Siam Hotel page.

Bangkok MBK Center
Bangkok MBK Center
Silom means windmill. This area was a largem empty, swamp-like field with a tall windmill in the middle. Today, Silom is one of the city's most important financial districts with many bank headquarters, financial institutions and office buildings. Fine hotels, smaller type malls and great restaurants abound in the area too -and then of course there's the infamous nightlife scene of Patpong.

For hotels in Silom, their room prices, customer reviews as well as deals and discounts check Bangkok Silom Hotel page.

Bangkok's riverside is where its historic roots lie; the traditional heartland of this magical city with origins that read like an epic novel – complete with fallen and rising Kingdoms, heroes and traitors. One of the most fascinating and scenic areas of Bangkok, the riverside reflects a constantly changing scene day and night; water-taxis ferrying commuters and heavily laden rice barges chugging upstream, set against a backdrop of glittering temples and palaces, historical landmarks and luxury, five-star hotels. Despite some condominiums and corporate towers that have risen from the river banks over the past decade or so, the area has retained its unique identity, exclusiveness and seductive charm.

For hotels in Riverside, their room prices, customer reviews as well as deals and discounts check Bangkok Riverside Hotel page.

Khao San and Old City
The Old City (Rattanakosin) is where you'll find Bangkok's most spectacular and revered historical attractions, among them The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho. Not only part of the Kingdom's rich past, but intrinsic to it, a day or two spent exploring here will give you a deep insight into the heart, soul and psyche of the Thai people. Part of the Old City, Khao San’s 500-metre long strip – dubbed backpacker’s street – is jam-packed with budget guesthouses, internet cafés, swanky bars and clubs, restaurants, massage parlours, travel agents, bookshops, market stalls, tattoo shops and much, much more. Once, Khao San was one of the 3 "K"s only adventurous visitors came in the Far East : Khao San, Katmandu and Kuta (Bali).

For hotels in Khao San and Old City, their room prices, customer reviews as well as deals and discounts check Bangkok Khao San Road Hotel and Rattanakosin Hotels page.

Packed with market stalls, street-side restaurants, shrines, Chinese medicine stores and probably the greatest concentration of gold shops in the city, Chinatown is an experience not to miss. After sunset, the entire strip becomes a food haven for new-generation gourmands who flock here to explore the vibrant street-side cuisine. The energy that oozes from its endless rows of wooden shop-houses is plain contagious – it will keep you wanting to come back for more. Plan your visit during major festivals, like Chinese New Year and the annual vegetarian festival in October, and you will see Bangkok Chinatown at its best.

For hotels in Chinatown, their room prices, customer reviews as well as deals and discounts check Bangkok Chinatown Hotel page.

Sarah Song praises fitness of Louis Cheung and Shawn Yue tells Jason Chan to learn from them

Hong Kong actress beauty queen Sarah Song (宋熙年) and  British-born Hong Kong actor and television presenter Jason Chan (陳智燊) were recently in an event and they were complaining that they had gained weight because of their busy and unpredictable work schedules and cold weather.

Jason Chan revealed that Sarah praises Louis Cheung's (張繼聰) and Hong Kong actor and singer Shawn Yue's (余文樂)  fit bodies and keeps telling him to learn from them.

Since 2009, 39 years old Jason Chan is rumored to be dating 2007 Miss Chinese International winner Sarah Song, who lives at different towers within the same residential complex. 10 August 2014, Sarah had posted a photo of herself and Jason Chan. The two were on a dinner together as a celebration of Sarah Song's 29th birthday. In the photo, the sweet couple were smiling happily as the former Miss China International contestant wraps her hand across the Jason's shoulders.

Sarah Song captioned her photo, saying, "Thank you for another birthday. More wonderful birthdays ahead...but hopefully not wrinkles." This post was then regarded by the public as her confirmation that she is in fact in a relationship with Jason Chan.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sky Premium Presents The Good Life At Its Soft Launch Opening

Sky Premium celebrated the soft launch opening of their membership services club on 11 November 2016 at Me@OUE. Showcasing new stellar brand partners on board, Sky Premium unveiled their membership services club in two interactive performances with over 200 guests including local personalities and socialites. Distinguished guests included Sky Premium's two panel advisors, Allan Wu, renowned celebrity in Southeast Asia; and fashion-forward lawyer, Tan Min-Li.

After a welcome introduction by Sky Premium's General Manager, Margaret Koh, guests heard from Allan Wu and Tan Min-Li about the unparalleled lifestyle experiences represented by Sky Premium's four core pillars of luxury in Travel, Wine & Dine, Wellness and Shopping. The membership services club aims to be the prime platform to revive untapped destinations, harnessing the collective efforts of more than 75 brand partners globally, including Antarctica XXI, Royal African Discoveries and renting of opulent villas in Italy.

Immersing in an evening of The Good Life, guests were delighted with an 'iPad Magician Display' followed by an immersive shadow dance performance presented in a highly avant-garde fashion. The iPad Magician enthralled guests with innovative illusions to reveal the key into Sky Premium's offerings. The shadow dance performance, titled 'The Good Life', depicted the brand's story through an intentional display of the everyday layman in various sequences and the endless possibilities as a member.

Sky Premium's General Manager - Margaret Koh, with Panel Advisors -
Allan Wu and Tan Min-Li at the soft launch opening
Margaret Koh, General Manager, Sky Premium: "Being in a country where so much of our time is perplexed by the turbulences in our daily lives, the power and beauty of Sky Premium creates a boundless source of sanctuary for anyone to rejuvenate in the good life experiences all over the world, co-opt by our esteemed brand partners. We're excited to officially welcome members into the club and journey along life's memorable experiences".

Sky Premium is officially open for membership. At an annual fee of $1,200, new members are pampered with a welcome package worth more, including a 1 gram certified gold ingrained membership card. Individuals can sign up via the Sky Premium website, by calling their customer service team at (+65)65330000 or at Sky Premium's events. More information, visit

Bangkok Night Life : Red Light Districts

Bangkok has developed a very nice night life scene completely apart from plain old sex tourism in the past decade. Still it is not secret that many men travel here mainly this type of tourism in mind. In Bangkok, sex industry catering to foreigners are concentrated in 3 areas: Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Nana Plaza. Patpong is probably the most famous one of these because this is the place where all naughty night experience has started. Probably the best and "family friendly", if you can say that, of these is Soi Cowboy. Nana Plaza is definitely a place to avoid if you are just going to there to see not do.

Here is a short Bangkok nightlife guide for the naughty side of Bangkok. Before heading to these red light districts, read our tips and warnings section at the end of this article!

Soi Cowboy
This place is named after an Afro-american dude who has opened a bar here and always walked around with a cowboy hat. Soi Cowboy is much calmer than Patpong and Nana Plaza and have a carnival mood (there were elephants on the road in the past). The street and 20 something go-go bars here are mostly packed with Japanese and Caucasian tourists and expats in Bangkok. These bars offer a platform in middle on which girls dance with bikini and occasionally fully naked. Entrance is free to these bars and it is quite acceptable to just watch. All dancers and most waiters here are sex workers and if you are into it, you can just take them out with a bar fine.

Most popular customers for sex workers here are Japanese and old uncles. I thing this is because they are much nicer and generous than almost always drunk young Caucasians. Most popular of all go-go bars in Soi Cowboy is Baccara at the end of the street. This is place is so popular that you cannot go in without buying your first drink and you are always fed with alcohol in the bar. Thanks to Japanese demand, it is quite expensive inside (both drinks and girls).

Deja Vu A Go-Go, Kiss A Go-Go ve Midnite Go go are some other popular bars here. You can simply access Soi Cowboy on foot from Skytrain Asok Station.

If you would also like to stay around this location, you can take a look at Bangkok Soi Cowboy Hotels or hotels near Bangkok Asok Skytrain Station pages.

Bangkok Night Life : Red Light Districts
Bangkok Night Life : Red Light Districts
Nana Plaza
This 3 storey plaze on Sukhumvit Soi 4 can be accessed from Skytrain Nana Station on foot. Nana Entertainment Plaza is much more commercial sex oriented than Soi Cowboy and Patpong.

The entrance floor is full of bars but the main attraction is at Level 1. Although there are bars here full of only lady boys, most go-go bars cater to man looking for women. Probably the most popular of all bars here are G-Spot, Cassanova, Temptations and Rainbow 4. Rainbow 4 has a Japanese theme (Thai women with Japanese makeup and hair do) and looks like invaded by Japanese tourists till the end of the world.

For hotels and accomodation around this area, take a look at hotels near Bangkok Nana BTS Skytrain Station page.


Red Light District aspect of Bangkok Night Life has started here. You can access Patpong  from Sala Daeng Station on BTS Skytrain Silom Line or Silom Station on MRT Blue Line on foot. Patpong has 2 parellel streets : Patpong 1 and Patpong 2.

Patpong is famous with its go-go bars and ping pong shows. Best known of the 3 red light districts.

Bangkok red light district tips:
  • Never enter a bar or any establishment which is not on the street level. This is the most important rule to stay safe and away from scams.
  • Never let one of those men on the street to direct you to any establishment. Read from internet first and decide where you will visit and just visit those bars.
  • One of the most dangerous mix in the world for a man is alcohol and woman and both are constantly pushed in Bangkok's Red Light Districts. Many men who even goes there to just sightseeing end up in commercial sex because of alcohol worse usually unprotected.
  • And the last but not the least: Stay away from commercial sex in Thailand. People from around the world come here for sex and many do it without condom. Just imagine what kind of nasty STD strains are roaming through those shiny neon lights and attractive bodies. I do not want to be a party breaker here but better read HIV and STD blogs before then after.
  • If you will not listen to our previous advise, at least bring your condom with you, correctly use them (learn how to use them correctly before heading to there) and do not drink at all.
  • Also if you will "do" it anyway, never ever do it with a street walker. Although the rules are not very tight, many girls and boys in the bars still go to some STD checkup once in 1 or 3 months. And if one gets HIV, he/she is usually kicked out of a bar. Where do you think they end up? On the streets.
  • And do not shop in Patpong Night Market. It is quite expensive there.