Saturday, December 27, 2014

Frugal living in Singapore

Singapore is expensive and a difficult place to live frugal. On the other hand since it is expensive, it is important to live frugal in Singapore. If you live here long enough and are not on a fat expat package, you will (be forced to ) find ways to live frugal in Singapore. But for new comers, I have compiled a short list of money saving tips for new comers:

Rent the smallest possible place  - A new comer to Singapore usually rents. And thanks to his/her friendly property agent or the places he looks first (i.e. expats in Singapore web sites) they over-rent. If you are single and do not need a lot of space, you can rent a room instead of a whole house.

Rent public house not a condo - Thanks to the run down conditions of central public houses and lack of experience combined with the shyness of being in a new country, many also tend to rent a condo unit or room. Indeed, many new comers do not know that they can rent in public housing estates with a valid work pass. There are many very good HDB's in Singapore which comes with usually 60% rental price of the cheapest condo. You can basically rent a 1,000 sqft, 4 room, less than 10 years old HDB flat instead of squeezing yourself in a condominium studio (HDB 4 room flat in most cases will be cheaper).

Cook your own food - Do not follow the "eat-out" culture of Asia too long. Cooking at home is still much cheaper than eating in food courts and in most cases it is much healthier (although food courts are hygienic because of high cost of business in Singapore they tend to use the cheapest of the oil and not the best of the ingredients).

Shop online - Retail rent is expensive and brick-and-mortar shops will fully pass it to you. In the past decade you could be able to find everything online such as Amazon (free ships to Singapore), Lazada, Zalora, QOO10. This item is here because a significant number of us comes from countries where online shopping is relatively underdeveloped and unreliable. In Singapore, it is developed and usually reliable.

This is a short money savings tips list for frugal living in Singapore for new comers.
Do not smoke - Smoking kills and in Singapore it also burns your pocket. If you are smoking, this is a great place to stop it. Seriosly, I have seen many people stopped smoking in Singapore and indeed I am one of them.

Eat less meat - This is not only healthy, it is also quite cheap because the meat, especially the beef, comes from Australia and is expensive here.

Number 1 site in Singapore for education - Learning Courses

Most of us almost never think of further education in Singapore after we graduate from the main stream schools. Life usually weights in with its responsibilities such as a demanding job and family. Laziness also kicks in with the difficulty of finding a suitable something to do in the later years.

Most of us also think that after education courses are expensive, time consuming and difficult to find. But this is usually not the case. There are many further education courses in many areas and with short course hours. They also do not cost arms and legs. There are many cooking classes, dancing lessons, yoga sessions and arts classes falling into this category. Yes, you may have thought of a long term night class or online university for further education but now as the parent of yourself, you can take many small classes to learn something new, have a new hobby or even to learn something to start your side business.

Courses are everywhere but it requires some search to find them. In Singapore for example just googling gives many course ideas but plain google search is not refined enough. There is a better option though : Learning Courses web site. Learning Courses is the biggest directory of courses in Singapore and lists many courses such as Cooking classes, Dancing lessons, Photography courses, Professional Diplomas, Computer Classes, Coffee Brewing sessions, Make Up courses, Google Adwords, Marketing events, SEO courses, Golf lessons, Yoga sessions, Photoshop courses, Swimming lessons, Arts classes and many others.

Learning Courses does not offer these courses directly. Instead it is a listing for the courses. If you are also conducting a course in Singapore and want to list it in this directory, you can simply go to the web page and submit a new course.

Search for courses in Singapore
Learning Courses is Singapore's number 1 site for education.
In short, has got every kind of course listed out there. From baking to diplomas to photography to yoga classes. Just name a course in Singapore and you will probably find one there. What I suggest is also scroll through the courses without any filter to find a new and interesting course which you may have never thought of but would love to have. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hokey Pokey Playground in Singapore

The Seletar Mall has just opened its doors and made Senkang area a little more colorful. Last week when we were walking in B1 level of the mall, we have realized that there is a nice playground for young kids. Next day my wife took our 22 months old daughter to there and since then our daughter has been there 3 times.

This new playground named Hokey Pokey is for kids below 6 years old. There are a lot of toys and nice slides with ball pools for the kids to play safely. One of the best thing about it is that there are not a lot of big kids to knock your little one down while running around :)

The company is the brainchild of 5 Singapore mothers who looked for suitable toddler gyms in Singapore but at the end they could not find the perfect one. Luckily instead of only complaining about these places like rest of us, they have decided to create the dream place for the toddler.

Monday to Friday, it is unlimited entry and 26 SGD for non-members and 16 SGD for members. We decided to bring our daughter more often so we have paid 56 SGD for 1 year membership. In weekends each entry is limited to 2 hours.

Unlike some other playgrounds we have tried in Singapore, Hokey Pokey playground is quite safe so I can simply let her run around while sitting somewhere inside or just outside, The place is also rich with toys and there are two small pianos for the young ones two play.

Hokey Pokey currently has two playgrounds in Singapore, one is in Millenia Walk and the other one is in Senkang. We have heard that Millenia Walk is bigger so we will give it a try this weekend.

Hokey Pokey playground is a very nice toddler gym and offers a very safe environment with lots of toys.
You can visit this Singapore playground's website at Hokey Pokey Playground. There is also a Hokey Pokey Facebook page.  

Saturday, November 22, 2014

NorthPark Residences Singapore

A very popular condominium type for the past few years is integrated development projects where the residential condominium units sit on top of a shopping mall. This allows the home owners to access many shops, supermarkets, dinning and entertainment establishments easily while keeping relatively peaceful enviroment elevated high on the ground. For investors, units in these developments are also quite attractive because they are very popular and convenient for tenants.

One such condominium project is the upcoming NorthPark Residences in Yishun central. The 13 floor, 12 block property project will sit on the top of upcoming NorthPoint City, the second shopping mall in Singapore. And more over, it will be also right next to the existing NorthPoint Shopping center. The Yishun MRT Station and bus interchange will also be walking distance away.

The suburban location is great as the Yishun MRT Station on the Red Line (North South MRT Line) offers direct access to Singapore's Central Business District and the suburban location offers a peaceful place to live. 99 years leasehold condominium North Park Residences will receive its TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) in 2018. The Yishun condo will have 12 blocks with 920 units ranging from Studio (430 sqft) to 5 bedroom (1,431 sqft). A 50 meter lap pool, gym, hot spa, water cabana and dinning lounge will be some of the facilities the development offers.

For those who own their own car, major expressways like CTE/SLE and the upcoming North-South Expressway are very accessible.
NorthPark Residences condominium project will sit on the top of upcoming
Yishun shopping mall, NorthPoint City.
Northpoint Residences Launch Soon. To learn more about this exiting Singapore condominium and integrated development project. you can visit North Park Residences & North Point City page  on

About My Singapore Condo
My Singapore Condo is a web site focused on new condo launches in Singapore serving to those planning to invest in Singapore real estate and property as well as people who would like to sell their Singapore property. Visit the web site at  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Courses in Singapore - Learning Courses Directory

Are you planning to take up a new skill, socialize more or simply bored? Then you should start to taking up a course where you can have some meaningful time. But if you are planning to do so, do not start "googling" around or look for advertisements in the magazines and newspaper. There is a better way : a directory of courses in Singapore, Learning Courses.

Learning Courses is Singapore’s No. 1 site for learning new courses. It offers the largest collection of courses in Singapore. From cooking, dancing, photography, tailor, knitting, computer, coffee brewing, make up to Google Adwords, marketing, golf, yoga, photoshop, survival, hat making, pottery, self defense. You name it and you will probably find is here! The site indeed aims to be a place where you can find all courses in Singapore.

All the courses are listed with details like the address, price as well as topics covered. There are many type of courses listed : from professional level courses with thousands of dollars fees to short and hobby-type courses for a few hundred Singapore dollars. For example, there is a "Diploma in Wellness + SPA Management" course for 8,239 SGD as well as a 25 SGD "Sushi Bento Course for Kids". So if you are looking for a serious career training or an opportunity for your child to have fun and learn something, this is the address to look at.

Courses in Singapore - Learning Courses Directory
Learning Courses is a directory of courses in Singapore where you can find many courses ranging
from professional career classes to small hobby sessions.
If you are providing a course and want to list it here, you can also submit a course to make it more accessible. Learning Courses Singapore is at You can also follow them in Facebook at Learning Courses Facebook Page.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Find the best happy hours in Singapore

In Singapore dinning and winning can be very expensive especially if the winning part is a bigger portion of your night out. To maximize the pleaseure per value, I usually try to follow up the happy hours. But I was doing this the old fashioned way; subscribing to mailing lists of favorite venues, regularly checking different venues and simply googling "happy hour in Singapore" to fish for happy hours.

If you are following this route the chances are that you will miss many great happy hour offers. I even missed the ones I get in mails because they simply may hide behind a lot of mails. Not any more (there is a reason I use past tense :)).

I discovered HappyHour Singapore, a blog that has entries about happy hours in Singapore. if you are looking for a great bar to go out and look for a great deal for dinning and winning in Singapore, you should definitely visit the site. This way you will not miss a promo of your favorite bar again and save dollars. Plus, you will also have a chance to discover great places for a night out in Singapore.

HappyHour Singapore has a simple and easy to use design. Each happy hour is an entry where you will find information about the bar, location and the happy hour deal.

Find the best happy hours in Singapore
Find the best happy hours in Singapore
HappyHour Singapore is at You can also follow them on Facebook at Happy Hour Singapore Facebook page. The blog is updated frequently so you should check frequently for the deals. An app and at least a mailing list would be handy so you would get notifications about the latest deals.

UPDATE : HappyHours Singapore now has a very nice app which allows you to find the happy hour deals as well as the best bars in Singapore.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Introduction to Qlik Sense in Singapore

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization software provider Qlik has recently introduced its brand new product, Qlik Sense, and as a Qlik partner, Knowledge Management Solutions is starting a series of apps build events in the upcoming months to introduce this exiting new product.

Known as "Build Your First Data Visualization Dashboard in half-day", this 4 hours free Qlik Sense introduction offers a hands-on experience with this new self-service Business Intelligence solution. Qlik Sense free desktop application will be used in the session so there is not license cost at all.

The apps build session is on 14th November 2014 between 10:00 AM and 14:00 PM and will cover a hands-on session where you will build your first Qlik Sense Business Intelligence Dashboard with a Qlik Sense expert. See below for details and to register.

Build Your First Data Visualization Dashboard in half-day!
Data Analytics with Qlik Sense

You are invited to join Knowledge Management Solutions Pte Ltd for Data visualization by Qlik Sense Desktop Session.

The hands-on approach allows you to build a Qlik Sense application that integrates real data from several different sources and presents it in dashboards, analyses and reports.  Qlik Sense Business Intelligence dashboards allow organizations to analyze data quickly.  Its intuitive user interface means there’s no need for canned reports, dashboard widgets, or templates to get started. Through Qlik Sense’s disruptive, in-memory associative approach, business users have experiences unprecedented success and satisfaction.

Qlik Sense
Who should attend?
Business people, General Managers, Analysts, Operations Managers, IT Managers, HR Managers, Finance Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Service Managers, etc.

What you will learn during the hands-on session:
You will build your first Qlik Sense Business Intelligence Dashboard.

This training will be provided by our key consultants who on average have more than 15 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Seats are limited hence we encourage you to register early to secure your seat(s).

Date: 14th November 2014 (Let us know if this date does not work for you. We will inform you for the next event).
Time: 10 am to 2 pm (registration starts at 9:45 am)

Venue:  1091 Lower Delta Road #03-01/02 Singapore 169202
1. Introduction to Qlik Sense Business Intelligence
2. Create your Business Intelligence Application with Qlik Sense
Tea Break
3. Data extraction from different sources
4. Data modeling
5. Design of graphs and charts
6. Build your advanced dashboard (Analytics and Reporting)

If you would like to join us kindly send an email to with your name, designation, company, and official email and phone details or click below to register.

Qlik Sense has been launched on September 17th 2014 a few months after its free desktop application was released. Qlik Sense is built on the QIX Associative Data Indexing engine, the second generation of Qlik’s proven and patented engine technology. Associative data engine leaves data associations to Qlik Sense platform which frees users from IT stuff like writing queries or connecting filters and charts with each other. On top of this, Qlik Sense also offers a drag-and-drop application development environment which allows business users to develop their small to medium size BI applications without relying too much on it.

Below you can watch an introduction video.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Top Things Needed by a Successful Entrepreneur

Everyone’s favourite line is to succeed. People exist not only to live but to achieve the peak of their triumphs. Like business men, investors, or entrepreneur they chose to be in the business industry not only they want it but because they want to earn more money.

To be a successful person will not be easily given in your hands, unless you are already successful since birth. Even if you are successful or not, you still have to be more equipped with knowledge in the business strategies. As part of progressing world, you should also be productive as a business entrepreneur. Some of the business experts suggest providing your business with online networking that can accommodate online users of customers.

Top Things Needed by a Successful Entrepreneur
Top Things Needed by a Successful Entrepreneur
The top 3 things needed by every entrepreneur are the following:

1. Logo - if you want your business to be easily recognized it will be important to design your logo. It is a symbol or graphic mark typically used by different companies, corporations, or a single entity to have public acknowledgment. There are several types of logo you can decide on using.

Emblem – it is a type of logo design wherein the logo covers the name of company inside the design. Some of well-known companies use this type.

Iconic or symbolic way – it embodies the company in a very simple and bold style. Specifically, it is in an abstract form. Most of the companies use simple logo that can easily be recognized.
Letter Mark-mostly the letter marks is printed. The use of symbol can identify the company by means of using brand or company’s initials. Some of the business owners prefer to use this type of logo to make the name shorter.

Combination Mark – this type of logo is a combination of symbolic or iconic manner and word mark type. They give the brand name as well as their symbol altogether.

Word Mark – this one of the most creative ways that can give the right spell of the name of brand or company.

2. Name Card - contains not only with one type of card but all the business cards. It has a smaller size that contains name of the owner or company and other contact information. Name card may differ in some features depending on the company’s choice of design and style.

3. Website - it can be in a simplest or most complex manner. It plays a crucial role in every individual who are using different online sites. It provides you to be in the different sites. It is one factor that a businessman should comply. Website has more advantage to link with other people who can probably one of your clients. It is the best way to have access with other networking sites that may help you for the progress of your business.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to easily succeed, you have to consider those 3 important things. Do not wait for the time you might lose your business, start working with your business logo, name cards and websites. For the assurance of your expenses, look for a professional company that can give you their most effective and expert both in web and graphic designing.

"Top Things Needed by a Successful Entrepreneur" is originally published at make8nice’s Blog.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Singapore Used Car Dealer - Absolute Motors

At the end of 10-year COE (certificate of entitlement), a used car owner in Singapore should usually decide to scrap the vehicle or to export the vehicle. Singaporean car owners can either scrap the car themselves, get someone to do it or simply sell it to a car dealer who will either scrap the car or export the vehicle (another option is to buy another car and trade in the old car).

Selling your used car to a used car dealer / used car exporter located in Singapore is the best option. This cuts a lot of work on the owners side (such as complicated deregistration process) since all he/she has to do is to get quotations from various exporters and evaluate which is better.

If you are one such Singapore used car owner and looking for your options to scrap or export your car in Singapore, one good alternative to consider is Absolute Motors. This Singapore used car dealer is a direct exporter of used cars rather than a local dealer or 3rd party car broker; they will handle all aspects of scrapping your car or exporting your car. Since they are direct exporters to overseas markets , you can cut middleman and by doing so would also mean higher monetary return.

The company is one of Singapore’s top leading exporters of used cars and exports wide range of quality used vehicles and vehicle parts from Singapore ranging from Sedan, hatchback, SUV, MPV, commercial trucks and many more.

Absolute Motors do deregistration and submit disposal documents on used car owner’s behalf.   They do collection of the car at preferred location. Since they are direct exporters to overseas market and do not deal with middle man you would have a chance to experience smoother transaction and better pricing.

Singapore Used Car Dealers | Singapore Used Car Exporter - Absolute Motors
Absolute Motors  exports wide range of quality used vehicles and vehicle parts from Singapore ranging from Sedan, hatchback, SUV, MPV, commercial trucks and many more. 

Absolute Motors is located at 1 Kakit Bukit Road 2 #02-08, Eunos Warehouse Complex Singapore 417835. For companies Facebook, please refer to Absolute Motors Facebook page.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for information only and should not be considered as investment / better earnings and returns advice. For the best price for your car, do your own market search.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kuala Lumpur explosion in Bukit Bintang area injured 14

An explosion in in front of a pub at Sun Complex in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur injured 13 people including Singaporean, Thai and Chinese tourists and killed 1 Malaysian. The explosion, resulted from a grenade, happened at 4:25 AM and killed Malaysian car jockey Tiong Kwang Yie, 36. Although military grade grenades were used, police says there is no link to terrorism. According to The Star Online, police believes gang fighting is behind the Kuala Lumpur bomb explosion.
City deputy CID chief Asst Comm Khairi Ahrasa said gangsters could have been behind the explosion, believed to be from grenades, but police are investigating the case from all angles. 
A car jockey was seriously injured in the blast and is under intensive care at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. At least 13 others, were injured in the blast and have been warded at Hospital Kuala Lumpur and the nearby Tung Shin Hospital.[1]
According to the witness accounts, two explosive objects were thrown at the scene from the second floor of a building. One of them landed under a car and exploded. The other, which landed under a Toyota Camry, did not explode.[2] The Rakyat Post reports that at the time of explosion, the victims were exiting the entertainment outlet in the complex.[3]

Jalan Bukit Bintang is a major road in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a popular shopping strip providing access to the eponymous neighbourhood Bukit Bintang.

Malaysia has strict arms and guns control. When even shootings are rare, how someone can get military grade grenade in Malaysia is a question to be answered.

Police at the Kuala Lumpur explosion site
Police at the Kuala Lumpur explosion site
Two Singaporeans, two Chinese nationals and a Thai national are among the 13 people injured. Singaporean Wong Kim Teng suffered minor injuries on the lower parts of his legs.[4]

[1] - Police: Gangland fighting behind Bukit Bintang bomb blast
[2] - Several injured in Bukit Bintang bomb blast
[3] - Pre-dawn blast in Jalan Bukit Bintang leaves 10 injured
[4] - Singaporean in Bukit Bintang blast suffers minor leg injuries

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beautiful silver earrings with free shipping to Singapore, an online shopping site specializes in selling high quality jewelry, offers beautiful silver earrings for free shipping to Singapore. The United States based online shopping site, which offers exclusive jewelry designs from sterling silver to gold jewelry with diamonds for every occasion,  provides free shipping to Singapore for all orders over $100 USD.

When was established, key motivation was to be the best online source of sterling silver jewelry, and to offer it at prices anyone could afford. For those who may not know what Sterling silver means : Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver. The word sterling comes from steorling whic means like a little star. Since the pure silver is too soft to make useful objects, sterling is the historical standard for things made from silver. JewelryKind sterling silver jewelry meets or exceeds jewelry standards in the U.S. and most European countries. Each jewelry piece (over 3 grams) in the online silver store includes the 925 stamp, which verifies that it is solid sterling silver.

JewelryKind sterling silver jewelry collection is unique because it is quite a rich jewelry collection and 50 unique new pieces are added each month to the site where you can find a ring, bracelet, chain, earring set, pendant, or watch that expresses your personality and taste in the most flattering way. And these silver jewelry makes unique gift for loved ones too.

Beautiful silver earrings with free shipping to Singapore
JewelryKind, a US based online jewelry shopping site, offers free shipping to Singapore.
Other than silver earrings, you can also find a rich collection of rings, pendants, neck chains, bracelets, watches and diamond jewelry in All gemstones they use are real and of high quality. Any gold jewelry that features diamonds will come with a sale certificate stamped and signed.

You can reach the silver earring set here at JewelryKind Silver Earrings page. The online store also has a Facebook page which can be accessed here : Jewelry Kind Store Facebook Page.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Udesigninkz - Personalized Gift and T Shirt Printing Singapore

There are countless online shopping opportunities in Singapore from big shopping portals to small blog-shops. You can find whatever you want in these and if you cannot, you can purchase something from a foreign portal and ship to Singapore. But whatever you buy from whichever online shop, the good will be generic. This is may be good enough for your own consumption but if you are buying a gift to someone, you may choose to personalize or customize it to make your gift special.

For individualized gifts, there is a nice Singapore online shopping web site named Udesigninkz. The company offers premium-quality personalized gifts ranging from trendy t-shirts to cool watches, snappy sunglasses, funky caps, sophisticated belts, mugs, coasters and much more. These gifts are quite cool for loved ones, a personal event, or your business.

Udesigninkz offers a variety of apparels and accessories and does not force you to any minimum order limit requirement. You use some cool tools to design your gift and make customization online. For those who does not have any idea about the design, you can simply start using their design templates.

The company uses a technique called DTG (Direct-To-Garment) Printing which involves specially designated printers that have been made specially to print on fabric. These specialized printers adjust the fabric and print the design at the exact place that it has been set too. This leaves no room for mistakes and you get the most top quality work outdone with finesse and artistry.

Udesigninkz offers a variety of apparels and accessories which you can customized by using their online tools.
Udesigninkz range of extensive products doesn’t just end at T-Shirts and custom gifts, they also offer some very exclusive and fashionable accessories. For example, the site offers chic and rakish watches for women in an assortment of colors and two elite and special designs. These quality watches are a classic emblem of style and fashion in every type of dressing.

Other than watches but Udesigninkz also offer exclusive caps in Singapore, these caps come with a cute ‘Stay Real’ Logo, made from the best material, this fashionable and trendy cap can last you a very long time.

Udesigninkz is at You can also take a look at the introduction video of the company here.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Top 10 Things to Do in Singapore

My friend Dilek recently visited Singapore before flying to Thailand for a Bangkok and Phuket trip. I requested her to compile a to-do-list in Singapore and here is what she has written:

Singapore attracts many visitors, travelers and tourists into the region combining the skyscrapers and subways of a modern, affluent city with a tropical climate, with tasty food, and good shopping malls. The culture of Singapore is composed of mainly Chinese, Indian, British, and Malay cultures. There are many things you can do in Singapore. During your first visit, you can start with these top 10 things to do in Singapore.

1. Going to Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore. It is located along Marina Bay waterfront with 3 cascading hotel towers, 2,560 rooms, Sands SkyPark, floating crystal pavilions, lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum, shops, restaurants, theaters and nightclubs. Sands SkyPark offers 360-degree views of Singapore’s skyline. You may buy tickets for Sands SkyPark Observation Deck online Observation Desk is open 7 days a week (Mon-Thurs:09:30 am-10:00pm/ Fri-Sun: 09:30 am-11:00pm).
Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Sands SkyPark is on the deck hovering at the top of 3 hotel towers

2. Riding The Singapore Flyer

Standing at 165 meters above the city, The Singapore Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel in Singapore that was constructed between 2005 and 2008. It is located near the shore of Singapore’s Marina Bay. The Flyer’s height is of a 42-storey building  and it is taller than famous London Eye. If you ride on  the world’s tallest observation wheel, you will have chance to catch the magnificent view of Singapore’s iconic and historical landmarks as well as views from the Marina Bay to the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Merlion Park, Empress Place and the Padang.

3. Going to Night Safari

The Night Safari is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. Actually it is the world’s first nocturnal zoo.(Nocturnality is an animal behavior characterized by activity during the night and sleeping during the day.) The 40-hectare park houses 1,040 animals representing 120 species, of which 29% are threatened species. The length of visit recommended is 2-3 hours. You may explore the park either walking on foot or riding on the tram. You can purchase your night safari tickets online Indeed by buying online tickets, you can save around 5%. Just visit Night Safari Park, catch the animals of the Night Safari before they go to sleep.
View from Night Safari Photo by Dileka

4. Visiting Singapore Botanic Gardens

The 150-year old Singapore Botanic Gardens attracts many visitors as well as the local residents. This Gardens has an array of botanical and horticultural attractions with a rich history and a wonderful plant collection of worldwide significance. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is the only botanic garden in the world that opens from 5 am to 12 midnight every single day of the year. Admission to the Gardens is free except for the National Orchid Garden. There are different sections at the garden. These are National Orchid Garden, Rainforest, Evolution Garden, Ginger Garden, Healing Garden, Botany Center and Tanglin Gate and Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. You can find more than 10,000 types of plants, many heritage trees, and three lakes, namely Symphony Lake, Eco-Lake and Swan Lake. Since there are many sections, you may spend 2-3 or more hours at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

5. Visiting Jurong Bird Park

Another tourist attraction in Singapore is Jurong Bird Park managed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore. Like its motto, it is Where Colour Lives. Jurong Bird Park has an area of 202,000 square meters and it is currently the world’s largest bird park in terms of number of birds, and second largest both in number of bird species and land area. There are 5,000 birds of 380 species in Jurong Bird Park. The park is separated for different exhibitions. These are Waterfall Aviary, Dinosaur Descendants, Birds of Prey, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, Jungle Jewels, Lory Loft, Hornbills & Toucans, Royal Ramble, Scarlet Ibis, Spoonbills, Penguin Coast,  World of Darkness, Pelican Cove and Parrot Paradise. Don’t be surprised, if you encounter magnificent birds in front of you while you are walking.

6. Going to Sentosa Island

You should visit Sentosa Island definitely. Sentosa is a popular island resort in Singapore and it is visited by some five million people every year. Sentosa offers a variety of attractions, museums and other facilities to provide a variety of experiences, recreation and entertainment to visitors.

7. Being at the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia

While you are in Sentosa Island, do not forget to visit The Southern Most Point of Asia. It stands at the edge of continental Asia right on Palawan Beach at Sentosa Island. It is accessible via a suspension bridge. Actually the bridge has very nice view. After you reach at the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia, you can spend some time for viewing the island.

8. Spending time at the Orchard Road

Visiting and going around Orchard Road is another suggestion. Spanning almost 2.2 kilometer-long, Orchard Road is the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore. Orchard Road is a one-way boulevard including distinctive and iconic shopping malls, restaurants and hotels. It attracts many tourists.

9. Visiting Little India

As its name promises Little India is the center for the large Indian community in Singapore. It is shopping destination for many travelers visiting Singapore. Since in Little India, Singapore, you may have chance to see many spice stores, restaurants, backpacker hostels, art galleries, sari shops and Bollywood record shops. It is known for many festivals and it is one of the most colorful and attractive places to visit in Singapore.

10. Going to Chinatown

Singapore’s Chinatown is an ethnic neighborhood featuring distinctly Chinese cultural elements and a historically concentrated ethnic Chinese population. I’m sure you will enjoy your experience in Chinatown since it is full of many little shops selling everything from plastic Buddhas to the products you name it.  Furthermore, you can purchase souvenirs from Chinatown because it is where the cheapest souvenirs are. Chinatown Heritage Centre is located in Pagoda Street and all buildings are so colorful which provides you with some great photographing opportunities.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WCKD:MAG - Singapore based online magazine for men

When it comes to online product recommendation and shopping, the Singapore is flooded with sites catering to women. But there are significantly less number of online sources catering to men. So for men, the best way to find cool stuff is to surf the internet on their own instead of going to several online sites doing this job for them.

But "less" does not mean "none". There are some online websites for men in Singapore. One of them, WCKD:MAG, is a Singapore based online magazine which is about cool and innovative stuff for men, gadgets and toys that men would desire.

WCKD:MAG lists cool, affordable and actually practical stuff for men and since the site is Singapore based,  products featured are mostly available here in Singapore (or you can buy them online and delivered here anyway).

The site also categorizes things nicely and in an easily accessible way. For example there are price categories such as below $100, $100 - $200, $200 - $300, etc (if you want to fly high there is also a $100 and above category which lists things like Zoom Electric Scooter).

Most of the stuff are catering to modern, gadget savvy men who also loves to travel and discover. There are some fun stuff listed too like this "Scratch me Kitty" a.k.a "X MAN Wolverine Claws replica" :) Although targeting mainly Singapore men, if you are planning to visit Singapore, you can take a look at the site to see what cool stuffs could be available for you in Singapore.

The site does not sells the items directly but recommends them. If you wish to purchase the items or simply find out more, the site directs you the respective sellers.

Singapore based WCKD:MAG offers reccomendations for cool and affordable stuff desired by men.

The  WCKD:MAG web site is available at You can also follow this cool site on its Facebook page at You can also follow the web site by simply entering your e-mail to Follow box (see the main page of the site).

Monday, September 22, 2014

B P International Hong Kong Hotel

I am in Hong Kong for a business trip and this time my company booked a room in B P International Hong Kong Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. The hotel has an excellent location which is right next to Kowloon Park (a large public park in Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Peninsula). It is 3 minutes walk from Jordan MTR Station and there are a lot of amenities around like a Seven-Eleven with opportunities for cheaper breakfast if you have not bought a room with breakfast. I will not be able to comment on the breakfast of the hotel because the dude in my company did not buy it!

The hotel and the rooms are clean. As in many hotels in Hong Kong, the rooms are small and the furniture are a little old. Hotels self-service laundry at 13th floor is quite handy where you can wash, dry and iron your clothes. The

One problem with the hotel is its size. The hotel is huge. And there are a lot of guests. This makes it quite crowded in every facility, Lifts are usually packed and full and occasionally you need to wait for the next lift because the one arriving is full. The hotel is also tall so try to choose a higher floor room looking towards the park because the view is quite good.

The event I am attending is in a quite high end hotel, The Mira Hong Kong. B P International Hong Kong Hotel is 5 minutes walk from this hotel and is much cheaper to stay in.

I am still staying one more day and I will update the post after I leave the hotel. It seems like a good choice if you are looking for relatively budget, central Hong Kong hotel near an MTR Station.

B P International Hong Kong Hotel
B P International Hong Kong Hotel from Kowloon Park
B P International Hotel is at 8 Austin Road, Jordan, Hong Kong. For latest room prices, price comparisons and details like customer reviews, you can check B P International Hong Kong Hotel page.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ellen Adarna nude photo leak

Ellen Adarna became the latest victim of nude photo leaks today. It seems like sexy Filipino actress of Chinese and Spanish descent has posed nude to Esquire but none of the photos would be published as they were. But some how the unedited photos have leaked online and widely shared.

Esquire Philippines issued a statement condemning the leaked photos from their shoot with Ellen Adarna.  Here is the statement in full:
“Esquire Philippines and Summit Media condemn the unauthorized distribution of photographs of Ellen Adarna that were originally taken from a shoot the magazine had staged for its April 2014 edition. She had agreed to be featured in Esquire Philippines with the understanding that no nude photographs taken of her then would be published or disseminated. The recent circulation of such sensitive photos without her (or our) knowledge or consent is in blatant violation of her privacy, and her right to dignity. We share her outrage; we are deeply angry; we will not hesitate to take the appropriate legal action.

“The images in question, staged with photographer Jake Versoza, were never used in the magazine itself, and in most cases, were never even in the possession of the magazine. The images we did use from the shoot were treated to make sure any sensitive areas were artfully covered or obscured, as had been the agreement.”

“It is apparent as well to Esquire magazine that its own rights, as well as that of photographer Jake Versoza, have been infringed. We will take the proper measured action to protect its rights. Most importantly, we urge all not to participate in the dissemination of sensitive images that were not intended for public by the one person whose rights and dignity above all else’s should be respected at this time.”

Ellen Adarna photo leak

Back in April 2014, Esquire Philippines published two versions showing Ellen Adarna naked but covered with the Esquire’s captions. But early September 17th, leaked photos of Ellen Adarna that show her completely naked were published on a Philippines gossip blog.

26 years old Ellen Adarna is an actress, comedian and model and quite famous in Philippines and Asia.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Secret of Karma

Karma (or kamma in Pali) language is one of the pillars of Buddhism yet it is one of the least understood aspect of Buddhism even by Buddhists. Karma is the result of an action with “will” and although it is similar to “cause – and – result” relationship it is different in 3 ways:

An action needs to be done by “will” to be karmic. For example if you kill a cat which jumps onto street while you are driving with normal speed and tried to avoid the cat, this killing will not create bad karma because you did not have will to kill the cat. On the other hand if you torture yourself emotionally with this accident, you are willingly harming someone (yourself) and you create bad karma.

Second, you can balance the net karma. If you have been a bad person up to now, you can start to be good and act with wisdom and if you are blessed with a long enough life, you can have net good karma from this life. But again “will” is the key here : “good” actions coming from a plain scare of the consequences of having bad karma will not erase a lot of bad karma. But a sincere remorse as a result of will to train your mind, to get rid of the mind of greed and selfishness will create huge positive karma.

And third, the consequences of karma can be seen in this life or in the next life(s). So some really bad things happening to good people may be a result of their karma coming from their past lifes.
Many people only know the actions with bad karma and the actions with good karma. But there is also something which is not well known: actions with no karma. The ultimate goal of Buddhism is to attend to a state of mind where actions generate no karma. Actions with good karma are needed to stay in the favorable realms of samsara like human beings and deities.  Only from these planes of existence one can rise to nirvana.  And for nirvana, one needs actions without karma.

There are many secrets of karma to know. For more detailed information, you can take a look at Create Karma Points.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

September Specials @ Wala Wala Cafe Bar

This September, fantastic drink specials at the iconic Wala Wala Café Bar are guaranteed to make party goers and music lovers happy.

Exclusively for WATSinsiders, Wala Wala is offering a bottle of Chivas 12 years for only $170nett (UP $210nett, SAVE $40). The discount is exclusive to those who download the WATSinside app from the App Store or Google Play.

Chivas is a blend of many different malt and grain Scotch whiskies, matured for at least 12 years. This smooth blend balances style with substance and tradition with a modern twist. Rich and fruity, Chivas 12 bursts with the smooth taste of ripe, honeyed apples, and notes of vanilla, hazelnut and butterscotch.

Wala Wala is also offering in-house promos (available to all), including:

Beer Lao Lager Beer @ $9 per bottle 

Beer Lao is a premium authentic rice beer brewed from a unique blend of the finest European and Laotian ingredients, a fusion of the best traditions of East and West. Brewed in Laos with hand-picked indigenous rice varieties, spring water originating from the foothills of the Himalayas, Hallertau hops, German yeast and French malted barley.

Absolut Vodka @ $150 per bottle, $270 for 2 bottles

Absolut Vodka is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike other vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar. In fact Absolut is as pure as vodka can be. Still, that purity has a certain taste: Rich, full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a hint of dried fruit.

The Glenlivet 15 @ $240 per bottle

The Glenlivet 15’s distinctive character is the result of selective maturation; a proportion of the spirit is matured in a selection of French Oak casks for a limited period, so as not to overpower the final result.resh, golden yellow colour with hints of jade, this flagship cuvée’s abundant bubbles, both fine and elegant, demonstrate the finesse of this champagne.

Head down to Wala Wala with friends for a truly special bonding time over drinks and live music!

Address: 31 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277689
Phone: (65) 6462-4288

Opening Hours

Mon to Thurs: 4:00 pm - 1:00 am
Friday: 4:00 pm - 2:00 am
Saturday & Public holiday eves: 3:00 pm - 2:00 am
Sunday & Public holidays: 3:00 pm - 1:00 am

Happy Hours: From opening till 9:00 pm every day

Friday, September 12, 2014

Trilive @Kovan Condominium in Singapore

Trilive @Kovan (formerly Yi Mei Garden) is a 18 storey condo in Singapore. This luxury Singapore condominium project is in prestigious private housing estate named Kovan and is a few minutes walking distance away from Kovan MRT Station. It is an ideal place for those who wants to live in a quite, green place in Singapore but also would prefer conveniently near the public transportation to reach the city center easily.

Trilive @Kovan is a free hold condominim project. It is a rare FREEHOLD project since it is hard to find freehold condoninium in Singapore's northeast region. Working professionals will be able to access Singapore City Center via MRT and Seletar Aerospace Park, Halus Industrial Park and Defu Industrial Estate are also relatively nearby.

Why Trilive @Kovan?

Trilive @Kovan offers luxury resort living surrounded by nature like gardens. The luxury Singapore condo is well connected to MRT and Expressways. The location also offers wide selection of amenities such as NTUC Fairprice and Hougang Plaza. There are reputable schools nearby such as Xinghua Primary Schhol, Yuying Secondary School, Holy Innocents' Primary School and Serangoon Junior College.

Singapore condo - Trilive @ Kovan
The facade of Trilive @ Kovan condominium project.
Photo : Property Review

Trilive @Kovan is ideally located within walking distance of Kovan MRT Station on the North East Line (Purple Line). This puts the residential condominium on 111 Tampines Road right next to Heartland Mall and just 1 station away from NEX Shopping Mall, one of the largest heartland malls in Singapore. The neighbourhood of Kovan is a suburb and part of Hougang, in the North-East Region of Singapore. Although this prestigious  area is a private housing estate, where majority of the residents live in terrace homes, semi-detached and bungalows, in recent years there are new condominiums constructed in the area.

Trilive @Kovan Condominium in Singapore
Photo : Property Review
For more information like facilities, floor plans, location map and preview info for this exiting luxury Singapore condo, you can visit Trilive @Kovan Property Review.

Wireless speakers in Singapore

Wireless speakers entered the market just a few years ago but their popularity is in exponential growth. As the number of players in wireless speakers market is growing as well as the prices are falling, consumers are opting more for this convenient option.

Wireless speakers allow people to play music from their smart phones remotely and since the number of smart phone users increased dramatically, market is wide open for these type of wireless devices. You can now find wireless speakers in every major electronics retailer here. And since Amazon is shipping free to Singapore, you can also buy many models online if you cannot find them in physical stores.

Wireless Speakers are also becoming cheaper. When wireless speakers first entered the market, yhey were expensive and sold for around 500 - 600 SGD. This was more than a year ago. A wireless speaker cost was about 189 SGD last year and now you can buy a wireless speaker for about 145 SGD.

One of the most popular application of wireless speakers is the commercial usage. For example if a cafe owner chooses wireless speakers for his business, he does not need to hire someone for wiring and often drilling holes on the walls for the wires.

There are many wireless speakers in the market now for all types of tastes and budgets. Speakers vary greatly in size, shape, and even the type of wireless system. Some wireless speakers include wireless transmitters built in and some do not come with the transmitters.

You also need to decide do you need a Bluetooth wireless speaker or AirPlay wireless speaker. Some wireless speakers support Apple AirPlay,  Apple's wireless audio feature that lets iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac users stream their iTunes libraries, and allow users to stream music to multiple speakers simultaneously. But you cannot stream music to these speakers from Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy phones. And AirPlay wireless speakers tend to be more expensive than the Bluetooth ones. They are also larger and consumes more power. If you need a battery powered wireless speaker so you can carry your speaker around, you will have hard time to find one.

Here are some of the best Wireless speakers according to PC Mag:

Braven BRV-X - (194.90 USD in Amazon with Free shipping) Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the Braven BRV-X booms with 12 hours of music play fit for rocky canyons, powdered slopes, raging rapids, sandy dunes or even backyard barbecues. The BRV-X is designed with an IPX7 certified waterproof , shock absorbent, portable body and features a powerful 5200mAh power bank to charge external devices. Customize your listening experience for any environment by choosing indoor or outdoor mode. For an immersive left and right stereo experience, pair two Braven BRV-X speakers together using True Wireless.

Harman Kardon Aura - ($399.95 with FREE Shipping) The Harman Kardon Aura, a home audio system combining the ultra-modern performance and precision of a hi-fi luxury sound system, also boasts a unique, iconic design. The Aura’s has a sound as rich and rewarding as its appearance with six high- and mid-range transducers plus a built-in subwoofer delivering superior, Omni-directional, 360º sound – while elite features like built-in Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay lossless audio streaming and DLNA introduce you to the convenience and multi-function advantages of complete connectivity.

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker System - ($399.00 with FREE Shipping) The Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Compact Active Loudspeaker offers loads of ways to connect to your speaker, whether via your phone, vinyl player, TV or wirelessly via the latest version of Bluetooth, featuring APTX technology. With multiple music source options, you can connect to the Stanmore wirelessly via Bluetooth with APTX technology or through one of three audio inputs: 3.5mm input, RCA input or the optical audio input.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III - ($299.00 & FREE Shipping) Meet the speaker that brings your music and friends together—with a style that’s all your own. The SoundLink Bluetooth speaker III is our best-performing mobile Bluetooth speaker. It plays louder and longer than its popular predecessor, with advanced Bose technologies that reproduce the fullness, clarity and depth of your music. And a colorful assortment of optional covers let you personalize your speaker.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekday Singapore Yacht Cruise Deal

If you have always wanted to cruise in Singapore waters in a luxury yacht while takin in the magnificent city sights from the sea, this deal is for you. You can enjoy 4-hours yacht cruise in the company of friends, loved ones or fellow adventurers. You can party while aboard a luxury yacht built with wonderful features and amenities. You can also spend your day soaking under the sun while sailing away through the sea.A perfect stress relief solution!

For only 450 SGD for 8 people instead of the usual price of 1,450 SGD (69% OFF), you can enjoy 4 hours of weekday yacht cruise in Singapore waters with on-board BBQ station, kayak, snorkeling and fishing rods. It is great to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and even for small company events. The luxury yacht comes with 1 captain and crew member and will anchor in calm waters off St John's beach.

This is as cheap as it gets. You can find the details of the deal here : Celebrate On High Seas: Only $450 for 4-Hour Weekday Yacht Cruise For 8 Pax - Includes Onboard BBQ Station and Free Use of Facilities + Kayak, Snorkel Kits and Fishing Rods. For other Singapore activity deals you can visit here.

Weekday Singapore Yacht Cruise Deal
Weekday Singapore Yacht Cruise Deal

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rendezvous Hotel Singapore Ayuthaya Spa Deal

If you are looking for a  real “Royal Thai Spa Experience” in Singapore, you can find a very good one in the middle of the city : Newly-refurbished Rendezvous Hotel Singapore's Ayuthaya Spa offers 90-Mins Royal Thai Indulgence which includes 60-min Full body massage, 30-min Anti-stress head & shoulder massage and Shower.  Best Thai Massage in Singapore by Bazaar Spa 2010, Ayuthaya Spa offers 5 star Thai massage experience.

And here is the deal. Normal price for 90-Min Royal Thai Indulgence is about SGD 226. With this SPA deal at Ayuthaya Spa, you will only pay $78 for one Session of 90-min Royal Thai Indulgence. Indeed there are 3 options :

Valid for new and existing customers who have not visited for the past 6 months only. this deal is also only valid for Singaporeans, Singapore PRs and valid work pass holders. 

Click here for other wellness, SPA and Relaxation deals.

Rendezvous Hotel Singapore Ayuthaya Spa Deal
Leave your worries and bask in the therapeutic Royal Thai Indulgence for only $78 at Ayuthaya Spa.
For a rejuvenated body, beam in contentment as trained staff will work their magic and de-stress your
mind and make you feel comfortable in this luxurious treatment that consists of
body massage, head and shoulder massage.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Singapore Marriott Hotel - 5 star luxury hotel in the middle of Orchard Road

Holiday in Singapore is never complete without a visit to city's shopping disrict, Orchard Road. Indeed, Singapore holiday can be best enjoyed if you stay in Orchard Road. The road and surrounding area is one of the most upscale areas in Singapore and offers many beautiful hotels.

Singapore Marriott Hotel at the junction between Orchard Road and Scotts Road is probably the best located hotel in Orchard Road. The location is almost in the middle of Orchard Road and right next to Orchard Road MRT Station (you can actually go into hotel directly from MRT link) so it is very accessible. The location is not only for shoppers, it is also very good place for business travelers : Orchard Road MRT Station is just 2 stations away from Singapore's Central Business District's Raffles Place MRT Station.

We have stayed here in 2009 and again much later in early 2014. The experience is quite different : Singapore Marriot Hotel was renovated in 2012 and it is now more modern and luxury. The large, comfortable beds, clean and luxurious bathroom and the great view from the rooms (choose a high floor room looking towards the Orchard Road) makes it a special stay.

Marriott is one of the largest hospitality companies in the world. If you would like to take a look at new discounts, voucher codes and deals, you can take a look at

Iconic Singapore Marriot Hotel is right in the  middle of Orchard Road and makes it very convenient to move
around in Singapore even under heavy rain.
When we are in there, we had a chance to visit major Singapore attractions : Sentosa Island, Singapore Zoo, Singapore Bird Park and Singapore Night Safari. The hotel's location is very near to the service buses for these attractions so you do not need taxi or MRT. The food in the restaurants are good (breakfast is very good) but if you need suggestions about what to eat, skip Orchard Road and just walk to FarEast-Plaza on Scotts Road. This old and not so bright looking mall has very good restaurants on the higher floors and is a popular place for locals. 313@Somerset food court was also quite nice. We did not like the food courts in Ion Orchard and Ngee Ann City but the restaurants in these two malls are quite upscale and nice.

Singapore Marriot Hotel is neighbour to a building named Shaw House which has a 3D IMAX movie theater. Try to catch a movie there. We also liked the upper floors of Paragon Shopping Mall nearby which had a nice indoor playground for kids and a lot of kid oriented shopping opportunities. 

The 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam's vibrant Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), still often called Saigon, is an electric destination, a thriving metropolis bursting with energy. Among the luxury hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, below 5 are the top hotels.

Park Hyatt Saigon
2 Lam Son Square, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon),  Vietnam 

Situated at Lam Son Square in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) centre, the 5 star Park Hyatt Saigon is walking distance from the elegant Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral, Reunification Palace, Ben Thanh Market, and other Saigon main tourist attractions. The hotel is also very near the business district in Ho Chi Minh City and will also appeal to business travelers. The hotel has an Italian Restaurant, a Vietnamese Restaurant and also houses 2 Lam Son martini bar, one of the Saigon's top nightlife destinations. Hyatt’s 244 rooms & suites redefine urban luxury, blending sophisticated design and décor with the latest modern comforts as the leading Ho Chi Minh hotel. Honoured by Business Traveller Asia Pacific as the Best Business Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Park Hyatt Saigon is a prestigious destination for corporate conventions and weddings.

Hotel Sofitel Plaza Saigon
17 Lê Duẩn, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Sofitel Saigon Plaza is located on peaceful tree-lined Le Duan Boulevard just a moment from the citys commercial centre with its fabulous shopping dining and landmark attractions like Notre Dame Cathedral and Reunification Palace. Newly renovated rooms and suites offer guests contemporary 5-star hotel style with a blend of modern French design and Vietnamese influences. Each room features spacious elegance while the Imperial Suite is the largest in Saigon. Situated in the business district and offering a full range of expert services the hotel is ideal for business as well as leisure travellers to Ho Chi Minh. Its fabulous conference facilities make it a preferred host for magnifique weddings and events.

Five star luxury hotel in Ho Chi Minh City
Hotel Sofitel Plaza Saigon
Hotel Nikko Saigon
235 Nguyen Van Cu Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hotel Nikko Saigon is a five star luxury hotel in Ho Chi Minh City and offers business and leisure travelers relaxation in attractive hotel accommodations, cuisine that will please even the most demanding gourmet, and staff that gives top priority to ensure that guests enjoy a relaxing stay. Hotel Nikko Saigon has 334 rooms, suites and 53 apartments in 23-storey building. With an average room size of 40sqm, the main guestrooms are among the most spacious rooms in Ho Chi Minh City. Earth tone color theme with minimalist design is characteristics of Japanese, relaxing and brand new rooms promise all guests a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Caravelle Hotel
19-23 Lam Son Square, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Caravelle Hotel is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s leading international 5-star hotel – in the Heart of Saigon and in the centre of the business, shopping and entertainment district, 8 km from Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Caravelle Hotel has 335 superbly appointed rooms, suites, exclusive Signature Floors, Signature Lounge, non-smoking floors, specially equipped room for the disabled. Amenities include satellite television channel, facsimile, mini-bar, tea and coffee-makers, coffee and espresso machine and in-room safe. Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet in-room & throughout the hotel.

Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon is on Saigon's riverside.
Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon
8-15 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1  Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 

Located in the heart of Saigon's business district, the Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon offers first-class amenities and hospitality. Choose a deluxe room or suite with large desk and ample lighting, luxurious bedding, in-room coffee and tea service, high-speed Internet, safe and well-stocked mini-bar. After a day of meetings or sightseeing, relax at our poolside terrace or enjoy a leisurely dinner at Kabin, known as one of the finest Chinese restaurants in the city. Free wifi offered at Atrium Lounge. Take a dip in our rooftop pool and visit our Health Club for an invigorating workout. When planning a conference or social event, our upscale business hotel in Saigon features event planning and culinary delights to make every event unforgettable. Whether your travels to Ho Chi Minh City are for business or leisure, you'll find ultimate luxury at the Renaissance.

Shake It Baby for Chuchok

According to Buddhist legend, Chuchok was an old beggar from Kalingkarat Province and thanks to the good deeds he has done in his previous lifes he has became very rich from being a beggar. And although he was quite ugly he has married to a very young and attractive woman. Today, Chuchok is thought by many Thais to be one of the very best amulets for bringing wealth and granting wishes.

There is at a small shrine in the suburbs of Bangkok which is quite an interesting place to visit. But what makes it truly remarkable are the coyote dancers(*)!

The story is this: a few years ago someone won very big in lottery thanks to Chuchok. He has decided to reward the beggar with scantily clad dancers and a new tradition has started. If you want to have good fortune, a lot of money and a beautiful lady, all you need to do is to offer this old Brahmin a nice show! If you are lucky enough, you can enjoy to watch one of these offers when you visit the shrine.

Thai dances in front of statues of Chuchok
The shrine is privately-owned and run by a ultra colorful lady named Kung Kemika who also lives there. She tells that her legal name is “Madam Boobs-slap Na Songkla” because her occupation is boobs slapping, face slapping and bitch slapping. Well obviously she also runs a business doing breast slapping and do not ask me what kind of service is this (you can watch a demo in the video below).

10 years ago she was suffering from final-stage kidney disease and she made an oath. She asked Chuchok for once-in-a-life-time miracle and she had unexpectedly received a donated kidney. She then made an oath that she will love, worship and nurture him for the rest of her life.

For the story of Chuchok you can refer here: Story of Chuchok.

(*) - The coyote dancers are a bunch of highly energetic, young girls who are highly professional dancers. They are engaged by bar owners at dance bars, clubs, karaoke joints in Bangkok as well as in parties and festivals to perform and entertain the crowd.

Coyote dancers are not go-go dancers. Coyote dancers are professional or semi-professional dancers, who are hired to perform at bars to entertain guests.

Best hotel rooftop pools in Singapore

Singapore is hot and humid and it is important that the hotel you are staying has a nice pool. After a long and hot day, it is quite a necessity to just throw yourself into the pool and forget everything for a while. And since it is always summer in Singapore, a nice rooftop pool in a hotel is a big plus.

A nice rooftop pool offers a great experience for visitors of Singapore as well as the residents on staycation. In this post, we have listed the best hotel rooftop pools in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore - SkyPark Infinity Pool
This is not only Singapore's but also one of the world's most stunning and beautiful rooftop pool. Located 200 meters above the ground on the futuristic SkyPark of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the rooftop infinity pool offers once in a lifetime experience. The view from the pool is stunning and if you go early before the crowds of this largest hotel in Singapore jumps into the pool, it is quite an enjoyable pool on its own.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel SkyPark offers one of the best rooftop infinity pools in the world.
The Fullerton Bay Hotel - Rooftop Pool
The Fullerton Bay hotel's rooftop pool on the 5th floor offers a splendid view of Singapore’s Marina Bay and with the large open space around the hotel, it feels like you are swimming in a very big lake rather than a pool.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel - Rooftop Pool
The Westin Singapore
Occupying levels 32 to 46 of Asia Square Tower Two at Marina View, The Westin Singapore offers a gorgeous infinity pool to its guests with an unobstructed view of the south coast of Singapore.

The Westin Singapore pool
Naumi Hotel Singapore - Rooftop Infinity Pool
Naumi Hotel Singapore is one of the best located luxury boutique hotel in Singapore and also offers one of the best rooftop pools in the city. Right next to City Hall MRT Station and very closed to Singapore Central Business Distict, Suntec City, Bugis and Orchard Road, the hotel offers a very nice stay. The hotel building is not very tall but the rooftop infinity pool offers a fantastic view and a great hideout for its guests.

Naumi Hotel rooftop infinity pool view

Sofitel So Singapore Rooftop Pool
Located in the heart of Singapore Central Business District, Sofitel So Singapore is a luxury boutique hotel which offers a fantastic location with Sofitel So luxury. The heritage building it occupies is quite stunning but the rooftop pool in the middle of skyscrapers offers a very unique experience, especially in the night when the lights on the tall buildings are on. The hotel also has a nice rooftop pool bar to enjoy.

Rooftop pool of Sofitel So Singapore
PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel
The stunning pool of 5-Star PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel does not qualify as a rooftop pool but still its high floor location and fantastic view made us put it in our list. The outdoor infinity pool offers a relaxing atmosphere and a great escape from the busy city center, in the middle of the city center.

PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel outdoor infinity pool
Village Hotel Changi
Ideal place to escape from the busy center of Singapore, Village Hotel Changi offers a great staycation alternative and a very nice hotel for those who would like to stay in the East near Singapore Changi Airport. The hotel has a very nice pool located on level 8, which comes with breathtaking views of planes making their final approach into Changi International Airport.

Village Hotel Changi Pool
Village Hotel Changi pool
Oasia Hotel Singapore
Oasia Hotel Singapore in Balestier has an utterly convenient underpass leading to Novena MRT station. The stylish 4-star hotel is just a stroll away from the well-know shopping Orchard Road.
Hotel's high-floor pool is just amazing with great view and a perfect secluded retreat from the hussle and bustle of Singapore city.

Oasia Hotel Singapore Pool