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How to get your ex back? - No Contact Rule


106 Pages | How to get your ex back? - No Contact Rule

When a relationship (especially a long and happy one) ends, the ending event and the weeks following it are traumatic for both sides. But most relationships are not ended after a mutual agreement and so the pain and trauma is not equal for both. For the person who is dumped, the split usually comes as a shock and deep pain. The dumper does not feel the same amount of pain and it is usually not a shock for them.

Since you are looking at this book, you are probably either dumped or you think you will be dumped soon. You are asking a lot of questions:

  • Is my ex over me?
  • Is my ex thinking about me?
  • Is my ex missing me?
  • Is my ex seeing someone?
  • Will my ex’s new relationship/rebound lasts?
  • Will my ex come back?
  • How can I get over my ex?

We will talk about these topics in this book. More, we will develop a game plan to handle all of these questions and problems.

But first, I must warn you! The no contact rule is far more successful than the commandments of love / romanticism myths (should I say religion?) but it is against everything you have heard from popular culture through movies, songs and novels. Don’t worry, I will explain why no contact rule is superior and why sappy methods of popular culture actually turns you into a creepy stalker who ruins his or her chance with his/her ex (or someone new) in the name of holy “love”. This book can shock and sometimes bother you but it will make you a more grown up adult and more powerful and skillful in the game of love.

Everything you learn in this book works for both genders. It works for ex lovers, ex fiance, ex spouses and ex partners. It works for heterosexual relationships as well as homosexual relationships.

The no contact rule is difficult to apply. It requires emotional strength and patience. It is easier to pursue and plead with your ex (no need for emotional strength or patience to call your ex every day) but as for everything in life, the path requiring patience and strength works and the easy path usually ends up to be a disaster.

Don’t worry. When you understand why no contact works, why you need to be patient and strong; it will be easier for you to have the discipline and motivation to take the right way.

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Friday, June 26, 2020

Relationship Advice - Tinder date, sex and ghosting

Hi, I have met a girl from Tinder and at the night of the second date, we have hooked up. After we have had sex, she told me that she has just been out from a 1.5 years relationship. She said her ex boyfriend was very abusive. She has dumped him but she still could not get over him. 
Looks like she is looking for rebound relationships. It is not advisable to get very serious early with a girl like this since she has a chance to go back to her ex. You can hook up or casual relationship with her but you should not jump into a serious relationship.
I told her if a men does not respect him, he does not deserve her. She deserves better.
Nope, that is the wrong thing to say. You are basically talking bad about her ex boyfriend and basically saying, "he does not respect you but I, a nice guy, will respect you. So choose me." Slow down Romeo. This shit only works in movies. In real life, talking bad about her ex as a jerk and trying to sell yourself as a nice guy gets you to friend-zone.

Besides she has been with this jerk for 1.5 years and still thinking about him. She probably does not deserve better!

Don't forget this: Nice guys finish last.
Next day I messaged her to setup another date. But she messaged back saying: "I have given a thought and I think I am not ready for a relationship now. If she can make up her mind in a few months, she will call me back.
You probably gave a lot of relationship ready, nice guy vibe to her in these few dates. A man who is relationship ready / "nice" immediately is considered as weak man not a good catch. Why would he be jumping in relationship or behave too nice if he is a man with options.

And in Womenese, "I am not ready for a relationship" means "I am not ready for a relationship WITH YOU". She would probably keep you as Plan B, go and hook up with more men and if she does not find a new dude or go back to ex, she would call you.
I replied: "I would like to see you but I won't sit here and wait for you to call me back. Best of luck and if you change your mind, call me back."
Great answer. You clearly defined what you want, rejected to wait for her and walked away. Or at least you said you will walk away.
A week later, I could not resist the urge and I called her.
WRONG! Very wrong. You said something but your words and behavior are not congruent. This will show you more weak. She walked away from you because you showed weak behavior and you still continue to show weakness. You should not contact her until she contacted you. That is what you do when someone walks away from you.
We met and had great time. But she still told me she is not ready for a relationship. 
Have you ever thought why is she saying "I don't want a relationship." It has been only 3 dates and 1 night of sex. She is talking about a relationship. This is most probably because you either asked or gave vibes for a relationship. Too early man. A relationship request and vibe MUST always come from woman first.

You are probably scared that she will go to ex or find another man and want to cage her into a relationship. As if like she cannot escape from that cage whenever she wants. This is weak man behavior and very few women like weak guys.
I told her in the past it was difficult for me to walk away from a relationship but now I am strong and can do that easily.
Dude, you are bragging but not showing it in your actions. First of all, you just met this girl 3 times and she walked away from you. THERE IS NO RELATIONSHIP HERE. Why do you even talk about relationships?

Second, you could not  even walk away from a girl who blew you off. You talk the talk not walk the walk. You should NEXT her (should not call or message her until she reaches out) not meet her and talk about your "ability" to NEXT her.
We hugged, held hands but she did not let me to kiss her.
Well you should not meet her and let her to come to you.
In the following week, we have texted each other. She always replied my messages but never sent me a message first.
Nope that is week. You tried to be her gay male text friend. Plus she is obviously not interested in you. A girl interested in a man initiates most of the contacts. You are pursuing a girl who rejected you TWICE (I dont want a relationship talk and not letting you ti kiss her).  That is extra weak. You are behaving like a weak and optionless loser. This may be because you are one.
I stopped messaging her a week ago. She has never sent a message. Should I message her?
NO! Do not pursue a woman if she rejects you. NEXT her. Don't call or message her. Remember, you are her Plan-B (after your weaker behavior probably Plan-D) so don't make her a priority.
Or should I wait for her to call me?
YES!  And if she calls, a big IF, call her to your place and hook up with her. Don't spend money on her. She blew you off so she does not deserve it. If she wants to meet outside tell her you are not in a mood to go out and if she changes her mind she can give you a call.

Do not start to be her gay male text girlfriend again. She comes to your place or you are busy to message her. If you politely cut a few messages short, she will either stop messaging you or come to your place.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Which set of Singapore Covid-19 numbers should we pay attention to?

Singapore is dealing with a lot of covid 19 / coronavirus related numbers these days as the number of new cases total is increasing. Most are coming from the dorms some are  coming from community cases. Senior health correspondent Salma Khalik outlines the various sets of Covid-19 numbers, and gives her take on what data the public should pay attention to.

Salma Khalik says the more important data is the number of cases in the community which gives a better idea of how Singapore is doing in our fight against the virus and how circuit breaker measures are working.

"We are getting lots of different figures and the overall figure is quite scary but it does not reflect the circuit breaker measures because a lot of these cases are in foreign worker dormitories" says Salma Khalik.

"If you want to know whether the circuit breaker measures are working then you really need to look at the cases in the community whether they are Singaporeans and PRs or whether they are also
employment pass workers who are living in the community."

But if we focus on just the number of community cases, do we risk not getting a fuller more comprehensive picture of our fight against the virus?

"Actually all the figures are important. It depends very much on what you want to extract from those figures. So overall figures are very important, number of people in hospitals is very important, number of people in intensive care is equally important. So it depends very much on what information you want to extract.

My point is if you're looking at whether the circuit breaker measures are working then you should concentrate on the community cases. But if you're looking at whether it's time to ease the circuit breaker measures then you have to look at all the cases because even the dormitory workers when the circuit breaker measures ease will be coming out into the community to work.

So at different points along this continuum you need to look at different figures and they tell you different things.

Right now somewhat on that note the escalating number of dormitory infections has been a cause of concern for several weeks. Now even though the numbers are high, workers in the dorms are now isolated from the rest of the population."

You wrote that the high numbers are due to Singapore's aggressive and strategic testing. What would be the best way to describe the current situation in the dorms?

"Quite bad. Actually there are good points at bad points. A lot of people will say there's nothing good about people getting sick. But in this case, a lot of the foreign workers are younger and healthier people. They had already moved out the older foreign workers to protect them.

Among the younger workers as of yesterday not a single one of the thousands of workers who have got covid 19 have needed intensive care. So that's very good news because they're getting it mildly and a lot of these people who were identified covid 19 patients actually were not even sick or had such mild symptoms. But because we are now testing a lot of them, people who are in contact with those who have been diagnosed, we are finding them. If we didn't do that we wouldn't have found them.

Moving away from the dorms the health ministry now splits the non-dormitory cases into two categories; Singaporeans / permanent residents / foreigners on an employment pass holders in one
category and foreign worker permit holders not living in dormitories in the other. How is this splitting of the information useful?

"Actually i asked the ministers that at yesterday's press conference and health minister explained that the reason they did the split was because they wanted to find it easier to trace the epidemiological root of the virus. In other words he says because these two groups have fairly distinct characteristics.
Locals as well as foreigners here with families are more likely to get the virus as well as spread the
virus to family members whereas the foreign workers who are living in shop houses or in dormitories with their fellow workers the likelihood is they may get it at work. Because some of these are still in essential services and they are working. A lot of them are construction workers so this really helps the government identify and track the cases.

But they've been very open i mean they've given us those numbers so it's up to us if we want to add them which i think should be done to give a real picture for the community."

When will covid 19 end in Singapore?

When will covid 19 end in Singapore? When will circuit breaker end in Singapore? These are the questions everyone is asking nowadays. The end of circuit breaker depends on the trajectory of the coronavirus cases and the respond of experts and policy makers but some data driven studies can give estimates about the end of covid 19 in Singapore.

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) provides model-based and data-driven predictions of the trajectories and end dates of COVID-19 in different countries and has been continually updating the predictions daily with the latest data. For each country, a figure is provided to visualize the estimated pandemic life cycle together with actual data to date, which further reveals the predicted inflection point and ending phase.

Only predictions with satisfactory model-data fits and statistical significance are reported. The prediction was started purely for self-curiosity regarding when COVID 19 might end in Singapore where we live and then has been expanded to cover other countries in response to requests of site visitors.

The site has unexpectedly received millions of visitors from all over the world.

According to the model, the covid 19 is estimated to end in Singapore by May 12 with 97% confidence and by May 20th with 99% confidence.

When will covid 19 end in Singapore? When will circuit breaker end in Singapore?
When will covid 19 end in Singapore? When will circuit breaker end in Singapore?