Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Unveiling the launch of Nature’s Farm® e-Store!

With over 30 years of unrivalled passion and commitment in the specialty health supplement industry, Nature’s Farm® now stands as one of the biggest health brands in Singapore. Established in 1982, our one-stop health food and supplements concept dons the title of being the first ever health food retail chain in Singapore, pioneering the introduction of Western supplements into our local market.

Delivering only the highest quality nutritional foods and health supplements, all at great convenience and affordable prices, Nature’s Farm® offers a comprehensive range of healthy products that include Vitamins and Minerals, Diabetic and Organic products, Sports nutrition and Beauty supplements. Housed within our retail stores conveniently located in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei contains a variety of our very own health supplements as well as a plethora of other popular choices from countries all over the world, including U.S.A., Japan, France, Europe, Italy and Australia.

With the increasing affluence in the South-East Asia, the setback is that more people are suffering from stress and unhealthy habits due to their hectic and luxurious lifestyles. Hence we at Nature’s Farm® recognise the growing demand for health supplements in the region and have just launched our online e-Store for that purpose. So as to be able to provide High Quality health supplements at competitive prices.

Visit our e-Store at

Nature’s Farm® Pycnogenol® 30mg

Nature’s Farm® Pycnogenol® is furnished with a unique and natural blend of 40 powerful biochemical compounds, proven to be a 100 times more powerful than Vitamin E & C and 16 times more active than Grapeseed Extract, and backed by over 300 published scientific articles and 100 published clinical studies.

BioScience Allure Collagen 12,000mg Beauty Drink 
Formulated to reverse the signs of aging skin, BioScience Allure Collagen gives you everything you need in a bottle. It is designed to help improve the skin’s moisture-locking ability, plump up skin cells, protect it from free radicals and other harmful environmental substances, and promote a fairer complexion and more even skin tone.

Haddrell's of Cambridge Manuka Honey UMF 16+
Specially imported all the way from New Zealand, Haddrell's of Cambridge Manuka Honey is 100% natural and manufactured to the highest quality using environmentally sustainable processes. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Shop the Royal Boutique!

Princessa’s Royal Boutique

Shopping is one of the many joys in Singapore, but with the countless number of brands around, the local small players sometimes get overshadowed by the big boys.

Introducing to you a local-established up-and-coming fashion boutique, ♔ Princessa’s Royal Boutique ♔.

♔ Princessa’s Royal Boutique ♔ is an online boutique that potrays the fashion style and must-have closet essentisal of blogger-cum-entrepreneur, Sabrina Wang. Most of you may know her from her own blog at

This royal princess has gone all out to hand pick items around the world to bring you ♔ Princessa’s Royal Boutique ♔.

Sabrina Wang

The online fashion store emerged late last year, since, they’ve launched their very own mobile app on Android, followed by an IOS version months after.

Actively engaging on social media platforms, the brand constantly run social media activities on Facebook (with an eCommerce Facebook app) and Instagram. The fashion brand has also gotten itself involved in numerous events such as Valentine Vendetta, NUS Union Camp, etc; and more to come.

Online Fashion Store

Online, I’m better known as Princessa, an alter ego, online persona, pen name or however you want to call it, of the original version, which is myself, Sabrina. To be absolutely honest, the persona is pretty much a selective version of my actuality. The persona is position to be a little more “ditsy”, carefree, happy go lucky… and a little spoilt.
I started “blogging” over 16 years ago? It was a personal mix development website while exploring the beauty of the internet (as well as HTML) on a 56k modem. Then, the term blogging didn’t even exist. We were still using platforms like Angelfire, if you have even heard of it – Lycos.
One site after another, then suddenly “blogging” hit the world, and afterwards came Social Media – from Web 0 to Web 2.0 to… I somewhat lost track on the numeric.

A lot has changed, so did my supposed “branding”.
When “blogging” popularized, I started adopting “Princess Sabrina” (every girl wants to be a princessa). Eventually, there was a need to shorten the name… and poof, the birth of Princessa.

So from geeky gamer girl (I was an avid competitive PC gamer, no joke), I revamped into pink princess.
Why am I saying all this?
Princessa was/is somewhat the better version of who I am/was. As the Princessa name caught on, it went from an online/blogging persona to somewhat a brand – like Rachel Zoe, Marc Jacobs, etc.

Online Shopping

Now have you seen the online store yet?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thailand travel deals from Singapore

Thailand, the tourism capital of South East Asia, offers almost everything you would want from a holiday. And it offers all types of holidays. You can go for fantastic beaches, waters and jungles as well as fascinating mountains, night life and culture. The country is littered with historic sites and where ever you go you will find very good food.

Thanks to its proximity, Thailand is a popular tourist destination from Singapore. Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Krabi and Pattaya are the most popular destinations but it also offers many more lesser known places to visit. Thanks to the start of budget airline age in Asia in 2004, last decade made Thailand cheap and convenient to access destination from Singapore.

A more recent development for travelers to Thailand is the group buying sites. Thailand is one of the most popular travel deal destination in these web sites and you can find many deals to the destinations in the country ranging from hotel stay deals to full package holiday deals including flights and land transportation. Although coupon deals were mostly budget a few years ago, you can now find a lot of mid to luxury level travel deals from Singapore to many destinations, resorts and hotels in Thailand.

Even if you already arranged your Thailand hotel and flights, it still worth to check these Thailand travel deals below (click the image to continue).. There are also many activity deals among them which can save money for you in your trip.

Thailand travel deals from Singapore
Thailand travel deals from Singapore

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Online Dating for Married Singaporean

Singapore is a cultural and diverse nation that welcomes all people across the world with warmth and love. It is a cosmopolitan city offering tourism, commercial enterprise, teaching and political options for its visitors and occupants. Amazingly, still being one such busy hub, people do not get time to interact and find like minded fellow. But, now there is a changing trend and people have started using the Internet to find a compatible person, whom they can meet, chat and know with their own comfort and convenience.
Online dating services for married individuals who are lonely and stuck in passionless marriages are growing fast these days. However, one must register as a member at the sites which are renowned and reliable. A reliable Singapore dating site provides a platform for like-minded married people to date again and get to have fun. Best part of the online married dating is that they can chat or talk to their date from the comfort of their home or a workplace without anyone knowing and then fix a date after evaluation and confidence. Also, these dating services are free to use and simple to register.

Almost all of the dating websites are free for their registered members. Some have restricted access, and some are free for all. It is a decision worth considering and one has to choose wisely amongst all.

Dating For Cheaters is one such reliable and renowned dating site that takes care of the privacy and preference of its registered married members who want to try online dating. They offer the most compatible database of like minded, authentic and responsible users, who are searching for someone special outside their marriage. The team of love experts available online can help the members select the best partner. Those who are shy will also be able to go through the site sections that are easy to explore. You only need to specify what kind of relationship you are searching for a fling, simple companionship, sexual relationship, etc.
Using such a simple site to navigate and resourceful dating service will be useful for people, who are looking for some fun and excitement, but at the same time wants to know the person first. Online dating is much easier and helps the first time users to be comfortable and take time to build rapport and then proceed for a date or a meeting.

Online Dating for Married Singaporean

All are welcome to find someone special from a renowned dating website, especially:
People who are seeking fun, and clandestine relationships and understand the sensitivity of dating outside marriage.

Those, who are envisioning for a suitable companion and compassionate to feelings, love and trust
Married men, who respect privacy and comfort of married women, and that a woman wants love and kind relationship.

Married Women, who are looking for love, security and intellectual support from other men.
For people, who do not want to hide their identity as everyone has a right to know the reality of a potential lover.

Another advantage of using an online dating website is that the user can enjoy a face to face conversation experience knowing real people in real time. In fact, the new users can also go to the profile page of potential or selected and read their information and look at the picture without beginning a conversation. This way, the registered users, can have a look at close matches and begin a conversation as per their choice. So anyone, who is looking forward to meet someone apart from their spouse who is more sincere and fun, or find a better attractive individual in Singapore, must register to this website. And the best part is, its personal, its convenient, and its absolutely free. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Prestige Car Rental Bangkok

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Rent your favorite sports cars in Thailand 
Say you are going on a trip in Thailand, either it is for business or pleasure, why not spice it up a bit and go with our brand new luxury cars? It's fun to explore new places, but with a luxury vehicle it makes it a bit more exciting for you. Instead of some dinky economy small boring car that you got at the sure of the moment treat yourself to a luxury car.

Be The Man To Your clients
If you are going somewhere on business, rent a luxury car makes the perfect option. What a great way to impress to your clients and show them the level of your success. Instead of pulling up in some little economy vehicle that you grabbed at the last minute, pulling up in a luxurious vehicle in style is sure to make a huge impression. You'll definitely give them a great first impression when you meet them in one of these cars.

Car rental Bangkok - Cars hire Thailand

Trying to impress your significant other
Or May be you are meeting a special person or you are taking your significant other on a romantic getaway. Don't ruin your image or spoil the moment with a less than vehicle that is going to make a huge statement about who you are. Go with our luxury vehicle and wow her with it. She'll be impressed by the vehicle and it will definitely make her take notice because when you feel confident she can sense that and that makes a huge difference. 

Mercedes Benz hire Bangkok

If you are going to a special occasion and have to rent a car when you travel for your special occasion, Don't you want to impress your friends and family? Maybe you have a family member getting married and you want to show up in style. Well a luxury car will definitely make this possible. You'll be the one looking great in your luxury vehicle, which will make a huge statement to everyone who is at the occasion.

Porsche car rental Bangkok

Why Not Try It Before You Buy
Perhaps you are contemplating purchasing your own luxury vehicle. If so, renting one to check it out for a few days is a great idea. This way you can try it out before actually buying one. Doing this gives you more than a test drive so you can ensure that you really love the car before you lay out all that money on it.

Prestige car rental Bangkok - luxury car rental Bangkok
Worth The Money

No matter your reason for using a luxury car in Thailand, you will definitely find that it is worth the money. Sure, it may be a bit more expensive than other types of car that you can rent, but the statement you can make and the fun and excitement you can have driving it definitely will make it worth what you'll pay.

There are so many great reasons for renting a luxury car for a few days. Just book in advance your favorite car in Bangkok at:

Call or Mail us in Bangkok @:

Phone: +66022072303 | +66 (0) 22072303

We Ensure to offer competitive prices and top quality vehicles and service so that you get the most for your holidays in Thailand.

Prestige Car Rental Bangkok Co., Ltd.
Level 29, The Offices at Centralworld
999/9 Rama I Road, Khwaeng Pathumwan, Khet Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

R.I.P Eli Wallach

Eli Wallach, who played "The Ugly" in Sergio Leone classic "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", has died at the age of 98. His acting career spanned 60 years and he also had important acts in classics like The Magnıfıcent Seven and The Godfather Part III.

I have last seen him in 2010 Academy Awards and suprised to see him alive indeed. For me, Eli Wallach is Tuco of the most unforgettable movie of all times : "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". When I first watched the final duel scene of this movie in 80s, I was literally blown away. In those dark ages before internet the only option to watch it again was to wait for a TV channel to broadcast it again (usually a few years later) or beg daddy to rent a video of the movie which was not avail. Since the first time, I watched this movie at least 10 times more.

Below is the "Sad Hill Cemetery" Mexican duel scene. The Good (who indeed is not a good person), The Bad (who is not worse than the other two) and The Ugly (not ugly but crummy) fıght over money while "The Dead" are laughing at them (Sergio Leone wanted the music to sound like laughter of the dead from their grave).

R.I.P Eli Wallach.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Website that Simplifies Vacation Planning

Want to find the best travel deals available without having to spend hours visiting or calling multiple travel agents? Etravel Connect ( provides the solution for you.

Launched in January this year, Etravel Connect provides information on more than 1,000 travel packages from over 15 travel agencies in Singapore. The one-stop online portal allows holidaymakers to compare travel packages side-by-side and the firm also assists corporate personnel to locate the best travel packages for company and event trips.

“Etravel Connect makes travel planning easier,” said founder and director Cecilia Lohanata. “It allows travelers to search and compare travel packages – tour packages, free and easy, and land tours – across multiple travel agencies in Singapore.”

Specializing in travel opportunities to places around the globe, Etravel Connect allows vacationers to search for any travel destination by name, departure date, duration, or by a specific price range. The site maintains a comprehensive list of destinations from which to choose, before narrowing selection to a specific locale.

Complete information is provided for each travel package. Listings feature data on accommodations, transportation, guides and languages, along with any restrictions or special conditions. Individuals can read reviews from other travelers and obtain a complete itinerary. Those eager to take a break from a hectic professional life, find a family vacation venue, or travel on a budget will find options at Etravel Connect.

Travelers can choose from a myriad of tour packages to countries on virtually any continent. Individuals can journey to view the ancient wonders of Egypt, bask in the sun of Maldives, or sample the delights of Taiwan. Those seeking unique entertainments and amusements can choose from multiple destinations on the East and West Coast of the U.S.

For individuals and families who prefer a more leisurely pace, Etravel Connect offers free and easy packages featuring flights and accommodations. Itineraries are less structured and in many instances, visitors have carte blanche to set their own schedule for site seeing, attending amusements and enjoying leisure time activities.

“Tour packages are popular in Asia,” said Cecilia, “and travelers have had to visit multiple travel agencies to obtain brochures, compare prices and check availability. Our website eliminates this time-consuming and inefficient process.” Etravel Connect allows travelers to submit enquiries to multiple travel agents with a click of a button and the respective travel agents will respond within 2-3 business days. For those wanting a faster response, Etravel Connect provides “live chat” function for some travel agents.

The development and launch of Etravel Connect grew from Cecilia’s frustration with planning her family’s yearly vacation. It was a labor intensive process that involved hours of research on multiple websites. She and her programmer husband, William collaborated to create ETravel Connect to make planning a getaway easy and stress free.

The launch of Etravel Connect provides individuals, families and companies with a single website that collect, collate and compare prices for travel packages. The site features luxury land and tour packages, along with free and easy options for budget conscious travelers.

Etravel Connect continues to grow by listening to its users and giving them what they want – a travel website that is fast, flexible and finds the best travel package with no added fees and no fuss.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Costa Victoria cruise promotion 2014

Luxurious Costa Victoria cruise ship offers "Exquisite Italian Experience" in South East Asian waters. If you choose to cruise with this magnificent ship in your next holiday, you will not only allow this floating resort to take you many nice destinations in Asia, you will also enjoy vast amount of Italian cuisines on board. Elegant and totally refurbished, with new balconies, terraces and windows, Costa Victoria offers an unmistakeable style that marries traditional nautical style with essential design. The chic and original environments are filled with prestigious furnishings and works of art, making this ship a refined and stylish work of art.

Costa Victoria is owned and operated by Costa Crociere. She has a capacity to carry 1,928 passengers and features a panoramic Concorde Plaza, an indoor pool, the ultramodern Pompei Spa, and the seven deck Planetarium Atrium.

This cruise promotion running now offers 4D3N Costa Victoria cruise for only $338 per person instead of $675 which translates into a 50% discount. The cruise deal is for minimum 2 people and Inside Classic Cabin type of accommodation on the ship.

This luxurious cruise from Singapore offers a "Singapore – Malacca – Penang – Singapore" sailing and the deal includes cabin accommodation, all meals through the day, gala nights, on board entertainment, activities as well as Children’s Squok Club.

Costa Victoria 4D3N cruise promotion 2014
Treat your family or friends to a great time on board Costa Victoria to an exquisite Italian experience and make this the most unforgettable holiday yet! For details of the deal and fine print, you can visit this page : Costa Victoria Cruise: 4D3N “Exquisite Italian Experience”.

To have an idea of what is expecting you on board Costa Victoria, you can watch this 3+ minutes What Makes a Costa Cruise Unique? video below.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cineleisure Auntie Zheng Po Po passed away

She was one of the well known street sellers in Singapore. Zheng Po Po, the old lady selling her stuffs outside Orchard Cineleisure unfortunately passed away today at 00.06 am. She was 84 years old. According to the media, she has died of colon cancer. The news first appeared on Tere Tan's Facebook page and later the post was shared by Project Awareness:

Guys for ur info. Zheng po po passed away today at SGH. Hold she really gave u guys memories of Aunty cineleisure. Guess she is now in the good hands of (God/laotianye/Allah) whatever.. Hope she rest in peace and move on to afterlife to find peace and hope.

According to Tere Tan's post, she was seen sick and in pain on May 31st:

This elderly lady looks familar outside cine? Whenever i saw her or at orchard seeling her goods, i would pass her 2dollar to 10dollars. But when i walk pass her or to visit her today (31/5/14), i realise she is in pain and she is vomitting non stop. I ask if she wan to go see doctor, she say too expensive. I asked her stop selling if she is not feeling well but she told me she cant cause she need to pay her medical bills. She is still selling there now and vomitting beside her at the same time.

I saw her selling there since i was 16 when i was working in kbox at cineleisure, but now i am 23,seeing her like this, i cant help to post this on facebook , see if i ever get any attention from anyone who is capable to give her a helping hand. I just stand there and my just "tahan" not to cry. She moved my heart but i cant do anything, i am not rich, i am just a normal boy earning normal wages and working hard. 

so Pls if anyone knws and fountation or charity. Pls help me to contact them on this matter:) anyone knows her details or where she stays pls pm me tooo

According to a June 2013 blog post by a Melbourne-based blogger, she was 83 years old. You can read the blogpost about her here:

Amidst luxury brands and high street stores Singapore’s Orchard Road is famous for sits an old lady just outside Mandarin Gallery peddling an assortment of eclectic wares. From packets of tissue paper to a bottle of dark soy sauce, I always wondered why she chose such a spot (without shelter) to sell her stuff. But she was one of those people at the back of my mind. I never cared for more than five minutes, sometimes stopping to pass her some spare cash on hand.

Data visualization training in Singapore - Half Day Tableau Software Introduction

If you are interested in Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools and want to have a hands on experience with these software, then do not miss this Tableau training in Singapore by Knowledge Management Solutions (KMS). KMS, a Singapore based business intelligence and data visualization solution provider, runs a half a day free Tableau software training session named Build Your First Data Visualization Dashboard in half-day.

Tableau software is one of the most popular and best (according to Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms 2014 report) data visualization tools in the market today. Tableau allows anyone to connect to data in a few clicks, then visualize and create interactive, sharable dashboards with a few more. It's easy enough that any Excel user can learn it, but powerful enough to satisfy even the most complex analytical problems. Securely sharing your findings with others only takes seconds. The result is BI software that you can trust to actually deliver answers to the people that need them.

Data visualization training in Singapore - Half Day Tableau Software Introduction

Who should attend?
Business people, General Managers, Analysts, Operations Managers, IT Managers, HR Managers, Finance Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Service Managers, etc.

What you will learn during the hands-on training:
You will build an advanced Tableau Business Intelligence Dashboard.

This training will be provided by key KMS consultants who on average have more than 8 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Analytics. Seats are limited hence if you are interested, follow the link and register : KMS Data Visualization training in Singapore using Tableau. The data visualization session will be on 8th August 2014.