Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cheap Singapore Hotels - Geylang Area

Cheap Singapore Hotel is something which does not exist. You can only find cheaper Singapore hotels. And most of these cheaper or cheapest Singapore hotels are in Geylang area. The cheapest of these cheapest usually are either in Geylang Lorong 2 to 34 or in Joo Chiat Road. Before going for one of them you need to know why these hotels are significantly cheaper than the other hotels in Singapore. If you do not know why you may end up like these guys I have written in stingy company ends up spending a lot for hotels post. The reason is not a secret at all, these streets in Geylang, and generally the Geylang area, are the red-light districts of Singapore!

Now let me answer the first question, you probably will have, Are they safe? Yes, red light districts and the hotels in Singapore are generally safe. Would I recommend them? Yes and no.

I do not recommend cheap red light district hotels if you are with your family or a woman. If you go to these streets in the daytime you will see that they are decent, calm places. But in the night, these streets are infested with prostitutes and their customer to be's.

But I recommend them if you are do not want to spend a lot of money on accommodation and you are man and alone (or with another man). I have recommended some of them to my friends on business trip and they did not have any complaints. If you are not there for the trade and you did not really choose a very specialized hotel in business, you can safely and comfortably stay there without any major nuisance. They also have advantages. These hotels are very near to the city. Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre and Central Business District are very near from these hotels (15 minutes bus ride or 5-10 minutes taxi ride).

A sample hotels combined search of Geylang Hotels

Other then being a red light district, Geylang area is very vibrant and fun to taste Asian food and life style. Actually all the tourist attractions in Singapore will have some kind of sterile artificial hand-made hot spots because that is what they are. But Geylang is one of the few places which keeps the real Asia in overly cleaned Singapore so I recommend you to pay a visit there even if you do not leave there.

But do not write-off Geylang completely. Check out our Top Three Budget Hotels in Geylang of Singapore article to find out some nicely located Geylang budget hotels.

Some budget hotels to consider in Singapore
Victoria Hotel Singapore Hotel 81 Dickson Value Hotel Balestier

If you are looking for cheaper hotel alternatives, relatively central, I recommend the following:

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