Saturday, July 2, 2011

Singapore, Unseen/Unsaid

RediscoverSG team, 4 third-year students from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication, prepared a 10 part mini-series named "Unseen/Unsaid". They have talked with older generation of Singapore and tell us their forgotten stories in these 10 short videos.

"The lady in the Chinese opera video - she's an old Chinese grandmother who speaks Cantonese. She's from Hong Kong. She speaks traditional Cantonese, not street Cantonese" says Elizabeth Lee, on of the members of RediscoverSG. "We did not expect the older generation of Singaporeans would be willing to talk to us" she said. "You realize a lot of them have stories, but nobody has ever bothered to ask them. Once you ask them, they are willing to tell."

She says "growing up in Singapore we have seen a lot of things and used to think that they will be a part of landscape forever. But when we have grown older we have seen that a lot of things we have taken granted are disappearing from the landscape. So we have just wanted to capture whatever we can capture before they really disappear."

A traditional bakery, a glimpse of what lies behind the curtains of a Chinese street opera, an old playground sitting uncomfortable amid new developments. These are some of the videos they have prepares in 6 months and with $100,000 ($75,000 of it is a grant from National Heritage Board).  You can follow them from their web page rediscoversg.

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