Monday, December 19, 2011

SMRT train delays in Tanah Merah and Bedok

I have tried to take MRT on East - West Line from Tanah Merah MRT to Tampines MRT station today. It was near peak hour and I was unsuccessful to board a train. When I have arrived the platform, it was already overcrowded. I could not make to the first train since it was already very full when I have arrived the platform and the second train was emptied in Tanah Merah MRT and no one was let to board. I did not want to see the end of the episode since even if next trains were coming on time, they would be hard to board because of the crowd. if I stayed, I would probably board one eventually but I did not want the risk to stay in a broken train between two MRT stations and walk the track back under the rain. So I gave up and left the MRT station and took a bus to Tampines. While waiting for bus, I have witnessed that the next train towards Pasir Ris direction was also emptied in Tanah Merah Station. I have also realized that if you leave the MRT without taking a train, you are still charged 73 cents!

I have checked internet about the delays and found out this article:

"There were also tweets about the East-West Line being affected - with passengers reporting delays near Bedok and Tanah Merah stations. 
SMRT, however, refuted such claims of prolonged delays. An SMRT spokesperson told Channel NewsAsia that the withdrawal of the faulty train was done in less than 15 minutes, and would not have "caused a system-wide delay". SMRT said any delays on Monday are mainly caused by the speed restriction along the stretches where a speed limit is imposed, and the wet weather."

Last week, SMRT operated North - South MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) line, the oldest line in Singapore, was struck by severe train disruptions which left passengers in blacked-out SMRT cars for hours and eventually forced them walk the subway tunnels to reach the nearest station. See 2011 MRT train disruptions.

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