Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Singapore Hotels are most expensive in Asia

Yesterday, I was in a conference organized by a Business Intelligence provider and a guy was talking about the refinement in searching for the information in Google. He said if you look for hotels in Singapore, you will get 3 million+ results. To have a more meaningful result set, you need to add more information to your search like searching for “business hotel”. This will return a little less than 1 million results. Refine more and you will have more useful set. For example if you search “cheap business hotel” you will get much less results: “You get 200K results. But of course none of them is useful since there is nothing like a cheap hotel in Singapore!”

He was joking but he has a point: hotel rooms are very expensive in Singapore. According to hotels.com, hotel rooms in Singapore are the most expensive in Asia thanks to increasing Singapore Dollar and booming tourism sector. The prices actually are so high that an average hotel room in Singapore costs 239 Singapore Dollars (145 Euros) which is ahead of countries such as the Netherlands (S$238), the United Arab Emirates (S$234), Australia (S$218) and Canada (S$213).

This result is based on the The Hotel Price Index (HPI) compiled by Hotels.com. The Hotels.com® Hotel Price Index™ is a regular survey of hotel prices in major city destinations across the world. The HPI tracks the real prices paid per room by Hotels.com customers around the world using a weighted average based on the number of rooms sold in each of the markets in which Hotels.com operates. Approximately 142,000 properties in more than 19,800 global locations make up the sample set of hotels from which prices are taken:

Marina Bay Sands Hotel SkyPark Infinity Pool
Singapore hotels are most expensive in Asia.
Here Marina Bay Sands Hotel SkyPark is seen.
The same survey also shows that Asia is getting more popular among Americans by every passing year. Hong Kong is the the seventh most visited international city by Americans in 2011.

“A growing business, cultural and culinary hotspot, Singapore rose as one of the most expensive Asian cities, seeing a year-over-year average daily rate increase of 18 percent. Travelers looking for travel deals to Asia should look at Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Chiang Mai, Thailand before demand for these locations rises and prices increase.”

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