Friday, July 11, 2014

Shop the Royal Boutique!

Princessa’s Royal Boutique

Shopping is one of the many joys in Singapore, but with the countless number of brands around, the local small players sometimes get overshadowed by the big boys.

Introducing to you a local-established up-and-coming fashion boutique, ♔ Princessa’s Royal Boutique ♔.

♔ Princessa’s Royal Boutique ♔ is an online boutique that potrays the fashion style and must-have closet essentisal of blogger-cum-entrepreneur, Sabrina Wang. Most of you may know her from her own blog at

This royal princess has gone all out to hand pick items around the world to bring you ♔ Princessa’s Royal Boutique ♔.

Sabrina Wang

The online fashion store emerged late last year, since, they’ve launched their very own mobile app on Android, followed by an IOS version months after.

Actively engaging on social media platforms, the brand constantly run social media activities on Facebook (with an eCommerce Facebook app) and Instagram. The fashion brand has also gotten itself involved in numerous events such as Valentine Vendetta, NUS Union Camp, etc; and more to come.

Online Fashion Store

Online, I’m better known as Princessa, an alter ego, online persona, pen name or however you want to call it, of the original version, which is myself, Sabrina. To be absolutely honest, the persona is pretty much a selective version of my actuality. The persona is position to be a little more “ditsy”, carefree, happy go lucky… and a little spoilt.
I started “blogging” over 16 years ago? It was a personal mix development website while exploring the beauty of the internet (as well as HTML) on a 56k modem. Then, the term blogging didn’t even exist. We were still using platforms like Angelfire, if you have even heard of it – Lycos.
One site after another, then suddenly “blogging” hit the world, and afterwards came Social Media – from Web 0 to Web 2.0 to… I somewhat lost track on the numeric.

A lot has changed, so did my supposed “branding”.
When “blogging” popularized, I started adopting “Princess Sabrina” (every girl wants to be a princessa). Eventually, there was a need to shorten the name… and poof, the birth of Princessa.

So from geeky gamer girl (I was an avid competitive PC gamer, no joke), I revamped into pink princess.
Why am I saying all this?
Princessa was/is somewhat the better version of who I am/was. As the Princessa name caught on, it went from an online/blogging persona to somewhat a brand – like Rachel Zoe, Marc Jacobs, etc.

Online Shopping

Now have you seen the online store yet?

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