Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Buying natural manuka honey in Singapore made easy - HoneySpree

Benefits of honey are many : honey is an anti-bacterial, an anti-fungal, an anti-fungal while it is also full of antioxidants. Eating well and choosing the right food from the right retailer is important for me (especially for my family) and having a healthy honey in the breakfast table (I am Mediterranean and always had honey on the table since childhood) is a must. I do not know you but eating honey in the breakfast also energizes me a lot.

But not all honey are made equal. You won't get the most health benefits of honey by simply choosing a random honey container from a supermarket. You should choose a quality one like manuka honey. Produced in New Zealand and Australia from the nectar of the mānuka tree, monuka honey is known for its antibacterial and health-enhancing properties. This type of honey has an antibacterial property named UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) which is not found in all types of Manuka honey. The UMF Unique Manuka Factor is important because it is a measure that ascertains the level of potency of anti-bacterial properties in the particular supply of Manuka Honey.

I was looking for a way to buy manuka honey online and came across HoneySpree. Looking for Honey Singapore took me to this nice online retailer of natural honey and health foods. The company has a flagship product named Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey. And the UMF factor? UMF 15+. So higher anti-bacterial property.

Buy Manuka Honey Online - Honey Singapore
HoneySpree is a pro-family retailer of honey in Singapore and also sells gourmet tea, health food and super foods. Their flagship Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey is UMF 15+ with highest antibacterial benefits of honey.
The brand has a very interesting story. The owner, Beth Candice Wu, has discovered the benefits of manuka honey when her mother saw some improvement in her low immunity issues. But looking for a more effective product, she has done some footwork in New Zealand and discovered that only Unique Manuka Factor (UMF®) honey would have the anti-bacterial, healing and health-enhancing properties. When her mother tried New Zealend UMF® honey and saw significant improvements in her health. This led to an online Singapore honey shop which also offers other healthy products. Today Honey Spree is one of the few places to buy manuka honey online and probably the only local one.

HoneySpree offers door-to-door delivery via courier service and if you are ordering from overseas (outside Singapore) they can also deliver through FedEx.

You can access the online shop here at

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