Monday, September 15, 2014

Secret of Karma

Karma (or kamma in Pali) language is one of the pillars of Buddhism yet it is one of the least understood aspect of Buddhism even by Buddhists. Karma is the result of an action with “will” and although it is similar to “cause – and – result” relationship it is different in 3 ways:

An action needs to be done by “will” to be karmic. For example if you kill a cat which jumps onto street while you are driving with normal speed and tried to avoid the cat, this killing will not create bad karma because you did not have will to kill the cat. On the other hand if you torture yourself emotionally with this accident, you are willingly harming someone (yourself) and you create bad karma.

Second, you can balance the net karma. If you have been a bad person up to now, you can start to be good and act with wisdom and if you are blessed with a long enough life, you can have net good karma from this life. But again “will” is the key here : “good” actions coming from a plain scare of the consequences of having bad karma will not erase a lot of bad karma. But a sincere remorse as a result of will to train your mind, to get rid of the mind of greed and selfishness will create huge positive karma.

And third, the consequences of karma can be seen in this life or in the next life(s). So some really bad things happening to good people may be a result of their karma coming from their past lifes.
Many people only know the actions with bad karma and the actions with good karma. But there is also something which is not well known: actions with no karma. The ultimate goal of Buddhism is to attend to a state of mind where actions generate no karma. Actions with good karma are needed to stay in the favorable realms of samsara like human beings and deities.  Only from these planes of existence one can rise to nirvana.  And for nirvana, one needs actions without karma.

There are many secrets of karma to know. For more detailed information, you can take a look at Create Karma Points.

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