Friday, September 8, 2017

Singaporean Company Gives Free Software to Businesses, Following Government’s Productivity Push

EMERGE App, a Singaporean software startup wants to give free software to all trading and distribution companies in Singapore, in line with the Government’s push to increase productivity overall by 3% annually until 2020. Interested companies can sign up and get their cloud software account immediately from

In addition to the funding and assistance provided by organisations such as SPRING Singapore, EMERGE App is stepping in now to provide order processing and inventory management software so that businesses can streamline their business and product workflows.

Although Singapore’s trading and distribution industry in 2015 totaled nearly S$1 trillion, EMERGE App believes this number can be enhanced by reducing the inefficiency companies face from poor administration habits.

Currently, SMEs looking for order processing and inventory software either use Microsoft Excel or will have to purchase customised software, which can be nearly impossible for them to afford. Entrepreneur Benjamin Yee faced a similar problem with his T-shirt wholesale business back in 2010, and thus decided to solve it on his own. The result was EMERGE App.

Singaporean Company Gives Free Software to Businesses, Following Government’s Productivity Push

Moreover, EMERGE APP features a complete system for growing business dealing with traditional offline distribution & online e-commerce sales. It comes with a full suite of features manages your entire operation from multi-channel sales to purchasing, product, inventory & simple accounting management. If you are running a growing business with more than 2 employees, EMERGE full user access management allow privacy settings applied to different parts of the app.

You can manage your complete workflow from sales, purchasing and delivery. The system allows you to be on top of every complex sales and purchase relationship for companies keeping full, partial or completely no stock. Tracking all your sales receivables and purchase payables is a breeze as well.

EMERGE App’s accounting features include accounts receivable with credit and debit note creation, customer account statement generation, and payment tracking, account payable with supplier invoice generation, partial and consolidated payments, and automatic updates, reporting in multiple curreemerncies, invoice creation, and much more.

Calling all wholesale and distribution companies across Singapore to try EMERGE free software for your business. 

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