Monday, January 16, 2012

Do not overlook LinkedIn when looking for a job in Singapore

A colleague in my company has recently secured a job from LinkedIn which reminded me the increasing importance of using LinkedIn to find a job in Singapore. Here, although traditional sources of looking for jobs are still very strong, I observe that people are increasingly using LinkedIn to connect more people and based on the views to my profile, recruiters are also increasingly using LinkedIn to find right candidates.

LinkedIn, if you have somehow not heard about it, is a business-related social networking site. A well prepared and well-connected LinkedIn profile may bring incredible job opportunities to you, most of the time with little afford from your side.

LinkedIn has a beta application called “Jobs You May Be Interested In”. This small section on the left hand side is worth to check frequently if you are looking for a job since it compiles a list of jobs those match your profile in some way. To optimize your chances you should complete your profile with all the information necessary to make your profile 100% complete and use right keywords in your profile which would help the LinkedIn algorithms to locate a suitable job for you.

Many people I know are extremely shy to announce that they have just got out of their job until they find a new one. But announcing the loss of the job may not be that bad idea since it seems to me like when you are “free”, some recruiters are notified and they call you. This happened to me and several friends. When I have found my current company, I have “left” my previous company in LinkedIn and did not announce my new company for a while. During these times several recruiters called me.

Another way to come across more employment opportunities in LinkedIn is to extend your network so that you fall into the network of more recruiters and join your interest groups in LinkedIn and keep an eye on the job listings there.

Since the best time to look for a job in Singapore is approaching, you should create a LinkedIn account if you have not done yet and enrich it with content and connections to be ready for the hunting period. As we have written before the best time to find a job in Singapore is after Chinese New Year holiday during when people already collect their bonuses, have rest and jump to new jobs.

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