Monday, July 28, 2014

Paolo Bediones Scandal Video Leaked

Recently, video allegedly showing Filipino television host Paolo Bediones having sex with a woman is circling around the internet. The 6 minute video shows a man resembling Paolo Bediones is getting quite intimate with a woman. He has not released any announcement about the video yet.

Although the woman in the sex video is unidentified yet, some say that she is China Roces, a 22-year-old model and actress[1].

Several photos in her Facebook profile appear to show her with 40-year-old Paolo Bediones. In them, Bediones is accepting some type of award  but she has since deleted the photos. China Roces later spoke on alleged Paolo Bediones scandal and denied being the woman in the video.[5]

An alleged video scandal of host Paolo Bediones spreads online and now going viral on different social media sites. A 6-minute video which shows a man who allegedly be the host and tv personality having an intimate moment with a still unidentified woman has started to circulate online. [2]
Starting his career as a commercial model, Paolo Bediones successfully transformed himself to a  television show host. He is best known for hosting GMA Network's Extra Challenge and Survivor Philippines.He is now a TV host and the newest newscaster on TV5.[3]

You can watch the news about leaked Paolo Bediones video below.

Later, TV5 released a statement on alleged Paolo Bediones video:
"The recent issue involving our news anchor Paolo Bediones on social media is a purely personal and private matter in which TV5 has no involvement or desire to intrude. We accord our employee and talents all respect that are due them for their privacy and personal action or decision." 
“"We disapprove strongly the malicious and wanton publication of the video, an act that clearly violates pertinent cybercrime laws." 
"We firmly express our support for our anchor Paolo Bediones in the face of a controversy that represents nothing more than an attempt to smear his reputation."[4]
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