Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WCKD:MAG - Singapore based online magazine for men

When it comes to online product recommendation and shopping, the Singapore is flooded with sites catering to women. But there are significantly less number of online sources catering to men. So for men, the best way to find cool stuff is to surf the internet on their own instead of going to several online sites doing this job for them.

But "less" does not mean "none". There are some online websites for men in Singapore. One of them, WCKD:MAG, is a Singapore based online magazine which is about cool and innovative stuff for men, gadgets and toys that men would desire.

WCKD:MAG lists cool, affordable and actually practical stuff for men and since the site is Singapore based,  products featured are mostly available here in Singapore (or you can buy them online and delivered here anyway).

The site also categorizes things nicely and in an easily accessible way. For example there are price categories such as below $100, $100 - $200, $200 - $300, etc (if you want to fly high there is also a $100 and above category which lists things like Zoom Electric Scooter).

Most of the stuff are catering to modern, gadget savvy men who also loves to travel and discover. There are some fun stuff listed too like this "Scratch me Kitty" a.k.a "X MAN Wolverine Claws replica" :) Although targeting mainly Singapore men, if you are planning to visit Singapore, you can take a look at the site to see what cool stuffs could be available for you in Singapore.

The site does not sells the items directly but recommends them. If you wish to purchase the items or simply find out more, the site directs you the respective sellers.

Singapore based WCKD:MAG offers reccomendations for cool and affordable stuff desired by men.

The  WCKD:MAG web site is available at You can also follow this cool site on its Facebook page at You can also follow the web site by simply entering your e-mail to Follow box (see the main page of the site).

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