Saturday, December 27, 2014

Number 1 site in Singapore for education - Learning Courses

Most of us almost never think of further education in Singapore after we graduate from the main stream schools. Life usually weights in with its responsibilities such as a demanding job and family. Laziness also kicks in with the difficulty of finding a suitable something to do in the later years.

Most of us also think that after education courses are expensive, time consuming and difficult to find. But this is usually not the case. There are many further education courses in many areas and with short course hours. They also do not cost arms and legs. There are many cooking classes, dancing lessons, yoga sessions and arts classes falling into this category. Yes, you may have thought of a long term night class or online university for further education but now as the parent of yourself, you can take many small classes to learn something new, have a new hobby or even to learn something to start your side business.

Courses are everywhere but it requires some search to find them. In Singapore for example just googling gives many course ideas but plain google search is not refined enough. There is a better option though : Learning Courses web site. Learning Courses is the biggest directory of courses in Singapore and lists many courses such as Cooking classes, Dancing lessons, Photography courses, Professional Diplomas, Computer Classes, Coffee Brewing sessions, Make Up courses, Google Adwords, Marketing events, SEO courses, Golf lessons, Yoga sessions, Photoshop courses, Swimming lessons, Arts classes and many others.

Learning Courses does not offer these courses directly. Instead it is a listing for the courses. If you are also conducting a course in Singapore and want to list it in this directory, you can simply go to the web page and submit a new course.

Search for courses in Singapore
Learning Courses is Singapore's number 1 site for education.
In short, has got every kind of course listed out there. From baking to diplomas to photography to yoga classes. Just name a course in Singapore and you will probably find one there. What I suggest is also scroll through the courses without any filter to find a new and interesting course which you may have never thought of but would love to have. 

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