Monday, November 23, 2015

GrabTaxi deactivated my account due to suspicious(!) activity

I have started to use GrabTaxi approximately 1 year ago and initially I liked an alternative way to call a taxi (in Sengkang, it is difficult to find a taxi, even if you call the lines). But since then, I have not used it frequently for several reasons such as Uber, the rude behavior of taxi drivers (when booked from GrabTaxi) and so on. Last time I remember was months ago.

Then last week, I suddenly got this message from GrabTaxi :
"We found suspicious activity after an analysis of the validity of your booking history. As this is against the code of conduct, we have to deactivate your access to the GrabTaxi app. You can appeal via this form: ...."
Suspicious activity? What? I don't remember anything. But then i googled for the message and found out a few people who had the same message after they did not take the car they booked. So I remember the last one.

I wanted to go from Compass Point to city and booked a taxi by GrabTaxi while I was in thw queue. Then the queue moved fast and I found a taxi and took it (it was very urgent). I opened GrabTaxi app but could not cancel the booking (the button simply did not work!). I tried many times and after that I called the taxi driver and apologized. He did not seem to bother a lot (queue for taxi behind me was long anyway). Maybe he was cheerful in the call but complained about me.

The only other problem I had was with a driver months ago which I did not bother to complain (instead I stopped using GrabTaxi as the first option to get a taxi). My daughter was sick with 39 degrees C fever and she was vomiting so we decided to go to KKH. I used GrabTaxi to call this guy. He came late, he stopped behind the apartment and insisted us to walk to him instead of him driving to lobby (later he drove to the lobby). He was rude and then when we wanted to put a bag on the front seat and he refused, we decided to pay him and left the car after going only 50 meters. Maybe it was not enough for him and after leaving a sick kid with 39 degrees fever, he also wanted to complain about me.

I realized the taxi drivers care much less about the service quality when they are called from GrabTaxi. So I started to use it as a last resort. But still it would be nice to have it.

GrabTaxi deactivated my account due to suspicious(!) activity
GrabTaxi deactivated my account due to suspicious activity
Anyway, I filled in the form but in internet I can see that they do not bother to reply you. If the "suspicious activity" is only the last transaction where I could not cancel a booking because of their app (I will assume this is the case until they reply my message), then I prefer to not use them. Anyway, I loved Uber and I started to use it instead of GrabTaxi long time ago. Hopefully their customer service is not as bad as GrabTaxi's. 

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