Sunday, February 12, 2017

Best Tuition in Sembawang

If you are looking for chemistry, A/E mathematics and Science tuition; physics express or mathematics tutor, please read on. We know it is difficult to be a student in Singapore and a parent of a student in Singapore. Demanding parents, exams, home works and teachers require a lot in terms of school scores. The competition is high and everyone is doing what they can to be a step forward from the crowd. This makes normal school hours not enough for being at the top. This is why nearly 8 out of 10 parents with children in primary school and 6 out of 10 parents with secondary school children send their kids to private tuition.

Tuition is mostly fueled by ambitious parents wanting their children to secure places at top schools. It is also a global phenomenon not limited to Singapore. And in Singapore, good education system and high quality tuition pay back handsomely. Singapore now has a reputation as an education powerhouse and its students are world champions.Singapore's 15-year-olds for example are ranked tops for mathematics, science and reading in the Programme for International Student Assessment.

Although (and thankfully), Singapore tuition system did not reach the the mania in other (places) such as Hong Kong, where celebrity tutors are treated like idols, it is still very important to find a good tutor or a tuition center. A dedicated tutor can quietly help students achieve their full potential behind the scenes.

Serene Wong is one such tutor you can find if you live around Sembawang. She is a graduate of National University of Singapore (NUS) in Bachelor of Science. She has more than 15 years of experience teaching Science and Mathematics at secondary level. Besides tutoring, she also had substantial experience conducting 'O' Level classes at private institutions.

Best Tuition in Sembawang
Serene Wong does tuition in small group of 2 to 5 students and each student is given individual attention.
As a dedicated and patient teacher, Serene Wong is able to impart knowledge to her students and help them to improve, and eventually excel in the subject(s). She teaches lower secondary such as Science ( IP/Express/IB/ NAcad) and Mathematics ( Express/IB/NAcad); upper secondary such as Chemistry ( IP/Express/IB/NAcad), Physics ( Express/NAcad ) and A/E Mathematics ( Express/IB/Nacad).

Serene Wong does tuition in small group of 2 to 5 students and each student is given individual attention. As mentioned above, she has has more than 15 years of teaching experience, with proven track records. Tuition is conducted in a conducive environment and conceptual and progressive learning is emphasized. The tuition also provides supplementary worksheets and exam papers.

Best Tuition in Sembawang

If you are looking for one of the following, this may be the tuition center for you :
  • Chemistry tuition in Sembawang
  • Physics Express Tutor in Sembawang
  • A/E Mathematics Tuition in Sembawang
  • Science ( IP/Express/IB/ NAcad) Tuition in Sembawang
  • Mathematics ( Express/IB/NAcad) Tutor in Sembawang
  • and so on.
Chemistry tuition in Sembawang
On of the courses of Serene Wong Tuition is Chemistry tuition in Sembawang
Serene Wong Tuition Sembawang is located at Blk 406, Sembawang Drive, Sembawang, 750406. You can also access her by phone at 93636683. For more information, you can visit

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