Monday, May 22, 2017

DC Ceiling Fans in Singapore

In Singapore, cooling is needed the year around. Using an air-con is quite common but an expensive way to achieve the interior cooling. The best alternative to air-con is a ceiling fan which operates on a fraction of the cost of an air-con.
Recently, a new technology of ceiling fans has emerged : DC Ceiling fans. The most widely used technology in ceiling fan is Alternating-Current (AC) whereas and Direct-Current (DC) are getting popular. What is the difference?

The currency in grid is Alternating-Current (AC). So an AC ceiling fan is directly connected to this currency. A DC ceiling fan on the other hand has an extra component called transformer to convert AC of the grid to DC. AC significantly reduces electricity transportation cost over long distances but when it comes to home appliances, DC power has several advantages, including ceiling fans.

A DC ceiling fan consumes significantly less energy (30-40 watts) compared to AC ceiling fan (60-120 watts). But electricity cost is not the main superiority of a DC fan. In the end, AC fans are still very energy efficient compared to an air-con unit which uses almost 900 - 1400 watts.

DC Ceiling fan Singapore

The main advantage of a DC ceiling fan over AC ceiling fan is that the DC fan provides better airflow and has no motor noise. Yes, none. This makes them ideal for areas like bedrooms. DC ceiling fans also offers more speed options. And their DC electric motors tend to be smaller which allows slimmer fan designs.

So when buying a ceiling, which one you should choose : a DC ceiling fan or an AC ceiling fan?

Although they are more expensive, you should choose a DC ceiling fan. They are the technology of the future and their no-noise motor, energy efficiency, better airflow quality and speed options worth the price.

Where can you buy a DC ceiling fan in Singapore? You can buy a DC ceiling fan in Singapore from a reputable seller. This is an expensive and bulky item. You would not want to buy it from an overseas online source to save on money. We recommend Hdblighting online shop which sells high quality DC ceiling fans as well as lighting. The reason we recommend HDBLighting is that they are a local online business which offers free shipping, lower prices, good quality, warranty and service when needed.

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