Friday, June 9, 2017

Barteli - The Ultimate Book Exchange App in Singapore

Carousell and qoo10 are some of the very familiar online markets we use in Singapore. However, these sites are cluttered with everything and anything. We seldom find sites/apps that are catered to a single type of item.

Introducing Barterli!

 A new community app for all book lovers in Singapore. Have you bought too many books that your shelf is too full? Have you still yet to sell your books from the previous semester/year? Or just want to get some good reads? With Barterli, you can sell or barter your books for new ones. Barterli values the importance of having physical books because we disallow the book’s value to diminish by depreciation through no use.

So, what is so great about Barterli?

1. Barterli suggests books suited to you. By entering your location onto the app, it helps to locate books near you. You can also follow the Barterli blog for exciting news, book reviews and hacks.

Barteli - The Ultimate Book Exchange App in Singapore

2. Big reader? If you are finding any book of a specific genre, the genre page helps you sort out the collection of books on Barterli.

Barteli - The Ultimate Book Exchange App in Singapore

3. Barterli is easy to use! All you need to do is scan the ISBN and all the book’s synopsis is uploaded instantly. If you cannot find the specific book, you can manually upload your book onto the app. You can also track your books on the ‘My Books’ page.

Barteli - The Ultimate Book Exchange App in Singapore

Barterli allows for easy communications where users can negotiate and exchange their books personally. If you are still not convinced, click on the link below for quick tutorial video.

The Barterli App is available to download on iOS and Android Store for free.
Download Barterli NOW by clicking on the link below!

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