Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Find My iPhone Application

According to The Straits Times, Singapore police have arrested a serial snatch thief after a valuable lead from an Find My iPhone application:

Early on Sunday morning, the 36-year-old victim was walking along Lim Liak Street when an unknown man approached her from behind and snatched away her iPhone which she was holding.

After the victim lodged a report, the 'Find My iPhone' application was used to help the police track down the suspect.

The suspect was arrested on Monday evening, and is believed to be also responsible for several other snatch theft cases in the Tiong Bahru and Kim Tian estates.

The suspect, an 18-year-old Malaysian man, will be charged in court on Wednesday.
Find My iPhone is an iPhone application which can help you to locate your lost iPhone. If you lose your iPhone or iPad in a house, you can tell MobileMe to play a sound that overrides the ringer volume or silent setting on your device. If you left it somewhere you can write a message that will be displayed on your iPhone or iPad. Something like, “Left my iPhone there. Please call me at bla bla.” Your message will appear on the screen, even if it’s locked.

Although real world experiences like this proves that this application works, it requires a MobileMe account which is sold for 99 USD/year; it is quite expensive for just using this feature (although the MobileMe service offers more than just Find My iPhone).

You have a chance to open a MobileMe account free for 60 days trial and continue to do this every 60 days but you are forced to give your credit card details upon subscription so do not forget to cancel your account if you are not willing to pay for it.

Find My iPhone - Source: Apple

There is a cheaper alternative to Find My iPhone. It is GadgetTrak® for iPhone: Anti-Theft App. The iPhone version of their application is free of charge, but has limited functionality due to the hardware access limitations Apple impose on application developers. Still it worths to have it if you currently do not have anything like this on your iPhone.

GadgetTrak® for iPhone - Source: GadgeTrak

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