Monday, December 13, 2010

Flight Experience Singapore

Have you ever wonder how does it feel to be an airliner pilot? Sitting in the captain's seat, planting your feer on the ruder pedals, right hand clamped to the thrust levers, left hand on the control column.With permission from Air Traffic Control, you advance the throttles and your Boeing 737 hurtles down the runway and takes off, climbing to 2000ft before banking into a 45° turn away from the airport.

Well if you are not a real pilot or an extreme Microsoft Flight Simulator addict with a home-made flight deck in your living room, there are very few places you can do this. One of them is Singapore Flight Experience located in Singapore Flyer.

After trying Flight Experience Australia, Captain Michael Caston and his wife Joanna Caston brought the Flight Experience franchise to Singapore which is a must do in Singapore. This is the next best thing to be in a real commercial airliner cockpit for many of us. The flight simulator is based on Boeing 737-800NG cockpit. You will experience flight with a fully qualified instructor who will take you through all aspects of your flight with as much or as little guidance as required. So this is not a game. As Captain Caston says "this is an edu-teinment". The simulator is a legitimate training ground, it has auto pilot, auto-throttle and fully functioning flight management system.

Flight Experience Singapore

Flight Experience is similar to the flight simulators that airlines use to train their commercial pilots, and its 100% authentic replica cockpit delivers a total immersion virtual reality environment. The 180° wraparound visuals, high-fidelity sound and cooling systems, along with a slight seat vibration, all combine to fool your senses into believing you are actually captaining a jet airliner.

A 30 minutes flight experience package will cost you $175 while the most popular package, 60 minutes fun is around $275. You do not need prior flying experience and you will fly the simulator as much as you can cope with. Each flight is conducted one on one with you and your instructor. But you can bring a friend with you, there is seating for two extra people to join you for your flight and there is no extra charge for it.

If you have fear of flight, the flight experience has a program, named Fear of Flying, which can benefit you. Joanna Caston, co-owner of the flight experience with pilot husband, has experience helping the people overcome their flight fear and uses her experience in the simulator.  

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