Friday, January 7, 2011

Average HDB Rental Prices in Singapore

(For a more up to date version of this article refer to Median Hdb flat rental prices as of Q1 2012).

How much should you pay for an HDB flat rent?  You can browse the web to have an idea on asking prices but you can also check HDB directly to have some idea on real rental approvals. HDB quarterly publishes HDB rents by town and flat type. This data provide the average rents of HDB flats in various locations with subletting approvals in a given quarter. Here average of course means that half the HDB units were rented above indicated value and half below. You should take a look at these figures before going into a rental agreement.

HDB flats are public housing flats unique to Singapore and they are the cheapest units to be found for rent in Singapore. Especially the newer HDB flats which had some renovation are in very good shape to rent. Newer HDBs do not having corridors on the outer faces of the building which is typical in older HDBs. Residents (citizens and Singapore PRs, Employment and S pass holders, student, dependent, professional visit pass holders and long term social visit visa holders can rent an HDB flat.

Below is a chart generated from the HDB median subletting rent data. 3-RM means 2+1 HDB, a flat with a living room, 2 rooms (1 master room with attached toilet and a common room) and a kitchen. 4-RM means 3+1 HDB a flat with a living room, 3 rooms (1 master room with attached toilet and 2 common rooms) and a kitchen. The chart shows that 1+1 rents are flat on average since first quarter of 2010 but all others have increased in the last quarter.

hdb rent price in Singapore
HDB Rent Price changes per HDB Type

Bedok area quarterly average HDB rent prices are depicted below. 2+1 HDB average price is flat for the last 4 quarters in  Bedok area.

hdb rent price in Bedok Singapore
HDB Rent Price changes per HDB Type (Bedok)

Ang Mo Kio area quarterly average HDB rent prices are depicted below.

hdb rent price in Ang Mo Kio Singapore

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