Thursday, January 20, 2011

iPad is used for teaching in Singapore school

A Singapore school, Nanyang Girls High school, has recently replaced textbooks with Apple's iPad. Mobile, light weight and easy to use, it is expected that iPad will change the way of teaching and learning in a school. They are currently in a trial phase for one year. If this scheme is successful, iPads will be implemented into Singapore's education system in stages. Nanyang is one of the four schools piloting iPad in Singapore classrooms. You can watch more about this in the video below.

iPad is currently too expensive to be a widespread teaching tool. These 150 iPads they use costed this private school around 100K. But you should note that iPad and the tablet is a fresh new technology in its first year (yes, there were tablets before iPad but they were not a success and widespread devices like iPad). All currently widespread technologies were once expensive and were only within the reach of the rich. I remember my dad's first cell phone, he bought it for around 1,500 USD in its first year in my country (no, he was unfortunately not so rich but very enthusiastic to have one) and while it was an expensive device when he bought, it became an indispensable tool for even the poor in just 5 years.With the increased demand for smartphones and tablets and new technologies, I believe tablets will also become cheaper soon.

See also Khan Academy, a video based academy which also offers iPhone connectivity.

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