Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking for a job in Singapore? Beware of online scams

SingTel has realised something was wrong when it started to receive messages from job applicants in Pakistan. They claimed that a representative from SingTel human resources had been asking for money for a guaranteed interview! Singapore economy and its attractiveness as a working destination is on the rise and this is followed by these kind of online job scams. Especially foreigners looking for job in Singapore are vulnerable since they may easily think that requesting money for an interview is "normal" here in Singapore. Well it is not:

"Singapore Telecommunications Limited, a telecommunications company incorporated in Singapore and commonly referred to as SingTel, has recently become aware of a fraudulent scheme perpetrated by individuals and/or employment agencies based overseas.

These perpetuators pose themselves as representatives of SingTel’s Human Resource Department or recruiters acting on behalf of SingTel by sending emails to persons offering them attractive jobs with SingTel or providing them with contracts of employment purporting to be from SingTel.   Persons who respond to such emails or register with these employment agencies are asked to register for a test/interview or are given contracts of employment purportedly from SingTel and are asked to pay a sum of money by way of a guarantee to ensure that they will not fail to attend the test/interview or to be employed by SingTel."

If in a job application process money is requested you should be very cautious. Currently, the job scams using reputable company names is on the rise. The con artists will use various phishing techniques to pretend to be the original company. The best way to check is to either call the company hot lines or simply Google company name with "public notice online job scam" keywords. Actually you will not lose a lot if you ignore any job offer which requests money upfront.

Phishing is the most common form of deceiving people to
obtain sensitive information or to lure to a scam. Above page looks
like a facebook login page but in fact it is not.

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