Saturday, May 14, 2011

Luxury Yacht Cruises around Singapore

Today in Boat Asia 2011 show, I have had a chance to see Lloyd Marine's new catamaran "ELYSIUM". ELYSIUM is a Lagoon 450 catamaran and is used for luxury yacht charter in Singapore for island get-aways to the Riau Islands, Indonesia, East Coast Malaysian islands such as Pulau Sibu, Rawa and Tioman, and Langkawi and Phuket to the west.

Most of the people thinks a rich man with his family cruising around for several thousands per day when they hear luxury yacht charter. Actually luxury boats can be rented as a group to have a different holiday or occasion experience and are not within only the reach of the rich. A luxury boat can be well chartered for a day or evening trip to celebrate an event, to have party or company gathering. For example ASHA from the same company, a 48 foot catamaran, can accommodate up to 25 people and can be rented for 1,900 SGD for an evening. Adding the 300 SGD for crew (needed for a trip more than 20 people) and 35 SGD fuel charge for a 5 hours journey, this will translate into just 90 SGD per person for 25 people.If you are looking for an alternative venue for a party, celebration or company event, this can be a very good experience. For those who can afford, a yacht is definitely a great place to have solemnization party. The only problem I can see is that Singapore waters, especially the south waters, are infested with commercial ships and all you can see as a view are ships and large refineries. It really is tiring to look at them from east coast and Sentosa, it probably is also tiring from on board.

But a real experience of yacht charter from Singapore, in my opinion, is a multi night cruise from Singapore to the Malaysian and Indonesian islands. There are nine islands of the east coast of Johor and Pahang, stretching from Pulau Sibu in the south to Pulau Tioman in the north. Pulau Sibu especially is around 70 miles away from Singapore so it is easily accessible from Singapore by boat. A trip of this kind is expensive but these boats can accommodate 4 couples and when chartered as a group, it would cost around 600 - 700 SGD per night. A bit expensive but still within reach of many for an alternative holiday.

You can frequently find cheap yacht charter deals in deal site. This one for exampleoffers
for 4 Hours Yacht Charter & Cruise for up to 10 Pax for only $388 (71% OFF!) 

In my homeland country, Turkey, it is very common to hire a boat to celebrate an event or just to travel as a group. There are cheap options as well as luxury ones. So it is not uncommon to see a large boat full of 200+ people accommodating a wedding in Bosporus or a small one full of 10 people on a week holiday through Turkish Riviera. Currently I can see that Singapore is still in the early stages of boating fun and options are limited and in the expensive region. Still these options are more accessible then you usually think.

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