Friday, October 7, 2011

Find the best credit card promotions near you

I have no time to monitor the bargains offered to my credit card even the bank sends me a long list of these discount offers in my credit card summary mail (what a waste of paper!). It would be great if someone or something does it for me. It would be greater if this service reminds me an offer based on my location, if this location is close to me.

Well there is now a service doing this in Singapore, its name is NoTikum. NoTikum is a location based application which finds you the bargains offered to your credit card. You just enter the category of the offer and it will show you the nearest offer based on your location. With this application you do not need to read those brochures send by credit card summary or visit individual bank web sites to find a deal.

NoTikum on iPhone

The service takes its name from a a game of chance popular in Singapore and Malaysia. The name implies that you will not leave it to chance to find a deal nearby. The company goes to individual bank web sites and compiles the fresh list of offers. But to use the service you need to first register your credit card(s) through their apps or web site. The service is available as an  iphone app, android app or directly from web.

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