Saturday, October 8, 2011

HDB Rent Trends

Median HDB rental prices per town per quarter are released by HDB in their web site to help people to figure out what are the rental trends. Below interactive chart displays the median prices for 3 room HDB flats and 4 room HDB flats rents by town. 3 room flat is a flat with 2 bedrooms. 4 room HDB flats have 3 bedrooms. 4 room flats are not only larger, they are also usually newer.

To use the interactive dashboard, simply select the town and then place the cursor on the line to see the median rental prices in that quarter. You can also click on the quarter name on the rows so that the charts displays small circles. You can go onto these circles to see the rental prices.

The data is compiled from this free HDB service and the chart is powered by Tableau Public.

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