Monday, February 27, 2012

How to get to Marina Bay Sands?

Marina Bay Sands is one of the two integrated resorts(*) which is the most easily seen and accessed due to its location. Although it is at a very central location (constructed on downtown reclaimed land to be developed in the next ten to twenty years), it may a little be tricky to arrive there if you are not using a taxi. Marina Bay Sands is located at the Bayfront Area and the easiest public transportation mode to there is the newly opened Bayfront MRT Station (MRT = Mass Rapid Transit, used in Singapore for metro/subway) located in the Marina Bay area. This station is on the Circle Line Extension between Promenade and Marina Bay.

If you are coming via Promenade MRT station on the circle line you should leave the train at Bayfront MRT Station, not Marina Bay MRT Station. Second thing you need to be careful is that the final destination of the MRT train you will take from Promenade MRT Station. A train going to Dhoby Ghaut is followed by each MRT train heading to Marina Bay station from the same gate. Pay attention to the screens and take the one going to Marina Bay station if you are heading to Marina Bay Sands.

If you are coming from red line (i.e. Orchard Road, Novena, Newton and above) you can head to the Marina Bay Sands Station, the first station of the red line,  North South Line, and then change to Circle Line (Yellow Line) and reach Bayfront MRT Station.

If you are heading there by taxi, you can calculate the cost by taxi fare calculator. Currently, taxi fare calculator shows a 25 minutes taxi trip which costs 19.41 Singapore Dollars from Singapore Changi Airport to Singapore Marina Bay Sands.

Taxi fare from Singapore Changi Airport to Singapore Marina Bay Sands as of late Feb 2012
(*) You may ask what integrated resort is. Integrated resort is a casino and facilities sugarcoating it (usually a shopping mall and a gamblers-inn). The term is invented in Malaysia to hide the main attraction from the consciousness and is also adapted in Singapore probably for the same reason).

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