Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scoot adds flights from Singapore to Bangkok, competes with sister Tiger Airways

Surprise, surprise and surprise! Singapore Airlines' new low-cost long haul carrier Scoot has just announced  not so long-haul daily return flights to Bangkok from Singapore. This is interesting since the route is already served by Singapore Airlines itself and its budget arm Tiger Airways. Scoots founding CEO  Campbell Wilson has previously announced that the new airliner will not fly on the existing routes covered by SIA and will not compete with SIA's other budget venture, short haul player Tiger Airways[1]. But now it is rivaling Tiger Airways as well as Jetstar and Airasia which are serving budget flights daily from Singapore to Bangkok.

Scoot is offering return tickets for 88 SGD as a promotion. Scoot has previously announced long-haul budget flights from Singapore to Sydney,  from Singapore to Gold Coast and from Singapore to Tianjin China.

Scoot is offering different flight options so you pay only for what you want, meaning you are not
subsidising the choices of others. Basic option Fly buys you just a seat while FlyBag buys a seat plus 15kg of checked baggage allowance, all for less than buying them separately. FlyBagEat is essentially FlyBag + one meal.  And at the top end, Scoot offers ScootBiz, which is basically a business class on a budget flight.[2]

[1] - Singapore Airlines announces its new budget airline: Scoot
[2] - Save on the frills. Spend on the thrills.


  1. The airline compete with other if it provide cheap flights otherwise it will be out of seen.

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