Saturday, March 31, 2012

From Singapore to Tianjin by cool airlines

Singapore Airlines' new long-haul budget carrier Scoot may have a dump name in English but it has chosen a cool name in Chinese : Ku Hang (cool airlines). Scoot will be the first airline directly flying from Tianjin to Singapore. Tianjin is a coastal city in China which is half an hour high speed railway ride from Beijing. According to The Straits Times, Singapore investors have a cumulative investment of 5.1 billion SGD in this coastal city and looks like a natural choice. But its relative proximity to Beijing can attract cost conscious travelers from Beijing to fly to Singapore or Singapore to Beijing will have cheaper alternative flights with Scoot. There will be four flights per week on this flight and the flights will start in the second half of 2012.

Scoot's Chief Executive Campbell Wilson says Tianjin is a start and Scoot will also fly two other secondary Chinese destinations later this year. Scoot has previously announced Singapore - Sydney and Singapore - Gold Coast budget long - haul flights. These 2 flights will take off by June 2012. Scoot will charge on average 40% less than a normal full service airliner on the same route.

Long haul budget airliner is a new concept successfully executed by AirAsia X and to and extend JetStar but it will take time to see whether Scoot will be successful or not. When budget airline concept first took off Singapore Airlines did simply skipped the train by concentrating on premium flights.

The airline has a web site named Flyscoot from where you can buy tickets and check promotions and latest news.

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