Friday, June 22, 2012

Bay South Garden of Gardens By the Bay will open on June 29 2012

The largest of three gardens that make up the 101 hectares Gardens by the Bay, Bay South Garden, will be officially opened next Thursday and will be open to the public next Friday. With 54ha area, Bay South is the largest of the three gardens and designed by UK based landscape architecture firm Grant Associates[1]. The garden has 18 man-made vertical gardens called Supertrees which range between 25 meters to 50 meters high and hosts some 160,000+ plants and 2 Cooled Conservatories – The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

Singapore's ambitious Gardens by the Bay is a 350 acre development composed of three distinct waterfront gardens park – Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central  in the heart of Singapore’s new downtown Marina Bay, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. It is built on reclaimed land and features waterfalls, lakes, green houses and lots of plants from all around the world. The main attractions are 18 stainless steel super trees some of which are 50 meters tall. When they are opened next week, visitors will be able to walk in a sky walkway suspended between these super-trees. There are also 2 large greenhouses called Flower Dome (23 - 25 deg C inside) and Cloud Forest (23 - 25 deg C).  

Bay South Gardens are 10 minutes’ walk from Marina Bay Sands through Garden Bay Bridge (can be accessed from the forth level of Expo) and Dragonfly bridge. The nearest MRT station is Bayfront MRT Stations. You can take Exit B and by an underground linkway reach to the Dragonfly Bridge. 
Bay South Garden, a section of the waterfront gardens in the new Downtown @ Marina Bay, will open on June 29. It is the largest of the three gardens that make up Gardens By The Bay, Singapore's new green oasis in the city.
 The sprawling 54 hectares Bay South features man-made, tree-like structures known as "supertrees". Visitors with a taste for heights can take to the aerial walkway that links two of the supertrees. There is also the Dragonfly Lake, where visitors can stroll along the promenade or rest in the four heritage gardens which reflect the history and culture of Singapore's main ethnic groups.
 Bay South also features two cooled conservatories. Dr Kiat W Tan, CEO of Gardens By The Bay, said: "We have brought (in) two glasshouses that'll give you a touch of perpetual spring. So this is excellent in that here in the tropics, we have a touch of the seasons. It allows us to also look at plants from different continents, brought here from fragile habitats that are disappearing very fast."Source : BaySouth Garden to open on June 29

Gardens By The Bay Supertrees
Bay South Garden - Source :
Gardens will be opened daily from 5am to 2am and admission to the gardens will be free.  Cooled conservatories and aerial walkway will be open for public daily from 9am to 9pm with admission charges. For example, one observatory visit will cost 12 SGD for residents while two conservatories will cost 20 SGD. See here for the pricing of Gardens By The Bay.

[1] - To see a world in a grain of sand, The Straits Times Special Gardens By The Bay

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