Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface - The tablet I was waiting for?

I am one of those dinosaurs who can have but do not have a tablet computer yet. I just could not justify any reason to carry it around. If I could work and play on it, I would replace my laptop with it but since neither iPad nor an Android device is a productive working environment, I have to carry my laptop around anyway. Yes, I have seen these Windows tablets but they run on an operating system which is basically touch unfriendly. I long for a tablet, who runs windows (my work operating system) and I can carry around instead of my heavy laptop. I should be able to dock it to docking stations, one at work and one at home. When I go to customer, I should be able to do presentations from my tablet (I should connect it to projector also). So no more carrying around the heavy laptop. Actually I prefer the good old PC days where the computer was not mobile so your boss did/could not expect you to deliver something in the middle of the night (in unproductive work culture monument Singapore your boss even expects you to carry it to your holiday destination so you can deliver something in case it is needed)  but unfortunately those days are over.

So yes, an iPad or an Android is not practical for me. And yes, I am excited with the new Windows tablet, Surface. It will be able to run on Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT and will be super-thin at 9.3 mm. Although Microsoft has not revealed any price for the new tablet, Microsoft says the tablets will be “priced to competitive rates with ARM tablets.”[1]

Microsoft Surface Windows Tablet - Source : Microsoft
Surface has fulls sized USB port and can connect to printer. It has a built-in kickstand to keep screen erect while using on a flat surface. A cool magnetic cover named Surface Touch Cover acts as a keyboard and is one of the most impressive aspects of the new tablet. Touch screen is very painful to work on real work content like Word Documents and MS Excel documents and this new keyboard concept seems to solve this problem.

The tablet will come with 32 and 64 GB memory for the Windows RT version and 64 GB and 128 GB for the Windows 8 Pro version. Windows 8 version will run on standard Intel chipset while Windows RT version will run on ARM chipsets optimized for tablets. The screen of Surface Windows tablet will be 10.6'', larger than 9.7'' iPad screen. And the aspect ratio of the display will be industry standard HD ratio of 16:9.

If somehow Windows 8 Pro Surface can be docked to a monitor, keyboard and mouse which will transform it into an actual computer is available, I will be waiting for the day Windows Surface tablet is released in Singapore. When will microsoft surface be available in Singapore? We will hopefully know soon.

Update 1:
Microsoft Surface will be launched on sale on the same day as the launch of its new Windows 8 operating system. We do not know that when it will be launched/released in Singapore.

Update 2:
You can pre-order Microsoft Surface with Windows RT now for delivery by November 26th from Microsoft web site. 32 GB without Black Touch Cover costs USD 499 while 64 GB with Black Touch Cover costs USD 699.

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT Preorder page
Microsoft Surface with Windows RT Preorder page
Update 3:
Microsoft launched Windows 8.

Unlike the more expensive other 2 versions, cheapest version of Microsoft Surface on the web site has gone from guaranteeing for delivery by Oct 26 to requesting that customers "order now for shipment within three weeks". This, according to the media, suggests that the first batch of Microsoft Surface with Windows RT 32 GB without Black Touch Cover has sold out, at least in the United States.[2]

[1] - Microsoft Unveils Surface Tablet
[2] - Cheapest Surface tablet may already be sold out

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