Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jetstar Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Budget airline JetStar will have 3 Boeing 787 Dreamliners by the end of 2013 and by 2015, it will use only 787 on its long-haul flights. Airline is planning to fly the Boeing 787 within selected domestic routes within Australia from November, before moving onto international services in December. Jetstar will be the first airline in Australia and New Zealand to fly the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

These three Boeing 787-8s due for Jetstar out of a total order of 14 for Qantas. 787's will eventually replace all Airbus A330s used on international routes of JetStar. JetStar is offering long-haul budget flights in Asia-Pacific region.

The 787 Dreamliner offers an new flying experience. The airctraft is roomier, with higher ceilings and easy-to-reach overhead lockers that are designed to slope upwards and out of the way. the noise footprint is 60% lower than similarly sized aircraft, so it’s quieter for both passengers and those on the ground. Quieter airconditioning and carefully selected interior materials reduce vibrations and cabin noise. Cabin windows are 30% larger than on similarly sized letting in more light and giving everyone a view outside. Windows can be dimmed or darkened with the push of a button.

Every seat in JetStar Boeing 787 Dreamliners will be equipped with a touch-screen inflight entertainment system, which provides movies on demand, games and seat-to-seat chat. Every seat will have a USB and power socket for charging personal electronic devices.

Jetstar Boeing 787 Dreamliner
A Jetstar Boeing 787 Dreamliner seen here in paintshop in Seattle. This plane
will be Australia's first Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
Also expect smoother rides with the Dreamliner because the aircraft employs a new system that senses turbulence as it comes and counters it using wing-control surfaces.

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