Monday, December 23, 2013

First cat cafe in Singapore opens on Christmas Day

I love cats and had at least one at any time when i was a kid. University was full of them but work and apartment life took these companions out of my life. Sometimes I miss to play with one for a while especially when watching TV on the couch. And by tomorrow there will be a place full of cats in Singapore to play with.

Singapore's first cat cafe, Neko no Niwa (Japanese for "cat garden"), ipens its doors tomorrow on Christmas Day. Located at 54A Boat Quay the cat cafe offers a therapeutic experience full of cats. There are 13 rescued and adopted cats in Neko no Niwa where they can eat and play.

Cat cafe does not mean that you can take your own cat there. To prevent cat fights they are not allowed into "Cat Garden".

The cafe will host 25 customers at any one time and you will need to pay 12 SGD for the first hour of interacting with cats and 5 SGD for subsequent half hour blocks.

The strays were lovely — beautifully-groomed and relatively approachable.Their drinks (think coffee and tea) and desserts are reasonably-priced at $2 — 5.50 — they don't sell savouries so you don't end up in a cat fight (heh) over the cod. Great location, too, and with the WiFi and board games, it can get pretty homey. Read more at Hot or Not? Neko No Niwa cat cafe at Boat Quay

Photo - Coconuts Singapore

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