Saturday, March 8, 2014

Twitter user @nikhezrin posted ticket for flight MH370

Twitter user @nikhezrin shared a photo showing a photo of a ticket for flight MH370 with title "Relax je aku miss flight #MH370". The photo went viral on Twitter and shared by many without questioning whether it was a ticket to the unfortunate flight of today (there was no date and time on the photo).

1 hour later, he has posted another tweet saying "appreciate your concern. But please investigate before you believe in something you read/ see/ share. It obvious that there is no date in the picture but you simply assume. Disappointed with you guys".

Well Mr. Nikhezrin something. You are the dissapointing creature here, using a gross tragedy like this to "joke" (Relax je aku miss flight #MH370) and draw attention to your pityful self  (and your twitter account).

In the internet, you can see some people who seem to really miss the flight. Tweeter user Kaiden IV, wrote "@Cylithria can't reach you by phone. We missed the flight. Rory and I are OKAY Ria. I'm NOT ON THE FLIGHT RIA. IM OK."

"I was very angry at Ria, because she'd gotten sick and I had to cover her. I was working on that, missed my flight to China. Grew angrier." he wrote.

Twitter user nikhezrin, showing his ticket for MH 0370.

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