Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Courses in Singapore - Learning Courses Directory

Are you planning to take up a new skill, socialize more or simply bored? Then you should start to taking up a course where you can have some meaningful time. But if you are planning to do so, do not start "googling" around or look for advertisements in the magazines and newspaper. There is a better way : a directory of courses in Singapore, Learning Courses.

Learning Courses is Singapore’s No. 1 site for learning new courses. It offers the largest collection of courses in Singapore. From cooking, dancing, photography, tailor, knitting, computer, coffee brewing, make up to Google Adwords, marketing, golf, yoga, photoshop, survival, hat making, pottery, self defense. You name it and you will probably find is here! The site indeed aims to be a place where you can find all courses in Singapore.

All the courses are listed with details like the address, price as well as topics covered. There are many type of courses listed : from professional level courses with thousands of dollars fees to short and hobby-type courses for a few hundred Singapore dollars. For example, there is a "Diploma in Wellness + SPA Management" course for 8,239 SGD as well as a 25 SGD "Sushi Bento Course for Kids". So if you are looking for a serious career training or an opportunity for your child to have fun and learn something, this is the address to look at.

Courses in Singapore - Learning Courses Directory
Learning Courses is a directory of courses in Singapore where you can find many courses ranging
from professional career classes to small hobby sessions.
If you are providing a course and want to list it here, you can also submit a course to make it more accessible. Learning Courses Singapore is at You can also follow them in Facebook at Learning Courses Facebook Page.

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