Friday, November 7, 2014

Find the best happy hours in Singapore

In Singapore dinning and winning can be very expensive especially if the winning part is a bigger portion of your night out. To maximize the pleaseure per value, I usually try to follow up the happy hours. But I was doing this the old fashioned way; subscribing to mailing lists of favorite venues, regularly checking different venues and simply googling "happy hour in Singapore" to fish for happy hours.

If you are following this route the chances are that you will miss many great happy hour offers. I even missed the ones I get in mails because they simply may hide behind a lot of mails. Not any more (there is a reason I use past tense :)).

I discovered HappyHour Singapore, a blog that has entries about happy hours in Singapore. if you are looking for a great bar to go out and look for a great deal for dinning and winning in Singapore, you should definitely visit the site. This way you will not miss a promo of your favorite bar again and save dollars. Plus, you will also have a chance to discover great places for a night out in Singapore.

HappyHour Singapore has a simple and easy to use design. Each happy hour is an entry where you will find information about the bar, location and the happy hour deal.

Find the best happy hours in Singapore
Find the best happy hours in Singapore
HappyHour Singapore is at You can also follow them on Facebook at Happy Hour Singapore Facebook page. The blog is updated frequently so you should check frequently for the deals. An app and at least a mailing list would be handy so you would get notifications about the latest deals.

UPDATE : HappyHours Singapore now has a very nice app which allows you to find the happy hour deals as well as the best bars in Singapore.

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