Sunday, December 18, 2016

Elk by Dashi Namdakov

This stunning sculpture named "Elk" was on display on Orchard Road Singapore recently. Created by acclaimed Russian scupltor, artist and jeweler, Dashi Namdakov, it is presented in a realistic style that exudes strength, power of this magestic creature and a symbol of beauty in nature. Details on its antlers are reminiscent of sacred prehistoric cave paintings of hunters as a testament to the reverend status of the elk in Namdakov's culture.

Dashi Namdakov is a Siberian / Russian artist who infuses his expressive scultures with his distinct style reflective of his culture, heritage, mythology, beliefs and his nomadic upbringing in the ragged wilderness of the Asian steppes.

As an influential contemporary sculptor and representative of Asian artistic traditions, inspirations of Namdakov works are derived from ethnic folklore, spirituality and myths, which he expresses with a modern interpretation through his own method of form, movement and proportion.

Elk by Dashi Namdakov displayed on Orchard Road Singapore
Elk by Dashi Namdakov displayed on Orchard Road Singapore

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