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How to get your ex back? - No Contact Rule


106 Pages | How to get your ex back? - No Contact Rule

When a relationship (especially a long and happy one) ends, the ending event and the weeks following it are traumatic for both sides. But most relationships are not ended after a mutual agreement and so the pain and trauma is not equal for both. For the person who is dumped, the split usually comes as a shock and deep pain. The dumper does not feel the same amount of pain and it is usually not a shock for them.

Since you are looking at this book, you are probably either dumped or you think you will be dumped soon. You are asking a lot of questions:

  • Is my ex over me?
  • Is my ex thinking about me?
  • Is my ex missing me?
  • Is my ex seeing someone?
  • Will my ex’s new relationship/rebound lasts?
  • Will my ex come back?
  • How can I get over my ex?

We will talk about these topics in this book. More, we will develop a game plan to handle all of these questions and problems.

But first, I must warn you! The no contact rule is far more successful than the commandments of love / romanticism myths (should I say religion?) but it is against everything you have heard from popular culture through movies, songs and novels. Don’t worry, I will explain why no contact rule is superior and why sappy methods of popular culture actually turns you into a creepy stalker who ruins his or her chance with his/her ex (or someone new) in the name of holy “love”. This book can shock and sometimes bother you but it will make you a more grown up adult and more powerful and skillful in the game of love.

Everything you learn in this book works for both genders. It works for ex lovers, ex fiance, ex spouses and ex partners. It works for heterosexual relationships as well as homosexual relationships.

The no contact rule is difficult to apply. It requires emotional strength and patience. It is easier to pursue and plead with your ex (no need for emotional strength or patience to call your ex every day) but as for everything in life, the path requiring patience and strength works and the easy path usually ends up to be a disaster.

Don’t worry. When you understand why no contact works, why you need to be patient and strong; it will be easier for you to have the discipline and motivation to take the right way.

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