Saturday, February 1, 2014

Malaysian model Michayla Wong leaked nude photo scandal

Malaysian model Michayla Wong has been the latest victim of leaked nude photo scandal. The photos, which appeared in sites like "Singapore Hall of Shames", were taken in a private photo shoot. According to "Singapore Hall of Shames" the people who took Michayla Wong's photos and likely leaked them are actually in Singapore. The same source claims that According to a girl who claims to be Michayla Wong, a former boyfriend took the photos and later leaked them after an ugly break-up. There are some leaked photos showing both Michayla Wong and her former boyfriend Lai Wee Kiat naked in front of a mirror taking their pictures.

Another likely source is a Singaporean freelance photographer. Whoever the leaker is, the photos are widely circulated and when you search for the Malaysian models name, you only see web sites publishing these photos.

The photos were in fact circulating for some time and they were claimed to be belonging to "Singaporean model Michayla Wong". In reality, the model is Malaysian, hailing from Klang Valley.

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