Friday, February 14, 2014

Cheap Singapore Hotels Guide

Singapore is an expensive place to stay in a hotel but this does not mean that there aren't any relatively cheap hotels in Singapore to book a room. In this blog post, we will provide you a short guide about how to find cheap hotels in Singapore.

General Strategy to find a cheap hotel in Singapore
Singapore is a small island and has a very efficient public transportation system. If you want to save money on hotel stay in hotels outside central Singapore and near MRT Stations. As you go far away from the city center, you will get cheaper prices and tourist attractions in Singapore will still be quite accessible. Outside the central region you will not only save on hotel rooms, you will also save on food and general shopping since food is cheaper outside city center.

If you are looking for hotels in Singapore under USD 100 per night, you can take a look at our post Ten Budget Hotels in Singapore below US$100 per night. For the best hotels below 200 USD per night price range, you can refer to our 10 best hotels in Singapore under $200 article.

Cheapest hotels in Singapore are usually in Geylang area, unofficial Red Light District of Singapore. If you are in Singapore with family or girlfriend, it is usually best to avoid this area. We say usually because there are still some nice and cheap hotels in Geylang. See more here Top Three Budget Hotels in Geylang of Singapore.

Most popular areas in Singapore to find budget hotels and hostels
Singapore's Chinatown and Little India are the most popular areas for finding cheap hotels. Among these two, Chinatown is the more central and offers nice budget hotels in a very central and authentic location. In Chinatown, there are also some luxury hostels such as Wink Hostel, Adler Hostel and Matchbox Concept Hostel.

For hotels and hostels in Chinatown and Little India, you can refer to our Singapore Budget Hotels : Chinatown and Little India post.

Another central location to find a budget hotel or hostel is Boat Quay on Singapore Riverside. For more details about this area, you can refer to Singapore Riverside Hotels - River Mouth to Boat Quay.

Another popular place to find relatively cheap hotel in Singapore is Balestier Road area. Highly authentic, this area is accessible with Novena MRT Station (although you will probably need bus from your hotel to the MRT Station). Value Hotel Thomson here is a very nice budget hotel with something you cannot easily find in a budget hotel in Singapore : swimming pool! This is also one of the nearest budget hotel to Novena MRT Station.

Bugis is another popular area for budget hotels. In fact, according to, Bugis is the most popular accommodation choice for cost-conscious travelers. Bugis is near to Orchard Road, Singapore Central Business District and Suntec City so it is also quite convenient to stay here.

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