Monday, October 6, 2014

Udesigninkz - Personalized Gift and T Shirt Printing Singapore

There are countless online shopping opportunities in Singapore from big shopping portals to small blog-shops. You can find whatever you want in these and if you cannot, you can purchase something from a foreign portal and ship to Singapore. But whatever you buy from whichever online shop, the good will be generic. This is may be good enough for your own consumption but if you are buying a gift to someone, you may choose to personalize or customize it to make your gift special.

For individualized gifts, there is a nice Singapore online shopping web site named Udesigninkz. The company offers premium-quality personalized gifts ranging from trendy t-shirts to cool watches, snappy sunglasses, funky caps, sophisticated belts, mugs, coasters and much more. These gifts are quite cool for loved ones, a personal event, or your business.

Udesigninkz offers a variety of apparels and accessories and does not force you to any minimum order limit requirement. You use some cool tools to design your gift and make customization online. For those who does not have any idea about the design, you can simply start using their design templates.

The company uses a technique called DTG (Direct-To-Garment) Printing which involves specially designated printers that have been made specially to print on fabric. These specialized printers adjust the fabric and print the design at the exact place that it has been set too. This leaves no room for mistakes and you get the most top quality work outdone with finesse and artistry.

Udesigninkz offers a variety of apparels and accessories which you can customized by using their online tools.
Udesigninkz range of extensive products doesn’t just end at T-Shirts and custom gifts, they also offer some very exclusive and fashionable accessories. For example, the site offers chic and rakish watches for women in an assortment of colors and two elite and special designs. These quality watches are a classic emblem of style and fashion in every type of dressing.

Other than watches but Udesigninkz also offer exclusive caps in Singapore, these caps come with a cute ‘Stay Real’ Logo, made from the best material, this fashionable and trendy cap can last you a very long time.

Udesigninkz is at You can also take a look at the introduction video of the company here.

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