Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BBQ Stingray and Cereal Butter Prawn

What to eat in Singapore? While you are here you can try many food by I suggest you to try bbq stingray and cereal prawn, two of my most favorite dishes in Singapore. These dishes are unfortunately highly under advertised and many people passes through Singapore without even knowing that a dish like this exists. Do not be one of them.

Cereal Butter Prawn is prepared by using prawn (bigger the better, if shells are peeled more better :)), butter, chili padi and of course cereal, Nestle Original Nestum. Big, grey tiger prawns are the best to prepare the dish. Here there is a blog article which explains how to cook it.

Where you can eat the cereal butter prawn in Singapore? I prefer Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant in Lian Seah Street (near Bugis Junction) and Wing Seong Fatty's (Albert) Restaurant just behind Sim Lim Square. They peel the shell which is the way I like.

Cereal Butter Prawn

Many people are not aware of it but stingrays are edible. In Singapore, stingray is barbecued over charcoal, and served with a very spicy sambal sauce. Generally, the most prized parts of the stingray are the wings, the "cheek" (the area surrounding the eyes), and the liver. The rest of the ray has no use as food because it is too rubbery.

Where you can eat BBQ Stingray in Singapore? Smith Street in Chinatown had a stall named Boon Tat Restaurant, they cook it quite good. It is probably still there but I have not been there for a long time. They cook well but a little bit spicy. Recently, I have tried BBQ Stingray in Serangoon Gardens food court. It was also very delicious. I used to eat it in the famous Old Airport Road food court. There is a stall there, second row from road side which cooks well and also is generous in size. I tries several stalls in Bedok area but an disappointed up to now. But I did not give up, I will find a good one.

Do not forget to turn the other side and eat the meat there. I did not know BBQ Stingray bottom side has meat so I wasted it until a Singaporean friend showed me how to eat stingray properly.
BBQ Stingray

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