Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Singapore Employment outlook and Salary Guide 2011

Kelly Services releases a comprehensive reference guide on the salary trends, job titles and employment outlook across industries in Singapore. According to Kelly Services “the aim of the Employment and Outlook Salary Guide is to provide an insight to the latest salary ranges for various positions across industries in Singapore through a compilation of salaries and job titles.” Salary guides from 2006 to 2011 can be downloaded in pdf format from their web site.

The guide is divided into industries:  “Accounting & Finance”, “Banking & Finance”, “Call Centre”, “Engineering & Technical”, “Healthcare & Life Sciences”, “Human Resources”, “Information Technology”, “Legal”, “Office Support, Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics” and “Sales Marketing & Advertising.
The salary ranges in Kelly Salary Guide are indicative of actual transactions between employers and employees and represent a reflection of the marketplace. The ranges are based on a monthly basis. They are also dependent on the type of organization: SME, Mid-Tier or MNC. Also note that in the guide salary ranges are not inclusive of variable factors such as allowances, expense claims, bonuses and CPF contribution.

Let's look at some highlights from the guide:

According to Kelly, prospects for IT professionals in Singapore are very good especially in Financial IT sector because banks are expected to hire more while there is a IT talent shortage. The market can become more favorable for potential employees since foreign talent intake may slow down. Financial IT in Singapore pays far better than non Financial IT so talent shortage is a good opportunity for IT professionals to jump to financial IT sector.

In Accounting and Finance, there is an active demand for mid-level positions such as Senior Accountant but Finance Manager but Senior Accounting positions within Commerce and Industry have been slow to rebound.

For Banking & Finance, outlook is also good since Singapore is playing to number 1 spot for Private Banking and Wealth Management. For engineers, outlook is always the same, where companies are cautious to hire staff and when they do, they tend to hire contract or temporary base.

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