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Feng Shui in Singapore

Many may not realize the importance of feng shui, ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, in Singapore architecture. But there are few buildings or building complexes out there built without consulting a feng shui master. Singapore itself has a feng shui in its foundation, and let's start with it: the belly of the carp.

The belly of the carp

Since the first Chinese settler's came to Singapore in 1800s, the south bank of the Singapore River has been a very auspicious place to do business for Chinese. This side of the Singapore river, known as Boat Quay, was the busiest part of the old Port of Singapore. Boat Quay was handling three quarters of all shipping business during the 1860s. Why it was so auspicious? The south of the Singapore river in Boat Quay resembles the belly of a carp. According to Feng Shui, this is where wealth and prosperity lay and this is the main reason many shophouses were built and crowded into the area.

In the below photo, you can see how prosperous Singapore Cental Business District is rising from "the belly of the carb" (water body below the skyscrapers is Singapore river). Great Feng Shui example!

Singapore skyline
Fountain of Wealth

Fountain of Wealth, the largest fountain in the world, is another example of Feng Shui in Singapore. This fountain and the surrounding buildings of Suntec City are built Feng Shui in mind.

Water flows inward in this fountain. It may look weird to you but in Chinese culture, water is the symbol of life and wealth and the inward motion of the water, according to feng shui experts, represents riches pouring in. Remember This is the reason they named it as "Fountain of Wealth".

But feng shui does not stop there. The buildings of Suntec City looks like the fingers of a hand opened to the sky. Fountain of Wealth looks like a bronze ring in the palm. So the water flowing inwards also represents wealth pouring palm!

It is also said that, if you walk around the central base of the Fountain of Wealth three times while touching the water at all times, you would gain some good luck of your own.

Fountain of Wealth
Marina Bay Sands IR
There is no consensus on the feng shui of Marina Bay Sands IR buildings. Some say it is bad and caused financial problems for parent Las Vegas Sands during its construction and some says it is good. You can read a debate on it here in Feng Shui: Marina Bay Sands IR. An interesting comment comes from a feng shui master:

"Master Tan Khoon Yong of Way Onnet Group said it resembles a blade that will affect (cut) all buildings surrounding the IR, especially the Swissotel Stamford. "Also, because the rooftop is flat, it restricts the development and growth for the IR," he said."

The Gateway 
There is no way to not recognize the four weird thing next to Bugis Junction: The art deco style Parkview Square which looks like a building transported from Gotham City to Singapore accidentally, 2 sharp edge buildings of The Gateway and a large empty land sitting idle between those despite its excellent location for development. It is rumored that no Singaporean developer is showing interest to this site because of the bad feng shui caused by the sharp edges of The Gateway buildings. For the same reason, you can expect the sites on the other sharp edges of The Gateway Buildings to stay idle for a long time, despite their close proximity to Nicoll  Highway MRT Station.

The Gateway Buildings and large empty plot between them
and Parkview Square
Wheelock Place

Another structure as a bad feng shui in Singapore is Wheelock Place. As you know, famous bookstore Borders has gone out of business there. This is not the first unlucky event in the building. The building itself was completed in 1994 but closed down during 1990s due to Asian Financial Crisis. In article named "Five Elements of Orchard Road Buildings" another unlucky event is depicted:

"Wheelock building was invested by a group of financier from Hong Kong. It was built like a shape of a harp, to signify a continuous progress. It's concourse sits on Hai and facing Si. The Building was erected during the Age of 7th, thus resulting in Up mountain and Below water formation?. It's pointed entrance at the concourse is at Zhen Flying Star 64 which does not signify wealth. Inflow of water at Ping Flying Star 31, outflow of water at Chou Flying Star is 29. This does not fit the requirement of the theory, which demand a lucky inflow and unlucky outflow directions.

Thus within a short span of nine months, Lane Crawford Department Store has sized down their operations from five floors to two floor and ceased business later. This was due to financial problems."
Source: Five elements of orchard road buildings

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