Saturday, September 10, 2011

IT jobs in Singapore

IT industry is booming everywhere but it is especially growing well in Singapore. In the last decade, Singapore started to position itself as a IT hub in the South East Asia. This combined with its status of being one of the few financial centers around the world creates well paying, fulfilling IT job opportunities.

According to Kelly's 2011/2012 Employment Outlook and Salary Guide, 2011 has seen an accelerated hiring  throughout Banking and Financial IT sector and with the rise of "cloud" computing, the demand for experienced IT professionals is expected to grow throughout 2011 - 2012 period. There is a supply shortage currently effecting the Singapore IT job market so it is pretty much favorable environment for those looking for IT jobs in Singapore.

But which IT job skills are in demand in Singapore? According to Sam Baxendale, from boutique recruitment business Ambition, 4 key IT talent areas are in demand in Singapore: Application development, infrastructure (i.e. network support), applications consulting (i.e. SAP) and Project Management. Although all 4 areas are growing in terms of job opportunities, project management is growing faster:

"So what’s driving demand in this area? From our observations, whilst software is actually being developed here in Singapore, due to the speed with which institutions are looking to grow, there is considerable reliance on off the shelf products to enable business to get their functional needs off the ground . Furthermore, If you also consider the speed with which the economy is growing, how is this facilitated? Networks don’t suddenly appear because of leading edge engineering and SAP enterprise suites don’t just appear on peoples’ screens because it’s a great product.

So the aspiring IT professional may now see Project Management as the promised land rather than the more definable computer science disciplines. It’s certainly raised it’s profile hugely as a credible career line to break into and has the added advantage that, as it generally requires little or no pure technical input, it is open to people from a more diverse background . To break into the industry is no exact science. A BSc honours is a good starting point plus a grounding within an array of disciplines within an MNC environment providing exposure to a wide range of stakeholder groups within the IT domain. A well trodden path is the route from Business analysis to PM work as the two are well aligned in the delivery lifecycle. However, it is definitely most likely that an aspiring individual that exhibits the right core competencies will the afforded the break internally rather than moving to a new business. The only exception being very specific domain knowledge, such as FX trading solutions etc."[1]

According to Kelly's Singapore Employment outlook and Salary Guide, an IT Project Manager with 5 to 10 years experience could expect a salary of 6,500 to 12,000 SGD per month in 2010/2011 period in Singapore. 2011/2012 version of the guide suggests an increase in the bottom and shows 7,000 - 12000 SGD per month as the salary.

[1] - Project Management – Keeping Singapore IT robust and scalable 

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